Hello friends , we know we are really late this time (5 months aren’t short) But really we had some communication problems like when Shloka was there , Piyali wasn’t and wise versa….please forgive us…..Links to previous episode;


Fb Continues:
Sanskar : – I don’t know who wrote this but it is beautiful…..wish I could know who wrote it…..
Suddenly another paper comes flying from a window above and hits his head , he takes the paper and reads it : You don’t know what your tomorrow is gonna be like , you would smile or cry………… would get the best surprise of your life or the worst one………. so for today…..Just Smile , just enjoy each moment you get in your life forgetting everything else…..Love the people you have in your life , save the memories of the ones who were there before , make them your reason to smile , not to cry…….
Sanskar’s smile widened as he read it , he saw the picture of his mother which Laksh handed him and thought , “ True , Maa was my reason to smile and now I can’t make her my reason to cry….I would smile for her…….” He stared at the pages and , “ ……..For the writer of these beautiful lines…..”
In SwaRagini’s room :
“ Ragini, wake up yaar , for much time you will sleep kumbkaran……”
Ragini kept her pillow on her face and , “ Swara, please let me sleep , Ii am really sleepy….”
“ Ok , I am going………” Swara said angrily as she was ready to go
Wearing a Black jeans with a dark blue shaped top and light make up on her face , she was completely ready as a businesswoman to go to her office.
“ Ok Bye……” Ragini answered in sleep.
Swara left the room staring one last time at Ragini.
“ Ragini , you always wished me before going….it was my confidence but today……” She stopped in the middle and left.
“ Maa-Baba , I am going for presentation , bye…..Are you both also going somewhere……” Swara asked as she was leaving.
“ Yaa beta , told you , we had to collect some gifts……………….” Sharmishta was saying when Swara bit her tongue and cut her in the middle , “ Yaa , Yaa I remember but Ragini is sleeping……..”
“ No problem , let her sleep ,lock the door , she won’t be interested in leaving the house anyway…….” Shekhar said as Swara passed him a fainted smile.
“ But I wanted to wake her Papa…..” Swara thought as SharmishKar left and she locked the gate.
Suddenly someone touched her shoulder , she turned , “ Yes……”
“ Actually….I am new here……” Sanskar was speaking when Swara cut in the middle , “ See , i am not interested in you being new , I am more interested in my old presentation which I am preparing from yesterday and today I have to show it and I may get late if I waste my time here in talking to you so I will talk about you being new some other day……” Sanskar stared at her quietly as she continued speaking.
Ragini suddenly got up and sat on the bed , “ Oh God , I forgot , today is Swara’s presentation , I didn’t even wish her , mad me , what to do , what to do , what to do….she must have left…..” Ragini thought worried when she suddenly started taking long breathes….. “ Calm down Ragini , Calm down , you’ll wish Swara at any cost , don’t worry , you belive na that if there is a will then there is a way then lets go…….”
She stared at the car keys kept next to her on side table and took them up , “ I need to do it………” She thought as she ran down the stairs madly and to the door.
She tried opening it when…… “ Locked……..Swara…..” Ragini thought tensed.
She moved up the stairs sadly while she thought , “ Swara….I would have wished you on phone but I know you would feel really sad….its all my fault , I am mad…..” She moved up as tears started escaping her eyes , she remembered how she heard Swara when she was praying to God about her presentation last night.
As she entered her room , she suddenly heard some voices from the window , “ Swara…..” She thought as she wiped her tears with a smile.
She went up to window and tried looking for Swara in the garden.
Sanskar left swara and started moving as Swara went to her scooty, Ragini saw her through window in the parking.
“ Swara………….Swara………………..” Ragini shouted as a completely tensed Swara turned hearing her voice, Ragini smiled and raised her thumb shouting , “ ALL THE BEST…” Swara had a huge smile on her lips as Ragini too had a same type of smile.
Swara suddenly thought , “ If that Mr New would not have been here, I wouldn’t had met Ragini……..I need to thank him…..” She ran up to the garden behind Sanskar as Ragini stared at her going confused , she tried looking towards the garden through her window but she couldn’t.
“ Mr. New ….Mr. New……” Swara shouted as she went behind Sanskar .
