Friendship is also love – Part 2

Thanks for ur lovely response guys ,so let start

Electronic City , Banglore

a girl came running to radio station she just entered the recording theatre & saw a girl already siting in chair the girl asked y late by action and this girl said sorry by action get seated in the chair and weared the headphone & clicked on a button

it clearly showed they go on On Air

1st girl – very very happy Morning Banglore so I’m back this ur fav show “Morning Cafe” & this is ur fav RJ Keerthy and

2nd girl – This is ur fav RJ Saumya

so they are Keerthy and Saumya

Saumya – so Keerthy what interesting for today’s morning segment

keerthy- not so much Saumya just traffic is not in ysr road now so guys hurry up reach your destination who want to go through by ysr road you can go now not in a hurry but patiently traffic is just building up in marthahalli now and Saumya what u have interesting in today’s segment ?

Saumya – you know Keerthy Oxford university have conducted a survey on which is powerful relationship friendship or  love in that they have found that friendship is powerful than love . Is that true ?

keerthy- obviously Saumya actually according to me friendship and love  are equally powerful I believe in it .what about u ???

saumya – no I agree with only love is powerful than friendship

keerthy – so guys , listeners today’ s topic is this which is powerful relationship according to you friendship or love share your views by calling us the phone no is 2244669999. Stay tuned

the show get completed @ 11′ O Clock

outside the radio station

In canteen

saumya- Keerthy just tell me wat will u choose friendship or love

Keerthy – Both .

saumya – just tell me one yaar .

Keerthy – you know ri8 I respect both relationship so u tell me u like only love

Saumya – not like that yaar but I respect love more than a friendship. love is not just between a boy and girl but love is around us ri8 we love mom,dad , relatives we humans just spread love and I am eagerly waiting for my better half who accepts me the way as I am , love me , care me and stand by me at every time

keerthy – oho I see (laughing in a teasing way )

Saumya –  Keerthy … Shut up Then u didn’t answer my question Which is ur choice love or friendship

Keerthy – according to me ” FRIENDSHIP IS ALSO AN LOVE”.

saumya – means???

keerthy – I’ll tell you later come I have to leave to the office  I’ll drop u at ur apartment

saumya – it’s ok yaar I can manage.

Keerthy – r u sure

Saumya – yeah yeah…

keerthy – k  bye then

saumya – bye Keerthy

one week later

OM Mumbai

anika – shivaaaay

Precap – shocking revelation ..


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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Awesome..BTW what do you think ? i mean What is Powerful Friendship or Love..? will be waiting for the next and your answer too..

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thanks Prabha I’m just agreeing with Keerthy friendship is with a person made of love so according to me both are important

    2. Astmasiddika

      So what u think Prabha which is powerful relationship friendship or love

      1. ItsmePrabha

        I Believe that Friendship is more powerful relationship..Love is nothing less,it is also powerful..

  2. Astmasiddika

    So readers which is powerful relation according to you FRIENDSHIP or LOVE share ur views

  3. Jasminerahul

    loved soumya keerti conversation.nice topic.keerti said friendship is also love.I guess soumya will understand that once she gets into thick friendship with rudra.I can’t wait for rumya meeting

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thanks Jasminerahul , keep reading da

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thank you Nikita keep reading dear

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