Friends are the treasure of life ishkara OS ( Part 10) by shama

Hello shama is back with a new episode my dear readers .. Thanks for commenting in late episodes and motivating comments though comments were just 10+ but it was full of motivation to me and I too felt motivated and there is a news for you all good or bad I am not aware of it you have to tell me by comments whether you all are happy or sad after reading it

Present Episode – { Part 10}..
Scene – 1
At Rumya ( Somya Room)
Somya was talking to Sahil on phone call Rudra banged the door in angry he forcefully hits the door and it made sound bang…. Somya shocking turned and saw Rudra there and disconnected the call she said before disconnected she said shona take care sleep well and I will call you later sweetheart as Rudra is here to meet me dear.
She saw Rudra was making weird faces in fraction of seconds for some seconds he was? smiling as he was trying to control his anger… He thought that front of me she is calling that stupid sweetheart?..
and for some seconds he was ? irked and for some seconds he was ? angry for some seconds he was breaking down in tears ? I mean he was not able to utter a word and he just sat on the bed and started weeping like a dam broken he only said in a shaking voice so…. Uuu..??somo… Hate you..
Somya was confused she sat beside him and thought that what happened to my crybaby suddenly why he is so depressed my crybaby don’t look good when he is depressed I have to be his support system and figure out that which girlfriend has ditched him … She moves her hand and gently rubbed off his tears with both hands and Rudra was somewhat relieved he was just feeling her touch and warmth on her skin .
He forgot crying for some time somya was about to take her hands from his cheeks when he sensed it and holded her hands from cheeks they had a pleasant eye lock .
Scene – 2
At Anshi – {@ anika room}..
Then were fighting so cutely they were calling each other by cute pet names panika billu…
During their fight they started moving forward and backwards the fight diverted to anika said I hate you and shivaay said I love you …. I hate you love you hate you love you started..
And finally it ended with a bed fall shivaay was on top they both were lost in each other eyes for one it was kanchi aakhe and for shivaay it was jadui aakhe ( magical eyes)…
And anika said looking straight into his eyes ” I love you ” and shivaay was on clouds after hearing it he to said I love you too anika ….
( O jaana khoya khoya raheta hai dil tarap ke kehta hai tu hi hai jeene ki wajah o jaana male version plays )

Anika POV
Anika came out of that magical world in which she was lost and regained senses that just now she agreed that she still love shivaay she got in a hurry and sat on bed reminiscing their all moments and thought ki agar shivaay ki kanchi aakho ka jadoo dubara mujh per chal gaya toh … I know ki he was wrong and I just need apology bending down coming on knees and publicly say sorry as he always insulted me in front of people…

Shivaay POV
shivaay was like ?? why ?? I wanted to explore her magic more I can look at her whole life but suddenly she spreads raita on it remembering my words… Our worst fights … and that too status surname blood linage fight for which we separated our ways that time I was stupid idiot duffer dumb to just keep my feelings aside and throwing her out of my life just because my mindset I was full crack.. ??
and see now I want her back in my life at any cost but she will never forgive me as I still can’t apologize and ask sorry to her and till that she will not melt ..
And she got up from bed to go and avoid her feelings and shivaay both shivaay sensed it and holded her from back and she was still ….
Scene – 3
At Ishkara – ( farmhouse).

‘” Everything and everyone can fade from life but sweet memories with someone special won’t fade so easily from heart it will be there but somewhere in corners and due to our ego or the way of thinking we don’t accept it and this is the main reasons for which relationships suffers or dies..” {omish POV together}…
But the fact which we can’t deny is its just memories now not reality to us as our life’s has changed in these 5 years…
Ishana is happy with her life and I… Omkara thought …
And Ishana thought why these beautiful memories are leaving me always in tears I know my discussion was correct that time so why I am regretted…. I should be happy as omkara is happy with his life… And I…
Omkara asked himself that my life was so good when Ishana was with me and now my life is upside down as if my sweet world came to an end when she left due to that idiot .. How unlucky I am..

