Chahat (Ragsan ff) Pt 13 by Aliya

Let’s begin….

Sanskar wanted to do something special for Ragini as to celebrate their friendship.
But what will he do?

At the time bell rings..

He opens the door…

Samar hugs him


Sanskar smile but still he was disappointed

Sanskar plastering smile:samar…what a pleasant… surprise ?

Ragini comes there….she sees was three and a half months that she haven’t talked to him…chaaruand Niel used to call her..she just had yes or no for other words…

Samar sees her…


Ragini guess to the room

Samar felt bad

Samar:bhabhi abhi bi naraaz hai mujhse?

Sanskar places his hand samar’s shoulder:go talk to her…

Samar:no bhaiyya…i came for bhabhi only..if she even doesn’t want to see my face..i will go back…

Sanskar:but talk to her once

Samar:no i will go back..i don’t want to be reason for Bhabhi’s upset

He goes out..and he was crying to the fact..

Ragini from behind:bhabhi se milne aye ho aur mile bagair hi jaaoge

He stops…

Sanskar smiles…

Samar turns..Ragini sees him crying

Ragini:you are crying

Samar:no..wiping his tears

Ragini: then did you fix watertank in your eyes..

Samar:ha tho…i am crying..u weren’t talking with me

Ragini:did you ever tried to?

Samar smiles: that means….i was….

Ragini smiles

He immediately goes to her and hugs her: i missed you so much bhabhi…

Ragini:but i am angry haven’t called me once leave that..but you were going

Samar:arey bhabhi..i hv come for one month

Sanskar?:one month


Sanskar himself:gayi celebration paani mein

Samar:bhabhi chaliye na mujhe aap se dher saari baatein karni hai

Ragini:mujhe bhi sun na hai..chalo kitchen mein

Ragsam goes…

While sanskar was following them

Sam:one minute..(he turns towards sanskar)why are you following us…we have to cook together..u would disturb us


Sam:get lost from here


They goes in the kitchen

Sanskar was sitting out sadly..

Sanskar murmurs:even now same interior…same sofa same me…ALONE?

Within a minute he listens her voice…

Tere Kaandhe Se Hi Lag Ke
Yaara Beete Umar Saari
Socho Kaisi Hogi Kismat
Hua Yun Toh Phir Humaari

Samar wanted Ragini to sing…
Ragini was lost in remembering shaan

Saare Aansoon Toh Ho Tere
Aur Aankhein Ho Humaari

She remembers shaan back hugging her on the wedding night…

Tere Dard Humein Jo Mile Pyaar Mein
Tere Dard Humein Jo Mile Pyaar Mein
Hum Khushi Se Yun Bhar Jayenge

She goes to the fb

Where Ragini was singing the same song…only for shaan

Hum Mar Jayenge Ho O..
Hum Mar Jayenge

Shaan pulls her to him…
Ragini was still singing she places ber head on his chest and sings

Mere Yaara Tere Gham Agar Payenge
Humein Teri Hai Kasam, Hum Sanwar Jayenge

Shaan:how much you love me

Ragini smiles and wides her hand


Ragini smiles and nods in no:itnaa ki jab bhi mein apni aanke khol thi hoon..chaaro taraf aap hi nazar aate hai

Ragini’s grip on a glass bowl was loosening..she opens her eyes and sees sanskar

Sanskar could see the pain in her eyes..her pain was reflecting like a strong light hitting his eyes but still he didnt wanted to close his eyes..he wanted to feel it…he wanted see her pain and remove it and he know which pain she’s having?but how would he remove his brother from her heart to reduce her this possible

Sanskar has held her hand by preventing the bowl from her….

Samar smiles seeing them…

Both composes and Ragini makes the food..Ragini listens a voice

Chaahe Dukh Ho, Chaahe Sukh Ho
Dil Ne Tujhko Hi Pukaara
Tune Humko Hai Banaaya
Tune Humko Hai Sanwaara
Jahaan Ko Rab Ka Hai, Humein Tera Hai Sahaara
Bas Tera Saath Ho, Chaahe Jo Baat Ho
Bas Tera Saath Ho, Chaahe Jo Baat Ho
Tere Kehne Se Kar Jayenge
Hum Mar Jayenge Ho O..
Hum Mar Jayenge
Ha…Mere Yaara Tere Gham Agar Payenge
Humein Teri Hai Kasam, Hum Sanwar Jayenge

Sanskar stops

He looks at Ragini whose back was faced to him….

Sanskar then moves out from there


Sanskar was sitting in the balcony in a swing

Samar comes:kya soch rahe ho?

Samar:kya hua


Samar:then when will happen?

Sanskar looks at him

Samar:u can only bring back my old chirpy bhabhi..bhaiyya…and also i know u know nothing about bhabhi

Yes he is right.. actually he don’t know anything…


Samar:hmm..kya? Don’t you wanna know?

Sanskar: actually..i…

Samar:arey sharma kyu Rahe ho…bolo na jaan na hai

Sanskar smile: ha…mujhe jaan na hai…

To be continued….

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