When I follow my heart,it leads me to you raglak part 3

Ragini was sitting near window of her balcony,she was looking at it with lifeless eyes.She thought of her past.

Ragini was studying in college ,she was a bubbly girl anyone would easily fall for.She was walking talking to her friends in backward manner,when she hit someone. She fell in to persons arms.She looked at him,she was lost in his chocolate brown eyes, he was sanskar.He was lost in her angelic beauty.

They both became friends n then lovers.Whole college admires their love,when one fateful day made her marriage with Laksh .She didn’t know laksh
laksh.She agreed because of her family drama.

She didn’t know life twists n turns n ended up being Laksh wife .Laksh was sanskar younger brother.This broke her more.

She accepted Laksh as a friend, she was happy with him.

Sanskar married swara to hurt ragini just like she hurt him by marrying his brother.sanskar tried to separate raglak but he didn’t succeed.

Ragini was reminiscing a past incident

When Laksh came out of bathroom with a towel n drying his hair,she entered into the room just like that. He was standing near dressing mirror which was near door.He slipped when ragini caught him.She smiled at it.

Ragini remembered how Laksh made her feel free on wedding night.How he gave her own space. But what she did.She asked him divorce,she knew it will hurt him.she knew he loves her.She knew everything, yet she can’t love him.

Laksh was determined in winning Ragini back to his life. He was standing below raginis window.Ragini opened window.Laksh knew she will do it.Ragini saw laksh looking at her n winking her.She was shocked.when he kneeled n showed I love you ragini.

Ragini immediately closed window.why Laksh?? Why can’t u leave me??

I like u laksh,I can’t accept you as love doesn’t happen twice .She cried seeing him loving her so much.

Laksh was hurt a little, but he thought without all these,how will his life story would be interesting??

Precap: Laksh following or stalking Ragini.

What will happen.????

Will ragini realise her love??can she accept Laksh??

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  23. It’s also very interesting story dear ???? Loved Raglak scenes. Hope soon Ragini will fall in love with Laksh. Eagerly waiting for next episode. Love you dear and take care ?????????

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