Subh Mangal Vivah – Amit and Subhi – A New Story (Episode 2)

Hlo friends, i know its its too late to update but actually i am giving exams previous days so i didn’t update but today i update next episode. I know its a very. Long time. Sry

Ok. Lets start

Subhi was very nervous….

Prasant and family came to anurag house.

Anurag:come! Come! Prasant ji, bhabhiji come and sit.

Amit touch feet of anurag and he bless him.

All sit on sofa.

Anurag:ruchi beta take some food items for future in laws of subhi.

Ruchi:ohk papa just coming.

Ruchi and a servent serve some samosas and snacks.

Anuradha:brother u were saying that day that ur daughter is very bless ful… After her birth there is always happiness.

Anurag:yes bhabhji its true she is very gunni kadam there is a only dhaba but after her birth u know i have a biggeat restaurant in this city.

Prasant:ohk…. We will talk later about it plz call subhi.

Anurag :oh! Yes…. Ruchi beta plz take subhi along with u.

Ruchi :yes dad…

Subhi came and touch feet og anurag and Anuradha and they bless her.

Anuradha :come beta and sit eith us.

Subhi:ji unty…

She sit with them…. Amit and subhi both look at each other and smile ☺.

They tlk abt some common topics.

Prasant:ruchi beta take subhi and amit to garden and they talk a while. They have to know each other.

Ruchi:ohk uncle… But w8 a sec.

She goes to her room and took earphone and her ? and came to hall.

Prashant :oh ho todays’child never get aways from thier phones…

Ruchi, subhi and amit goes to garden…

Amit :i know that i did not get a girl better from u. And we r neighbors but we didn’t think abt each other like this. But i like u. Decisions is urs. I am ready. If u say no then its al right but tell our parents as u feel.

Subhi smiles but….

Precape:will subhi say yes or no after listening amit.


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