Ishana asked herself that several years back I ended my happy world from my own hands itself what a fate how unlucky I am..

They looked at each other with teared eyes and both felt pain…

Omkara looking in to her eyes felt pain and thought that why she is unhappy she should be happy with that stupid right who spoiled our life???

Ishana saw pain in his eyes and thought that why he is upset with his decision he should be happy with priya as he moved on so why??
They broke the eye lock and walked in Ishana was looking at each and every thing and reminiscing their moment suddenly she tripped and was about to fall when omkara holded her and pinned her to the wall ..

Finally the ice breaks and Ishana said I can sense that you’re upset with my presence around you but one thing is shooting in my mind why didn’t you marry priya its 5 years right ??
Omkara was mentally hurt and angry on this question that how can she mis understand my relationship with my bestie priya..
Omkara was holding her and from this question his temper increased and he tightened his grip on her and locked the way from keeping his hands on wall and said in an angry tone …
Ishana I am not like you ….
( and Ishana was shocked by the reply she asked what did I do omkara)

Omkara said oh please don’t pretend to be innocent you ditched with that idiot dev chabbra .. Huh ..?
oh now don’t pretend that you don’t know him ….

Ishana said om you’re misunderstanding I can explain please.. Omkara sign to be silent he said what you make me understand huh … That by mistaken you got pregnant right… Now don’t tell me that I am wrong as I saw reports in which your name was mentioned first I thought that it is my child but when I saw you hiding this fact and rushing to hospital I followed you and their I heard your conversion with Dr. pragya and when you said that a mistake was committed and want to abode this child as it is wrong…
Ishana was silent and went in deep flashback…
@ Flashback 5 years back… { that incident which changed their life’s }..

That same letter which was filled of sorrow which left Ishana jara & ayath in tears ..
Its last lines was ….
Zindagi say hasrat na shikayat rakna zindagi tujhe mili ashiyaane jesi ..
Use aabad rakna .. Khush rahena humhe yaad rakhna agar koi khata hui humse
Hume bhulne ki khata mat karna per yaad rakha…
Ishana jara and ayath got emotional after reading it and wanted to ran away from here to her…
Ishu wiped her tears off and called the writer of letter to console her… She didn’t lift the call but sent a message …
” good that aapko letter mil gaya main jaanti hu ki aap mujhe sambhal sakti hai per ab sambhalne ke liye takat Nahi hai zindagi say humesha waaph ki itni ki wahi bewaaf ho gayi..”..
Ab himmat Nahi hai kisiki chahat bane ki .. Thak chuki hu.. Marna chahti hu or Marne hi jaa rahi hu… Sorry ..

