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Os Continues..
Anika: I am able to remember everything..
Shivaay makes her sit on the sofa..he sits opposite to her..

Anika: that day we were travelling in your car ..
Fb starts*********************************************
…it was raining heavily
.the arora’s were behind the oberoi’s car..
Mr arora: I think the climate is too bad it will be good if we return back..
Anika:no dad had promised to take us with them right..
Ishana: didi is correct ..
Mrs arora: we had come this much distance why should we return back..see even nia and ishu doesn’t want to return..
Anika: dad just call tej uncle and shakti uncle….lets see if they are returning or not..
He was about to call when he suddenly saw a huge tree falling to the road ..he took a turn and tried to put the brakes..but the brakes were cut..
Mr arora: noo….the oberoi’s planned this…
Mrs. Arora: what happened …
Mr.arora: the oberoi’s had failed the brakes…they want our death to happen…
Before he could speak further the car moves to the edge of the cliff ..
Anika : dad and mom were thrown out with great pressure..i saw them helplessly ..i held ishu tightly ..i could hear mom screaming out our names..
The car had fallen but I somehow managed to push ishu out.. and in the process I and ishu had fallen near the forest.. we were rolling down and I had caught somewhere tightly …
Ishana: dii I am not able to hold on more…
Ishu was tired and slowly she left my hand ..i saw her rolling down…
I heard footsteps nearing me..i called out for help…I saw gayatri aunty..
Gayatri: anika betta..give me your hand..
I held her hand tightly ..she pulled me up and then brought me near the cliff..
Anika: aunty papa , ma and di..
Gayatri: haa betta I know you had an accident..
Anika was shocked when she showed a kind of negligence on her face…
Gayatri: you know if your family dies ..i have a lot of benefits..and the company will be mine I just planned it up…everyone will think that it was a normal accident…so tell me child only you are left alive..right..
Anika:(somewhere in my mind I had a feeling that everyone was safe somewhere or the other)
Anika: yes..
Gayatri: when other members of your family has gone..why to stay alone..i will show you death with my hands..
Saying this gayatri walks towards her and then pushes her..
Fb ends……………………………………………………………………………….

Anika: I don’t remember how I reached the hospital..but later I was adopted my sahils parents who did not have children.. after few years sahil was born..and they too died in an accident..i and sahil was alone after that…
Shivaay : you will never be alone again..
Saying this he hugs her…
Anika and shivaay felt the presence of someone near them..
Anika and shivaay turns to see ishana..(they don’t recognize her)
Anika: who are you and what are you doing here…
Ishana: oh..actually I should ask this question to you..
Anika is surprised..
Ishana see’s shivaay, and recognizes him to be one of the oberoi brothers…
Ishana: tum ..Mr. shivaay singh oberoi …oh you might have come here to destroy the last memory of my family…
Shivaay and anika are surprised..
Anika and shivaay together: your family…
Anika: who are you and what connection you have with this family..
Ishana: why should I explain that to you..
Anika comes near ishana..ishana feels something special when anika comes near her..
There is a beautiful breeze the windows are shaken by it..
Anika: you need to because I am a member of this family..
Ishana: a member..(in a shivering tone)what’s your name…
Anika: my name is anika…but my name was nia..
Ishana: nia…nia didi….i ..i ..iam your sister ishu… your ishu..
Ishana has tears in her eyes…
Anika and ishana hug each other..
Shivaay who sees this also has tears in his eyes..
Ishana: dii tum ..are you alright…I can’t believe this..
Anika: how are dad and mom…
Ishana: I never visited them…I always had an aim with me to destroy the oberoi’s …and I will fulfill it…they had broken our family…
Shivaay is shocked..
Ishana: dii ..he(pointing at shivaay) is an oberoi and why did you accompany him..
Anika: are mistaken..they are not the ones behind the accident…it was gayatri aunty..
Ishana: gayatri aunty…what…she always cared for us…
Anika tells her everything…ishana is in tears..
Ishana: I feel very bad about myself..i wanted to take revenge from the innocent ones..
Shivaay: don’t worry ishu ..anybody in your state would have thought the same..
Ishana: bhaiyya ..i am sorry..
Shivaay and ishana hug…………
They are going to oberoi mansion…

On the way..
Ishana: by the way dii…you said that you remember everything…so do you remember everything we spoke about shivaay bhaiyya that day..
Shivaay looks at anika…
Anika gives a beautiful smile to him..
Shivaay: about me…
Ishana: do you remember it dii…you told you want to marry bhaiyya and . the cricket team..(before ishana could speak further anika turns and covers her mouth..and signals her not to speak further..)
Shivaay: cricket team…
Anika: actually I don’t remember that…
Ishana: but dii …I remember everything…
They had reached oberoi mansion..
Anika : see we reached..We will talk about that later..
Shivaay had informed dadi everything and dadi told the oberoi family about it..
Dadi : ishu…
Ishana: dadi..i am sorry..
Dadi: betta..its fine come inside..
Anika looks at them..
Dadi hold anika and ishana and enters the mansion..
The arora’s were informed..
Mr.arora and Mrs arora arrives..
Ishana and anika runs and hugs them..
They have a cute family moment..
The oberois and arora’s have a serious talk..
Mr.arora: I am sorry tej…I misunderstood you..
Tej: don’t worry ….its all past..
Rudra: come on lets have party to celebrate this reunion..
Shivaay: yes we need it but after getting gayatri…
The arora’s are about to leave when dadi interrupts;
Dadi: betta ..we will all stay here together tonight…
Arora thinks for a while and gives the approval..
Precap: the rooms are exchanged…cute moments between the pairs..
Please ignore and forgive me for all the grammatical errors..

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