Laal Ishq 15th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sangram, Devyani, Sameer, and Rohit’s Love For Devyani

Laal Ishq 15th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

A jail inmate Sameer sings Mai Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga…song…Constable gives him chicken. Sameer tastes chicken and scolds that he brought raw chicken, when he takes money from his father of fried chicken. Constable says he is doing as per order, his father will free him from here soon. Sameer tries to eat chicken, but a shadow holds his hand. He gets afraid. Shadow strangulates him. He afraid calls constable and inspector, but they don’t hear him. Shadow kills him and signs Mai Phir bhi tumko chahunga… Devyani tatoo is seen written on Sameer’s hand. After 2 years, doctor Devyani treats patient in her clinic. Someone plays Mai Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga…song.. She angrily scolds him to switch it off and reminisces her past. A local goon Sangram who falls in her love, gets out of his car, injures his hand. His aide asks why is he harming himself. He says without injuring himself, Devyani will not let him near her. He walks in. Devyani scolds him for troubling her often. He shows his injured hand. She worriedly nurses his hand. His aide starts his jokergiri. Devyani sends him out. Sangram sings song romantically. She shuts his mouth with tape and goes to another room to bring saline. Shadow appears and forcefully cuts Sangram’s wrist. Sangram falls in a pool of blood. Devyani returns and shocked to see him bleeding. She saves him on time. He wakes up and seeing Kalyani starts flirting again. She slaps him and scolds for cutting his wrist.
He tries to speak, but she scold him to get out and nev\er come back to get out. He leaves.

Devyani reminisces her past where Sameer/local politician’s son falls in her love and humiliates her in the middle of market. She pleads to let her go. He gifts her glass globe as gift. She returns it back afraidly. He breaks globe on his head and says he can do anything for her and sings Mai Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga… He shows tattoo of her name on his hand. She then remembers her boyfriend Rohit and time spent with him, cries holding Rohit’s photo. Her mother asks her to forget Rohit and move on in life. Sangram reaches there and requests Kalyani’s mother to convince her for wedding. Devyani scolds him that he reminds her of her past and she does not want to see his face. He walks away and sees shadow sitting on rocking chair. Sangram’s aide takes him to tantrik and says bhai sees shadow. Tantrik says an evil soul is behind Sangram, but he will catch evil soul in 5 minutes. Sangram angrily walks out. Shadow enters and kills Tantrik. Sangram and aide see tantrik lying on floor and run away.

At night, Sangram gets inebriated. His aide says all their troubles are because of Devyani. Sangram slaps him. Aide angrily leaves. Sangram walks into his house and seeing shadow there provokes it to dare come in front and fight. Net morning, Sangram shaves his beard and wears pink shirt like Rohit and walks into Devyani’s clinic. Devyani is surprised seeing him look like Rohit. She reminisces her romance with Rohit and Sangram killing Rohit just before wedding. Days pass on, she falls in Sangram’s love seeing his changed reformed behavior. Their wedding starts. When Sangram is about to apply sindhoor on her forehead, shadow emerges and holds his hand. Aide asks Sangram if he is seeing shadow again. It is Rohit actually who is holding Sangram’s hand, then revealed Sameer in Sangram’s body. Rohit pulls Sameer away Sameer says he is the one who entered Sangram’s body and made him look like Sameer so that Devyani can fall in his love. Sameer says he knew about it and will not let him stop Devyani and Sangram’s wedding. Sangram applies sindhoor on Devyani’s forehead. She says she told he cannot escape after marriage. He says he will not go. Sameer tries to enter his body, but cannot. Rohit says Devyani and Sangram are tied for 7 lives now and Sameer cannot harm Sangram now. He holds Sameer and jumps into havan kund. Fire bursts. Daadi sees that and says it is abshagun. Pandit says abshagun is warded off and shows holy fruit turning black. Mai phir bhi tumko…is heard from havan.

Precap: Tomorrow’s new story’s shown.

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