Ishana was shocked and they tried again to call but it was switched off Ishana called his friend and requested him to provide her last location … In few minutes her mobile notified her and they rushed to that place it was near ayath home so ayath was directing meanwhile jara sent the messages to all friends and they too rushed to ayath place…
@ near ayath place… ( penthouse of friend)
They all rushed in the house where that girl was.. They climbed the stairs and went on first floor a room they all pushed the door but it was locked from in ..
Nithu asked kya woh thik hai ???
Goms replied now we can’t say anything..
Suchi banged the door … Please open it dear..
Ishana also banged she said isse kuch Nahi hoga I am scared kuch heavy lao darwaza tootdhege …
They all started searching nithu was thinking that it is a time waste she was having her imported camera she took it and started hitting it on lock ..
Everyone was shocked they tried to stop nithu but she said iss waqt mere camera se zada zaruri kisiki zindagi hai aur mera ambition Nahi … And after several attempt the lock broke ..and camera too but nithu was not upset with it as it was a duty of a true friend they entered the room and scoped it fully no one was there..
Priya and Ishana shouted dear where are you ??
Priya said we know that kabhi kabhi zindagi daga de jaati hai per it doesn’t mean that zindagi hi galat hai… Ishana said I agree with priya … Dard kisiki zindagi me Nahi hote per zindagi ne un dard do say ubharne ke liye hi toh friends diye… She walked towards the bathroom and saw some blood droplets on the way …. And everyone entered the bathroom and screamed they saw a blood pool and a girl in it she committed suicide…
Everyone helped her to take her and make her lie on bed .. As a doctor pragya immediately reacted and did firstaid to her she called her assistant to bring blood from blood bank b+… As Ishana said that her blood is b+…
And the assistant was on the way…
Till that all started discussion that what to do she is pregnant and we have to save her life and what will I say to Rana Family… Ishana thought…
All friends recommended that our priority is her life now and we will figure pregnancy later..
Ishana said no… As if something happens to her so … You know na she is sister in law and moreover a friend to me …
If everyone in home or society comes to know about this that priyanka is pregnant without marriage so what will happen you all know na… As daughter in law and friend I have to take care of her from the blames too ..
So she decides in mind that I will take the blames on me… and she said the same to friends
friends said… In shock
Jara & ayath tu pagal hogi hai kya ?? Omkara tujhe mar dalega ..
Goms said Ishana hum jaante hai situation critical hai per ye blame game is not right option…
Suchi said hum sab milke kuch karege tu yeh step mat le tum dono ki zindagi ka saval hai …
Pragya said look ye sab log correct bol rahe hai ishu …. As a doctor ab woh thik hai ha usne aapni wrist cut ki thi per ab woh danger say bahar hai …
Aur tense mat ho baby abode kiya ja sakta hai toh tumhe blame lene ki koi zarurat Nahi hai…
Ishana said I understand but see her condition marte marte bacchi hai woh aur agar shivomru ko ye Baat paata chali ki unki dear sister ke saath cheating hui or woh pregnant hai toh woh us dev ki jaan le lege ….
Priya said I agree Ishana but agar om se yeh Baat chupi or galat tarike say present ki gayi toh woh tumhe hate karrega…
Ishu to priya… I know this but priku abhi choti hai Aur uski iss me koi galati Nahi hai woh rana khandan ki beti hai
.toh khandan ki pervarish ( upbringing) per question kiya jayega aur priku ne ISSI dar se suicide note mujhe beja….
And main kisiki Baat Nahi sune wali because priku ki life meri life se jaada important hai ….
And she started acting….
Flashback ends…
Scene – 4
@ Rumya
They broke the eyelock and Rudra started weeping again like a child does when his hurt …
Somo was confused she asked several times same question what happened to you ?? Yese rooh raheho jese kisi girlfriend ne chata Mara ho…..( slap?? dish dish…)
Somo … Shut up I am angry on you …?
On me !!! Arrey Maine kya kiya ?? Mujhse nazar…

Rudra wiped his tears and said you have hurt me…
I hurt you ??? ( confused look) Arrey Rudra ( hitting his head she said) kya phirse fruit punch piya ??? Kya bole ja rahe ho huh..
Rudra said fruit punch Nahi piya per kisiko punch karne ka Mann kar raha hai tumhare bf ko….?
What mere boyfriend ye kab hua ?? Or agar hua toh tum kyu use punch karo ge Rudra…
Rudra holded her hand and said kyuki tum use pyaar karogi or mujhe Nahi…
( Somo gave a shocking look) kya kaha tumne abhi??
Uffo…. So….mo yahi ki I love you….
Scene – 5
@ Anshi
Shivaay pulled her with force towards him and holded her she was resting her hands on shoulder and she said yeh kya kar rahe ho I know ki tum kabhi sorry Nahi bolo ge but iska matlab ye Nahi hai ki main aapko maaf karogi or aapko kya lagta hai kya main kisi daily soap ki heroine hu or aap iss tarah mera haath padege mudege or humara moment ho jayega….
Shivaay said you know me I will never apologize to anyone but I guess in your case I can but in a different way..
Anika was shocked by different way she asked what ??
Shivaay was silent and listening her bakbak and just stick his lips on her and she was shocked she couldn’t react but she reciprocal.
No precap..

That’s it for today guys see you all with Part 11..
Hope you all like and comment
Love ur patience …
Thanks …
For motivation especially renima di sat pragya ananya sunehari …

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