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So here is the story ,
Swara : I hate to say my friend ….u only consider me as ……(she stops)
Saying this she leaves
Sanlak both look at each other and gives death glare to each other !
@parking area
Swara goes to her car …sanskar comes and catches her hands ..
Swara jerks : sanskar leave me
Sanskar : Swara stop being a ordinary girl …come on …
Sanskar catches her shoulder
Swara jerks : ya I really need to be ordinary girl now leave my way and move
Sanskar drags her to a corner and blocks her both ways …with his hand
Swara : y r u behaving cheap sanskar …..so cheapster
Sanskar gets angry …..Swara was about to leave
Sanskar twists her hand from back
Swara : ahhh ! Sanskar its hurting …
Sanskar : this is how it hurts me Swara …..I am sorry I shoukdn thave said that …but I couldn’t see u with any other boy than me !
Swara was silent
Sanskar : I know I am possessive …..but that’s true ….I want to be always with u and forever with u ……I can’t see u going away from me
(He has tears)
Swara was numb but wipes his tears …..
Sanskar hugs her tightly ….
Sanskar : I don’t want to loose u Swara …wanna be with u forever and u r born to be mine Swara ….u r locked in my arms …
Swara too hugs him back ….
Swara : I am sorry , I shouldn’t have over reacted to it ….I am sorry !
Sanskar : no I am sorry ….its my fault
Swara : no me
Sanskar : OK OK its both of us
Swara smiles …..
Swara : OK he late for home !
Sanskar : why ur brother is gonna wait with stick or what
Swara hits him in his chest …..
Sanskar : ouch ….OK bye
Swara : bye
Sanskar : love u
Swara : I know …..
Saying this Swara leaves in car
Sanskar : convincing task is over but punishment task is pending naa …..
Sanskar smiles eveilly and calls someone !

@av room
Laksh was thinking about Swara only …..her innocent face , her smile , her anger …..
A smile comes on his face too…….his thoughts were disturbed by ragini who hugs him from back !
Ragini : hey hottie ….where r u lost huh !
Laksh : me …I am lost in u …
Ragini : awww ….so sweeet ….
Saying this she sits on his lap …..and rests her head on his chest
Ragini : I am dying to be urs
Laksh : when u were not …u were always mine …
Ragini : why don’t we make out ….I mean
Laksh was shocked and surprised…
Laksh (shockingly) : ragini
Ragini : come in Laksh don’t be a typical bf …..y don’t u make me urs …..
Laksh stands up , making ragini fall (lol)
Ragini : ouch ….
Laksh : don’t talk like this ragini …..I respect ur parents …I can’t betray them …
Ragini comes and hugs him
Ragini : come on Laksh ….after all I am ur cousin and I can convince ur chachi and chacha …come on ….
Laksh jerks her hands ,,.
Laksh : this is the age to study and not to concentrate in these things …..
Ragini : Laksh what happened to u …where is the smile , the devil inside u …..come get up
Laksh : ragini I am same ….only u r behaving weird !
Saying this Laksh leaves …..
Ragini : I know the Swara did something …..I won’t let Swara take over u Laksh …..now punishment time for Swara !
She smiles evilly

@park (its night 10)
Swara was on her night walk ….whereas Laksh was on the same park for night walk …(both were on opposite side)
Sanskar was behind the bushes and watching them
Sanskar calls someone
Sanskar : listen ….that big should be bruatually beaten whereas even a scratch appears on my gf then u know what I will do …OK
Someone : yes boss …
Sanskar smiles evilly
Sanskar : u r gone Laksh …..Swara be ready to be mine forever ….we will kill this obstacle ….what say ..
He laughs evilly !
Swara was sitting and seeing the moon and smiling ..
Sanskar : ahhhh ! For this smile only I will give my heart to her !
On the other side
Laksh was silently walking …lost in thoughts ….
He saw Swara …..
Swara also sees him ….. Swara smiles but hides ….
Laksh wanted to talk but goes past her …..this disappoints Swara ….
Other side of bush ..
Ragini : ha ha ha Swara get ready to be punished ….Laksh is one and only mine …..
Ragini calls someone
Ragini : all ready na …..I don’t want any mistake …..OK
Ragini hungs up !

Laksh stopped to take in air ….he was breathing heavily ,
Swara stands up from her place and gives a water bottle to Laksh ….
Laksh was surprised ….
Swara (looking down) : I know its my fault …..because of u r hurt ….I am very sorry for what happened ….I didn’t thought that it will happen
Sorry …
Laksh was suprised to see her innocent side ….when actually it was not her fault …..
Laksh was about to say but someone behind Swara was about to hit her with rod …..
Laksh pulls Swara towards him and she crashes on his chest …..Swara was shocked ….
The boy behind was about to hit but Laksh catches the rod , he made Swara stand behind him and he stood front of her as a warrior and was fighting with the men ….
Behind the bush
Ragini : ufff ! This Laksh na ….but nothing should happen to him
Other side bush
Sanskar : gid what’s happening …when is the one who came to hit Swara …I will not spare him …but where are my goons
Laksh was fighting with all of them and was beating harshly ….
Swara was shocked seeing this ….
Some 6 persons comes (sanskar goons)
Swara was shocked ….
One was about to hit Laksh ……..Swara came in middle and caught hold of the knife with her hands …
It starts to bleed heavily …..Laksh turned and was shocked ,…..
Behind the bush
Ragini : who is this goons …..oh god what is happening ….but anyways Swara got punishment …that’s it
Other side of the bush
Sanskar was very angry …..
Sanskar : how dare the goon my Swara hand …I can’t wait anymore …
Sanskar gives towards Swara …both swalak were shocked seeing sanskar ….

Ragini was double shocked seeing her brother there …..
Ragini : now my plan will be a big flop ….
Saying this she eaves form there without any one noticing …..but someone noticed it ! And was smirking evilly !

Sasnakr was beating his own goons very roughly and whereas Laksh was beating ragini goons
All runs away
Sanlak stops and goes towards Swara ….whose hand was bleeding heavily ….
Laksh : Swara r u alright …
Sanskar (angrily ) : I can manage u leave form here ….
Laksh (angrily) : its because of me ….so I will stay here …
Sanskar was shcoked seeing Laksh in such anger …
Both keep quarelling ….on each other so ..
Swara goes to her car and leaves driving slowly …….making sanlak shock…..

Precap : swalak romantic guitar scene , ragsahil joke and sankav (sanskar and kavya fight)

Hope u like the episode ..sorry if it was not good ……thanks to the wonderful support and plz to keep supporting

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