FF – Swaragini a new start. Episode 8


Hello guyz sorry i was too busy. And thanks for your comment. If you guyz think that my story is getting boring. Do tell me. And do comment. Thanks. Now lets start.


Sanlak leave from the airpot.
At home.
Sanlak is waiting for swaragini and karavi to come.
San. I think they have done black magic on my shonaa.
Laksh. Who said u to say that she us witch.
San. Oh so what i said what i feeled.
Laksh. That what the problem is u should’t say that.
San. But why not.
Laksh. Bhai leave it. We have to do something. Or else they will take our swaragini.
San. Think laksh if they did it.
Sanlak start imagining that karavi took swaragini with them.
Laksh. No bhai we can’t let this happen.
San. Yea u are right.
Suddenly they hear swaragini and karavi come laughing.
Laksh. Why are they laughing at.
San. I dont know man. But i am angry.
Karan. Wow ragini its beautiful.
Ragini. Yes.
All come in hall.
Ap. Ragini beta you coned back i am so happy.
Ragini. Yes mom.
Ap. Who are they.
Swaragini. Karan and avi.
Sanlak. Look at them. Smiling like a corcodille.
Ap. Oh ok beta come have sit but first we have decide something.
Swaragini sanlak. What.
Ap. Actually now everything is fine. So we are going to shiv mandir. We all elders. We will be back in 5 days.
Ragini. But.
Ap. No buts
Dp. Yea will leave now.
Swara. What now.
RP. Yes beta.
They are nod. And they leave.

Swaragini total ingnored sanlak.?
Karan. Ragini were will we stay.
Swara. You stay in laksh room.
Laksh. What.
Ragini. Do u have any problem.
Swara. Oh no yaar i forget that laksh don’t like to share room.
Laksh. Yea.
Ragini. But when we…
Swara. No ragini.
Ragini nod.
Swara. Guyz sorry but u can stay in guest room.
Karavi. No problem.
Swara. Ohhhh my cutie pie love you guyz.
Avi. Me or sanskar.
Swara. Who sanskar.
Sanskar is shocked.
Swara. I don’t know any sanskar.
Avi laugh.

Karan. Avi yaar. Why are u laughing at that sanskaar.
Avi. But bro.
Karan. You don’t know about this girl man.
Laksh. Right.
Ragini look at him.
Laksh stopped.
Swara. Karan.
Karan. I am sorry swaru.
Avi. Bhai you can’t say that man. Are i will call ragini also ragu.
Karan. Avi.
Swaragini. Stop it guyz go and get freshed up.
Karavi. As your wish madam.
All laugh.
Karavi leave.

San. Swara.
Swara went from there…..
Sanskar goes after her…..
Ragini also leave to kitchen…..
Laksh goes after her…..

Swasan room.
Swara. So i am witch.
San. No swara i was just angry.
Swara. For what.
San. You hugged avi na that why.
Swara. Oh my hubby is getting jealous ha.
San. Why should i.
Swara. Plz sanskaar. Look at your face.
San. Ok so what.
Swara. You are so cute my baby.
She kiss on his cheek.
And he smile. And then they both hug eachother.

In kitchen.
Laksh. Ragini woh ard u angry.
Ragini. Why should i be who are u.
Laksh felt bad but did’t showed.
Laksh. That’s mean i can do any thing.
Ragini. Yes.
Laksh. Then i will kiss that girl.
Ragini get angry but did’t showed.
Ragini. Who.
Laksh. I am sorry i cant tell u. Who are u.
Ragini. Maybe i can help u.
Laksh. Oh no need. I now who to do it.
Ragini. How.
Laksh. Wait.
He pull her toward himself and say.
Laksh. I will show u now.
Ragini. Laksh leave me.
Laksh. Not now man.
Ragini get nervous and tensed.
Ragini. La…. Laksh.
Laksh suddenly kiss on her lips softly.
Ragini can feel his touch and feel happy.
Laksh then break the kiss.
Ragini was about to say something.
When he again kissed her.. Now ragini closed her eyes laksh smile seeing her.
Laksh without breaking the kiss say.
Laksh. Ragini i now u still love me.
He then press his lips little hard.
Then they break the kiss.
Laksh was about to say something.
When ragini leave from there withput any reaction.
Laksh is surprised by this.

Precap. Not decide.


Sorry guyz for late update but i was busy with school and all. But plz do tell your opinion about this chapter. Comment plz.
And guyz tell me what should i do in next chapter. Sorry if i am boring to u all.
Do tell if its boring

Credit to: Roshini

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  9. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Not boring yaar I too think my ff are boring meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever)season-2 and virushi ff satrangi sasural now I am writing.. I too wrote kkb ff season-2, love at first sight swaragini,ishq ka rang safed,jokes,detective etc…..

    1. Yea right but i liked your ff

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