FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 16) “Anger”

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Chapter 16


Its been four days from that day I got fever, since then everyone tried their level best to make me feel like sick patient. Comon I am having a normal fever due to change in weather but that doesn’t mean they will going to cage me in my room. I am on my leave from two days because of my fever. I agree I feel like I m going to dead soon when my fever was high but after complete one day I was fresh but still my family is not digesting this fact

The three people I started to hate was mom, Ragini and last him my fiancé Sanskar. Hey don’t think so much, I said playfully. Mom being mom I cant say anything to her but Ragini being his secret detective spying me weather I took my dinner or not, I m resting or not and most importantly I have taken my medicine or not

Medicine sucks. I really didn’t expect from me that I will have medicine on time I never completed the course of medicine. But I took my medy for three days regularly. Yes! Three days from yesterday I haven’t taken medicines and I joined my job.

In these days no matter what, I got a sweet torture from all but there is something happened which gave immense pleasure. Dad asked about my fever, he even checked my forehead just like mom did every day from the day onward.

I really found myself better and now I decided that I m fine and medi aren’t required so I m not going to take it and that’s final. Just then my mobile rang and it flashed name Ria, Sanskar’s friend’s wife. I have develop good friendship with her but her husband Rohan is very funny
I received the call

“Swara, how r u, u know this Rohan told me today that u were having fever, are u fine” She sounded worried for me

“Ria calm down I m perfectly fine and joined office too so relaxed”

“Oh thank god,”

I asked about how she

“Swara I wanted to invite u and Sanskar on dinner” She said hesitantly

“Actually after Sanskar’s engagement we didn’t had dinner together but when I talked about this to Rohan he informed me about your fever” She added

“So now you r not inviting us” I asked childishly

“No I was thinking if are fine then have dinner with us tonight” She invited me

“Why r u so hesitant Ria of course I ll come, u invite I don’t come is that possible” I said with lil humur

We bursted out in laughter and talked for sometime and hang up

I reached home and I informed that I ll be going for dinner with Sanskar to his friend house as they invited us

I took out gown from my cupboard. I was feeling a strange joy in my heart. I was going somewhere not as Swara Gadodia but as Sanskar’s fiancé and soon to be wife. The thought itself making me blush unknowingly. I dressed up and got ready and went to hall but in a midway I coughed badly. Ragini came hurriedly and gave water

“My tablets, go get them fast” I manged to say between coughing

What the hell I was perfectly fine from the whole day and this cough spoiled my mood

Ragini gave me medicine and I felt better just then I heard a yell on me

“Di u didn’t have your medicine right, and if I m not wrong u didn’t take it from yesterday right”

I know this was coming, I closed my eyes

“I was feeling better from yesterday morning so I didn’t feel like taking it, now stop over reacting” I said hesitantly

“How will Jiju react when he come to know you arenot taking medicine”

“Don’t worry about him I’ll handle him, and as far as I know who will tell him this and I warn u are also not telling this I don’t want….”

Before I could complte my sentence, our conversation was disturbed by the breaking sound of the vase, I looked up and saw him

Did he heard everything, not that I was scared I can explain him but looking his eyes I found something different

He was startled and just apologized

“I m sorry, come Swara we are getting late” He said without eyeing me


When I entered in her house I saw her badly coughing and then Ragini gave her water and give medicine. To say I was shocked will be an understatement I was hell scared when she was coughing badly but I don’t know why I stood there but after hearing the conversation. i was filled in rag, anger took over me. I was feeling like fool around her. Here I m madly worrying about her and she don’t give damn about it

We sat in car and headed towards our destination. I didn’t even look at her and talk to. There was complete silence between us

“Sanskar” She broke the ice

“HMM” came my reply

“u okay right” She asked

“Yes what will happen to me”

“Then y r u silent”

