Finding his Love for our Sweet heart – OS

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Hello all ..Came with OS..

Lets Go..

Hello..How are you all?? Oops!! Sorry..First lemme introduce myself.

I am Nivin ..

Umm..huuhh..u can see me in above pic..The one who looking smart..Oops!! Sorry again..Actually two Guys.
Its ok ..he is not Smart more than me..Ok 🙂 🙂 The one who was with Specs,..Yes that was me..NIVIN.

Another one who was also looking Handsome its Arjun..We called him as Ajuu..

And the Girl..u can call her Cute/Short Girl..She always says..SHORT GIRL ARE DAMN CUTE.
Ummm..MAYBE 🙂 🙂 (#NoOffense)

She is Divya..we always call her Darlinn..Sweet Heart..Our favourite..who can do anything for her cousins(Me nd Aju)

Ok..Now I am going to narrate u Love between Crazy Cousins..

Ummm…Actually ..i should correct the sentence..

Its..Finding the Love of Him for our Cute Cousin Divya.

Him describes..the one whom Divya parents selected as Groom for her.


He was not bad actually..but very punctual..sincere.. hardworking..Dedicated..

Ajuu: But wait a sec..does these qualities ok for marriage??

I mean these qualities are 100% ok for any Buisness Profile..

for God Sake this is Marriage..Love..nd that too for my..ok our Sweet heart ..Darlin ..Divyaa..

Nivin: yes!! so we are here to find his love for our Sweet Heart.

Divya: Aju..Nivi..I don’t think this will work..Let’s go..otherwise we will be finished..nd this marriage too..

Aju: Nothing will happen..We gonna do this..

Nivin: Yes!! Come let’s go inside..

(Nivin nd Aju managed to climb the compound wall nd then they pick divya..After they all jumped inside ..)

Divya: Oops!

Nivin: What?

Divya: He said yesterday..some important meeting was there today.

Nivin: What? how can he attend meeting? tomorrow is your marriage na? is he human or Machine?

Aju: Nivin ..I think he is Human..nd she is you know what i mean..

(Aju pointed to the window while saying..There Das was sleeping peacefully)

Divya bit her tongue..she didn’t expect that she will caught so soon..

Nivin: Whatever..but he is very bad can he sleep?? if i was getting marry..i can’t sleep..i feel like to fly..

Aju: We should find that.

Divya: Plzz Yaar ..Let’s go..Maybe this will ruin my wedding.

Aju: no..if we didn’t find this..that will ruin ur marriage ..ur life..

Nivin: Haan..we should find ..does he love u or not?

(By discussing this..they heard a sound..which makes AJU nd NIVI was doggiiee..OMG!! it chasing them with loud barking)

Aju: HELP!!!

Divya: don’t shout..he will wake!!

Nivin: What do you mean by Don’t Shout? only he can handle this..Dog..

Divya smiled at their Crazy Cousins..nd Slowly went near to the Dog.

Divya: It was cute Aju..

Aju: Naa..

Divya: Just come nd touch this..

(They both again Shouted..this time Das wake up nd came to see what was happening …Divya slowly leave the dog nd hide behind AJU nd NIVI)

Das: U?? U all? What u doing here? nd Divya..we can’t meet before marriage..i hope u know this too.

Divya: Umm..Actually..yes..I came..

Aju: Divya! i will say him..i mean Nivin explain him..

(Nivin then realised the situation..actually he was still in fear by seeing the Dog..somehow he build his courage to say)

Nivin: Haan..Das Bro..we came to propose you..

Divya: What??

Aju smiled nd then punched him to say correctly..

Nivin: Actually..Darlin..I mean Divya came to propose you..

Aju again can’t control his smile..he smiled openly..

Divya: Aju!! stop!! Nivi..u just impossible..Das disturb you..

(Divya stared them nd began to walk)

Aju: (after controlling his smile..he began to say) Actually we came here to find your love for our Divya.

Das: What??

Nivin: yes..Sorry for what i said before..But we came for this..See we are cousins..Childhoood Friends..we want to know that “does divya’s Groom love her or just agreed to marry for his parents”

Das: Divya..what’s all this? i said ok to u Right? u know that am ok with this marriage ..

(Before he completes..Aju interrupted)

Aju: haan..we want to know..Just ok or ok with love..

Das: Guys u are crazy..its our personal..

Nivin: yes..but not now..Divya was so confused with you..That she wants to know that u love her or not..

Aju: We say that go nd ask him..but she was not ready..nd u too busy with ur damn buisness..Sorry for my language..but we only cared about our DIVYA.

Nivin was utter shocked to see Aju so serious.

Das pov

understanding the situation..These Crazy cousins..His confused would be wife Divya..Das smiled nd went inside..

Nivin: Aju!! what will happen now..will he cancel the wedding?

Divya: I think so..OMG 🙁 🙁

Aju: Nivin..Darlinn..Nothing will happen like that..

After sometimes..Das came with one small box.

He kneeled down nd forwarded his hand..with Ring

DAS: Will you marry me??

Divya was in Shock..Surprise..(Can’t judge what was the feeling she going through right now)

Das: Actually i had a tragedic relationship before this marriage..but not now..its i want me to come out of that..before our marriage..that’s why i didn’t contact you..Some days ago..i bought this for you..only for you..i just thought to give u after our marriage..but i never think about ur side..I am Really Sorry for that..

Divya’s eyes now opened the water tank..its flooding..

Das stood up nd consoled her..they both went inside..

Aju tried to stop them..that they were still there..

Unfortunately they both filled with love..can’t see them..

Nivin smiled at them..nd turned

now his smile turned to horror one..he saw the DOG..

Nivin: Aju!! Call Das for once..Otherwise..

Aju understands what he was trying to say..

AJU & NIVIN: HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!



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