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So here is the story,
@collage ..
Swara comes wearing red crop top and white skirt above the knee ……her waist is clearly shown ..
Swara : hey guys …
Sahil : hey !
Sanskar comes and hugs her from behind …
Sanskar : hey beautiful ….
Swara : hey handsome
Swara : where is Kavitha and karthik
Sahil : they are on leave …
Swara : oh y ?
Sanskar : array madam its some private work of them ….they didn’t inform us ..that’s it
Swara : OK OK …
Sahil : u know next round if duet singing !
Swara : duet …seriously ?
Sanskar : why r u tensed Swara …of course I will be ur partner …
Swara smiles
Sahil : then what about me …this Kavitha idiot is also absent ….
Sanskar : don’t worry ..there is solo on 25th round …that time u sing ….
Swasan laughs ……making sahil angry !
@raglak gang side ..
Ragini : Laksh baby where r u ?
Kavya : array ragini stop flirting yaar …..! With ur own cousin …
Ragini : r u jealous huh ! See I only got such a hot boy as my cousin …..
Kavya : whatever …u say so ..
Ragini : by the way where is rajat and manik …
Kavya : both on a leave
Ragini : y ?
Kavya : manik parents called them …so Swara sent him instead of her …
Ragini : ahhh ! This Swara can’t she let us love in peace …she should have gone na .
Kavya : that’s what ..leave it and rajat ….(ragini interrupts )
Ragini : that make up Queen would have said something …
Kavya : correct yaar !
Ragini : my bro gang is such a d**k
Kavya : seriously even mine …
Ragini : why do they want to go against us …
Kavya : its a century rival ..leave it …..

At that time Laksh comes ..

Laksh : hey rags and kavya
Ragkav : hey !
Ragini hugs him ….
Kavya gives a ‘impossible’ look
Laksh breaks the hug …
Laksh : hmm guys next round is duet round !
Ragini : duet round !
Laksh : hmm ya ….don’t worry rags u will be my partner …
Kavya : this day is the worst !
Laksh : hmm kavya I pity on u ….sorry u dont have any pair manik and rajat are absent so ….
Ragini and Laksh gives HiFi …..kavya makes faces …..
@av room
Principal : good morning my dear sweetie pie’s
Sahil whispers in Swara ears
Sahil : this idiot doesn’t have any other names …,
Swara chuckles …
Principal : as our collage has reached the 24th level on who is the next rockstar.the pride of our collage
The charmers and Fab 5 groups are welcomed to the stage …
Sahil low tone : don’t know what this idiot will do now
*Raglak and kavya goes
*swasan and sahil goes to the stage ,

Principal : next week we have duet performance and I want u all to win too …now we will pair
Teacher comes
Teacher : where are the other participants ….
Sanskar : ma’am …our two members are on leave
Laksh : even ours
Sanlak both smirk seeing each other
Teacher : its OK and the pairs are gonna be mixed from each others’s group
Everyone were shocked ….
Sanlak : but ma’am
Teacher : come on guys ..just for an week …keep ur rivals aside !
Sanlak frowns …
The audience were shocked …as they know these two can’t stay silent for a minute …
But still everyone cheers and claps …
Principal : OK now I will inform the pairs …
1st pair – Swara and Laksh …
Swalak looks at each other whereas sanskar was boiling in jealous and anger like ragini …
2nd pair – sanskar and kavya
Sanskar gets frustrated so as kavya (audience all laughs )
3rd pair – sahil and ragini
Sahil was like no way and ragini was like I am gonna kill the principal
And the rest we will decide when they will come..