But sanskar didn’t seem to hear , Swara overcrossed him in excitement and hugged him tightly, Sanskar was shocked.
“ Thanks a lot Mr. New……….” She broke the hug as Sanskar stared at her confused , she passed him flying kisses and left saying , “ I’ll be free in evening , you can come telling me your story there….” pointing towards her house.
She ran from there as Sanskar started moving slowly behind her , he had a smile on his face as he moved towards that direction…..
Swara left on her scooty while Ragini stared at her though confused yet smiling for her swara , then she too left the window , her dupatta flying in the air behind her as she moved back…. Sanskar saw her dupatta as she went in……
Flashback ends.
Swara enters the room and keeps a hand on Ragini’s shoulder. Ragini turns and sees her , “ You can never let me live in peace , right…….atleast let me cry in peace Swara….” Ragini said teary eyed.
“ Ragini , Please believe me , I did nothing , Your Sanskar did nothing……… I love laksh and Sanskar , he loves you…….please…….” Swara said crying.
“ Stop calling him my Sanskar Swara…….the one whom you snatched away from me…..” Ragini said as she removed swara’s hand from her shoulder and started moving out of the room.
Swara saw her going out of the room and sat on the floor crying , “ There used to be a day Ragini when My happiness meant your life and today……………”
“ Laksh , I need to ……….to talk to you…..” Sanskar said stammering as he entered Laksh’s room.
Laksh turned and stared at him, his eyes were red as he said , “ I am not interested……”
“ It is important…..”
“ What important??? Laksh , I and Swara did nothing , Swara loves you , you know she loves you , why are you doing this , why are you and Ragini doing this all , it was a trap……… these same lines right?? How many times you’ll repeat them Sanskar….I am not interested now so just leave…….”
“ No Laksh , today it is more important thing , you and Ragini are……are gonna…………….MARRY…..and so is with me and swara… I just came to give these papers to you….Ragini’s letters , articles , stories , poems etc which all were with me….I guess it will help you to understand Ragini better , thought they never helped me….I still don’t know even a bit about Ragini……” Sanskar said trying to be confident in his words which were hurting him to the core.
“ I don’t need them….but better … also don’t need them na……burn them….afterall My wife’s any memory shouldn’t be with you na……”
Sanskar stared at Laksh shocked when Laksh moved to him , “ Burn them sanskar…..” He said as he passed a lighter to Sanskar.
Sanskar stared at the lighter and then remembered something , “ You betrayed me sanskar , you and Swara together betrayed me , you played with my emotions , I hate you….I hate you…….” Sanskar opened the lid of the lighter and placed the papers on the lighter in his hand , Laksh stared at the papers burning as a smile climbed up his lips.
Sanskar held the papers in his hand as the papers burned completely till the end , his eyes now turning moist , Laksh suddenly threw the papers from sanskar’s hands as the fire was almost about to touch his hands.
Sanskar left the room still in shock while Laksh stared at the ashes on his room’s floor.
“ I burnt all those papers Ragini but what to do with my heart , with all your writings which are imprinted in my heart……….
Mohobbat mein ek ajeeb sa dastor hai…….
Paya humne tumhe to yeh Humara kismet hai….
Na paa sake to yeh humara Kasoor hai….
Phir bhi , mohobbat se dur bhagna to humare liye mushkil hai…..
Tumhe chahna hi humare dil ka iklota Maqsad hai…
Tumpar bharosa karna humara hak hai aur zarorat bhi….
Tumhe chahna humari zindagi ka iklota asool hai………
( Love has a really strange rule….
If I get you , its my Destiny….
If I don’t get you , its my fault….
But still , getting away from love is difficult for me….
To Love you is the only motive of my life…..
To trust you is my right as well as need….
To love you is the only motive of my life……)”
Sanskar thought as he was walking to his room , her words were the only reason for him to live , to live with a smile but she was the only responsible for his every tear at this time……….. Swara’s condition was no different…. Love played its game , the most pious feeling in this world was playing games with their hearts , their destinies were entangled with each other , their lives were connected , no one knew what would happen………. but anything that happen would connect them further in their lives only to make them know the feeling of love deeper in their lives………..only to make them meet their TRUE LOVE…………

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