“I don’t talk much u know it’s you who talk” I snapped at her

“Its because you take part in conversation” She snapped back

I didn’t reply to her. I could sense her restless

“Sanskar if u are angry from me then tell me, scold me but don’t stay silent I” She pleaded

Normally I hate her pleading to me or someone else but this time she really made me angry

“Like u care” I said sarcastically

“Yes I do”

“No Swara, u don’t give damn about me then stop giving this fake concern”

“What did I do”

“Ask yourself didn’t I say to take medicine on time but u being full of yourself didn’t give much attention to my words, and then planning to lie me. I don’t know if u remember but I told you I hate lie and yet u were planning it to do”

I answered back I noticed a drop of tear fall from her eyes, I cursed myself hundred time to do this to her


I was trying hard to talk to him but he stayed cold and even rude. He heard everything, I was feeling guilty, I was feeling like to cry loudly but I was not going to lie him, it was just I don’t want to give him tension. We reached to Sanskar’s friend house

We had great time there, I really enjoyed ria’s company and Rohan was so cute and caring but funny at same time. I found Sanskar pulling Rohan’s legs and igniting husband wife tom n jerry fight

He stayed totally different there but still giving me cold stares in between. We headed back and same silence played in between but I had it enough, I want to clear the mess

“Stop the car” I shouted. He halted car with break

“What happened” He asked worriedly. I got down from the car


I was really got worried but then she got down and stand silently in front of car. This place isn’t safe and she is doing insane things

“What the hell is this, did u make the car stop for standing here silently”

“It was suffocating me inside their”

I came forward and asked what happened but when I turned her her eyes were red due to tear she was crying

“Talk to me your silence will kill me” I put my hand on her mouth to stop

The moment she uttered those word my fear of losing someone close to arose

“Stop it” I held her hand to make her sit in the car but she didn’t move

“I don’t understand this why r u so much reacting I accept I escape it because I felt I m fine now. Its not a big deal whats wrong with you” The sutubourn Swara is back

“Big Deal!! It will not a big deal for you but for me it is”

She looked at me with confusion

“Look Swara I lost two important person in my life, my dad and Kavitha just because of health issues. People say that they died suddenly but they didn’t died suddenly they die every day but didn’t let us feel. I have always been in guilt that I couldn’t be a good son or husband. I couldn’t sense my dad’s condition getting worsen day by day. He died because of heart attack. I couldn’t sense my wife dieing everyday from tumer growing in her brain. I lost her.” I told her and got teary recalling the dreadful tragedies I had in life

I paused and then continues

“I lost two very important person Swara and I dont have stamina to lose my remaining relation like this. that’s why I am very particular to health of those who are connected to me. I know it was just a fever but the people in my life ignored these little type fever and they are no more in this world. I don’t have any hesitation to admit that I don’t want to lose you, a friend indeed a best friend Swara”

My tears were ready to flow but I shut them to flow but I felt soft arm wrapping me. I opened my eyes found Swara hugged me tightly

“I m sorry Sanskar, I never knew you r going through this, I m sorry for being careless but trust me I wasnot going to lie you, I was feeling fine that’s why I stopped taking medicine” She said sobbing

I hugged her even more tighter. We remained in that position for a while I realease her slowly she was still in my arms. She was crying, my one raised to stop those tears and gently wiped them. Our eyes were locked in each other.

The cold breez there had some magic, we were spell bound by that. Don’t know why but I felt leaning towards her. She closed her eyes, before I could stop myself our lips met and we lost in that kiss. I didn’t know but I didn’t felt like parting it. My grip became more tighter and pulled her more closely, not thinking about the consequences.

Soon we parted due to lack of oxygen. I looked at her she was catching her breath. I realized what I did.

“Sanskar what did u do, how can u do that” my mind snapped me

She looked towards me but before she could say I said we r getting late and headed to our house. I dropped her but there was utter silence between both. I don’t know how to react and she was silent which was confusing me to hell

Oh god where I got stuck


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