Evryoen cheers …
Principal : I want u all to win the top three position and not give s chance to any other collage …is that OK
Everyone nods
Teacher : only one week time ..choose a song practice is it and u all have stay back in collage for rehearsal …OK
Everyone nods …
Principal : now go and practice …
Saying this the assembly dismisses ….everyone heads back ..
Sanskar hits his fist on the door
Sanskar : no way ! I am gonna be pair with that kavya and nor u r gonna pair with Laksh …
Swara : sanskar come just for an week or so
Sanskar catches her shoulder
Sanskar : no Swara …. u can’t let u go with him …u don’t know Laksh ….
Swara cups his face …
Swara : come on sanskar ..stop being a kid …I am grown up and I know …..lakhs inst a big deal after all !
Sanskar : sure na ….
Swara : I ma sure ….
Sanskar hugs her
Sanskar : love u ….
Swara : I know …..stop worrying ….
Sanskar : OK …
@raglak side
Laksh : damm …..with Swara …I mean how can I with her …
Ragini : shit !!!! This principal is such a f**k
Kavya : ya…me with sanskar …
Ragini : don’t worry my bro doesn’t look at any other girl than Swara …so no problem
Laksh gets a strange feeling ….
Kavya : whatever but still …
Ragini : u know u both will win ….becoz my bro is good in singing and here Laksh and Swara both r good
What about me and that chipku sahil ..
Kavya : even though he is my bro .,.he is such a waste ….
Kavya and Laksh bursts out laughing seeing ragini face ….
@evening …
Swara was sitting an listening songs wearing ear phones
Sanskar comes from behind and hugs her …
Swara started to feel uncomfortable
Swara : hey sanskar …what’s up !
Sanskar started to kiss her nape
Swara : sanskar …..
Sanskar ignored her and slides his hand on her waist and tightens the grip …
Swara : sans (feeling uncomfortable)
Sanskar bites her neck ….Swara moans …..
But she couldn’t make more so she stands up ….
Sanskar : Swara what happened ?
Swara : what u r doing is not ……correct sanskar !
Sanskar : stop being a kid Swara ..
Sanskar hugs her from back and digs his head ….
Swara couldn’t control …so she moves a bit
Swara : I am sorry but this is wrong sanskar ….(saying this she leaves)
Sanskar was shocked and confused !
@av room
Laksh : how much time u will take huh ? I can’t wait for u forever OK !
Swara (mood off) : sorry …
Laksh was suprised to see Swara asking sorry !
Laksh : OK OK leave it ….. what about song selection
Swara : manwa laage
Laksh : oh hello this is duet , not only solo and that too girl voice stupid
Swara : hey don’t call me stupid u duffer !
Laksh : hey how dare u call me duffer ..without me u can’t win the contest OK ,,so obey me .
Swara : oh oh do u think u r the Mahan or what ….u duffer
Laksh : oh do u think if u wpbe with sanskar u can win ..ha ha ha
Swara : don’t talk about sanskar OK …
Laksh : oh sorry …he is ur bf so of course u will get angry na …
Swara gets sad but
Swara : u duffer …u don’t deserve to talk about sanskar …
Laksh : really yep u r correct , I don’t deserve to talk to someone who is low than me na ..ha ha ha na
He laughs …
Swara goes and punches him in his stomach …
Laksh : ahhh ! Swara u r gone today …
Swara : we will see ..
Swara runs ….Laksh chases her ……
Laksh : Swara wait …..
Swara : no catch me if u can .
Swara runs to the terrace ……Laksh also goes following her …
Swara stops and breathing heavily
Laksh : at last u r gone today ….
Swara steps backwards , Laksh steps forward ….
Both does the same
Swara comes to balcony side and
Laksh : swaraaa …
Swara was about to fall , Laksh goes and catches her ….
With his amrs …
Swara was closing her eyes due fear , Laksh was memerised seeing her …
Swara slowly opens her eyes ….she was memerised seeing Laksh so close to her ..
Both can feel each other breathe !

“What the hell is happening here” a voice came from behind
Its sanskar ….

Swalak composes themselves ..
Swara : hmm sanskar I was ….(sanskar interrupts )
Sanskar : Swara u don’t talk ,..I know this Laksh is trying to take advantage of u
Laksh ; I am not like u sanskar ..who takes advantage (seeing Swara)
Sanskar : how dare u …
Sanskar catches his shirt collar ….
Sanskar : I know u very well Laksh , when a hot body like Swara will stay with u …what can a men like u can do ….u can’t control right
Swara was ashamed hearing the word ….whereas Laksh was getting angry
Swara : sanskar leave him ….listen to me first
Sanskar : stop it Swara ..u don’t know these types of boys …
Laksh also holds his collar …
Laksh : sanskar u r crossing ur limits ….
Sanskar : then what can i say u people ****
Before Laksh could react
Swara slaps sanskar …..
Swara : sanskar r u out of ur mind , I am a girl standing here ..OK ….
And sanskar do u think me as a hot…….I can’t even say it chiiii !!!!!!!
Laksh was surprised and sanskar was shocked seeing her

Precap : swalak scenes , sanskar fuming in jealous and a plan to seperate swalak

Hope u all like it , sorry if it is boring u all thanks a lot for the comments and plz do comment today …

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