Forbidden love (Four and Tris) Chapter 10: What’s trust for you?

Chapter 10: What’s trust for you?

Heya Twisties welcome to the tenth chapter. Thank you so much for your support and honesty, that’s why I’m dedicating this chapter to you all.

-Tris’ pov-
I was in the room lost in my thoughts and hoped that Tobias has realized that I meant him. I need to tell him the truth, but how will I do that as he doesn’t trust me at all. Soon the nirse with the disgusted glare came in and asked me: “what happened to you?”
“I didn’t eat for a few days, so I landed in here!”
“Oh dear why don’t you take of yourself?”
“How can I take care of myself, when I’m the reason for someone elses pain?”
You have to forgive yourself.”
“I can’t until that person doesn’t forgive me.”
“You are a stubborn young woman, I guess you are more Dauntless than Abnegation.”
“Nope, I’m neither because I’m just a coward.”
“No, I can see that you are brave, strong, kind and selfless.”
“Because your eyes show the real you behind the mask you are wearing.”
She was talking to me and then she asked me something I didn’t know what to say: “what’s trust for you?”
“Umm, trust is something that is a different level of a relationship. A relationship doesn’t only exist because of love, but trust is the foundation of it.”
“So does that mean that you trust the man you like, but you’re not sure if he trusts you too.”
“Yes, I trust him more than myself, but there’s no use of it as he hates me.”
“No, I think that he’s just angry at you and still likes you!”
“How can you be so sure?” I asked her, she wanted to answer back but she couldn’t as my parents barged into the room.
“Beatrice Prior are you out of you mind. You know that you can’t risk your health like that.” Mom angrilly shouted.
“I’m sorry mom, I just something else in my mind!” I said while mom was glaring at me.
“Don’t tell me that you were thinking about a certain young man! Who doesn’t even care about you and hates you, because he thought that you killed his father. Thanks to Max, he knows the truth now.” Dad furiously said while I looked down. I didn’t notice that the nurse went out of the room, leaving me with mom and dad’s long lecture about how I should take care of myself, that I have to get justice for the murder of Marcus and that I shouldn’t get distracted by a certain someone.
“Mom and dad I promise that I won’t get distracted by him and I haven’t forgotten anything that Marcus has done for our family. Someday Jeanine will pay for her deeds until then we have to do something to protect Caleb, because he is in danger.” I said with sincerety while mom and dad calmed down as they should have known that I will never give up.
End of her pov

-Tobias’ pov-
I’m such an idiot I should have known that she was talking about me, so I came up with a plan, told one of the nurses to look after her as well as record their conversation and send it to me. That’s what happened, I knew that I was such a blo*dy fool, she trusts me so much and I never thought about trusting her. I know were not together, but I should have known that she isn’t playing with me. I need to track the person down, who sent me this fake video. I wanted to go into the room, but the nurse signaled me not to go in there, so I waited infront of her room, I heard everything that her parents said and she promised them that she won’t get distracted by me. I didn’t know what to do anymore, so I waited until her parents came out of the room, they looked at me, came towards me and they said: “take care of her as she is going to stay here until she is stable.”
I will!” I said.
“But never ever hurt her again or else I will hunt you down.” Her mom said, so I asked them: “if I would have been Abnegation or if she would have been Dauntless, would I be able to court your daughter or would you be against it?”
“We would let you guys date either way as I know that you are the perfect man for her.” Both her parents said.
“Then why can’t I date her?”
“Because were not aloud to date someone from another faction.”
“Then why is your son Caleb dating Susan Black?”
“I don’t know the answer but Tris does as she and Caleb were really close! But we know that Caleb’s coming back to Abnegation as soon as his work is done in Erudite.”
“Oh well I would change my faction anytime for her!”
“We know that son, but you have to make sure that’s she starts to trust herself again and you are our only hope.” Her dad said.
“I will make sure that she trusts herself again even if I have to fight with her stubbornness.” I said with a small smile and her mom said making me blush: “don’t get to naughty with my daughter as I’m to young to become a grandmother.” “Actually you are going to be a grandmom soon as Susan’s pregnant.” I said with a wink at her and Andrew looked at me like “never ever wink at my wife again or else you are dead.” I gulped my saliva down as his stare is so intense. As our conversation was finished they went back to Abnegation, I even offered them that I will drop them home but they declined by saying that I should stay with Tris, so I did as I was told. I knocked at the door and she said: “come in!” So I went inside, closed the door and sat on the chair mext to her bed.
“How are you feeling Tris?”
“Fine!” She answered back but there was an edge to it, but I didn’t push her as I want to give her some space.
“Why are you here Tobias? Are you here to insult me? Are you here to play with my feelings?” She coldly asked, I wanted to answer back, but she cut me off by saying: “you probably are happy that the girl who broke your heart is feeling guilty for what she did. That she doesn’t trust herself anymore. You just wish that she dies because in your eyes, she killed your father. So go on then and kill her. A death for another death.” She was having an panic attack and that’s why she was talking like a maniac, so I did something that I didn’t think that will help her, I kissed her while calming her down. “To answer your questions. I’m here to take care of you. I’m not here to play with your feelings neither to insult you.” I said while she looked at me with utter disbelieve. “Can you please leave me alone, because that’s what I desserve.” She said while her voice was laced with annoyance as well as sadness. “Nope, I can’t as I have to listen to your parents strict orders.”
“I don’t need anyone to babysit me.”
“Yes, you do!”
“Nope not a chance at all!”
“Yeah as you don’t have another choice.”
“Why did they choose you?”
“Because they like me.”
“But I don’t.” She said, so I dramatically said while pointing at my heart while making weird expressions for her: “oww, that hurt a lot and it went straight here.” Thankfully she laughed at me before saying: “well you desserve that when you are playing with fire, because you cannot tame it!”
“I’m sure that I can tame the fire, because the fire would never hurt me ever again.”
“Never ever, I promise!”
“How can I trust you on that, because I know the way you looked at my half naked body and I’m scared that you will take my respect away from me.” I teasingly said.
“Are you serious?” She asked me because she didn’t notice my teasing, so I answered back: “deadly!”
“Okay then maybe I will kill you in your sleep!” She said and I knew she was teasing me so I played dumb before saying: “I wish that you kill me, so my soul will haunt you, wherever you go.”
“What I don’t want your ghost following me around.” She said while I was laughing at her. “So this was the lamest teasing session ever!” We both said at the same time and laughed. Making her laugh is my new aim while erassing the bad memories with good ones. “Tobias I’m tired I want to sleep but I don’t want you to leave me.”
“So what should I do?”
“Lay with me!”
“Are you trying to take away you know what?”
“Nope, I just need someone to hold me.”
“So am I your pillow now?”
“Yep, you are my special pillow.” She teasingly answered back. So I went to the other side of the bed, laid down next to her and she said: “Tobias please hold me in your arms as I feel safe in them. I love hearing your steady heartbeat as it helps me from not having any nightmares.” So snaked one arm around her waist while I was trying to control the urge to kiss her or even do more than that with her. So she holding my hand with her small hand and then she laced her fingers with mine.
End of his pov

Disclaimer: I don’t know what I have done but do you?


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