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Rahul tells his mom he does not deserve to be with Manvi. She deserves someone who can keep her happy, who is good to her. I am not that. I dint care when Joy was telling me she is in trouble. I am such a terrible person. She should be happy. She will find a good guy. Sonali says you both love each other. He stays put. I turn into that tiger. As per the reports, a tiger killed Manvi’s brother. You may say it was just the tiger who did it but we know the truth. I will do it for Manvi’s sake. I don’t want her to be in any problem because of me. Please accept my decision. I am not going to change it. Sonali cries. What’s happening in my house!

Yamini tells Agni her plan is working exactly like she wanted it to. Rahul and Manvi have grown apart for forever. Agni compliments her on her plan. I have heard about you since my childhood but Yugant is sadly no more. I wish he was alive. I can never forgive the couple for what they did. Yamini is sure she wont let the couple unite. Sonali thinks she can get anything by praying to her God but no! it will not happen. He asks about the horn. She agrees to find it and get it for him. Rahul and manvi aren’t together so no one knows about it, no one can use it against you. stop reminding me of the same thing again and again. he thinks she is mad. I have to be careful. She wont be able to do anything. He talks nicely to her. we have to be careful about Rahul and Manvi. Their love is very strong. It wins over every problem. Yamini assures him it is never going to happen. Plus someone is going to come so close to Rahul seeing which Manvi will go away from him for forever.

Next morning, Raj finds Sonali lost in thoughts. Yamini is standing by the door. they see her and change the topic. Yamini says I don’t know how smooene can say so. I thought they were really nice people. Sonali tells her to talk clearly. Yamini shares that Upmanyu called. Raj gets angry. How dare he call here after whatever happened! Yamini keeps talking a bit negatively about Upmanyu to instigate them. Sonali asks her what Upmanyu ji said. Raj warns her not to call him Samdhi. He does not deserve it. He turns to Sandhya / Yamini next. She replies that he asked to return everything that belongs to Manvi. Raj angrily says she has no status. She could not afford anything. It is all because of us. He speaks negatively about their family. Sonali tells him to stop it. Think once before speaking something before someone. She tells Yamini / Sandhya to be careful. Tell me first before saying anything before someone else. Yamini thinks to do something about Sonali too. She is not going to stop praising or siding with Manvi all the time.

Raj scolds Sonali for taking Manvi and her fmaily’s side. she tells him to let her handle this matter. I will see what is to be done. He leaves upset. Do as you want. She thinks to do something. Why are the kids creating distance between themselves?

Rahul wakes up with a headache. He shouts for Manvi asking her to bring tea for him. He suddenly realises the truth and goes quiet. Sonali brings tea for him just then. She tries to make him understand. Don’t be stubborn over things. He explains that he isn’t a kid to be stubborn. Manvi lost her brother. She lost him because of that tiger, which is the other me. Her brother would have been alive if she had married Sujoy. Did you see me yesterday? My anger can anytime turn me into tiger. She will be happy if she is away from me. Don’t think I took this decision in anger. I am doing it all for Manvi. Support me for her sake atleast. She asks him if he will be able to forget Manvi. Rahul calls it impossible but then I have to do it for Manvi. They both think of what they expect from the other. Sonali mentally decides not to give up.

Rahul is in his room when Yamini comes there with coffee. She says I know you love Manvi Bhabhi a lot. Memories are attached with every little thing of her. But her Baba called today asking for everything that belongs to Manvi (including the stuff she bought while she was here). He thinks Manvi has a right over all of it. I don’t know how he can say so in such a situation. He just lost a son. he talks so rudely to Raj too. Rahul stops her from speaking further. He is my family member, however way he is. Don’t forget that. She gives her example. I lost my husband but then you guys give me shelter. I owe you all a lot. I don’t know how I would have survived otherwise. He says sorry to her for being too harsh. You have been through a lot already in life. I will pack Manvi’s stuff. You can send it through the driver. He leaves. Yamini thinks to speak really carefully before Rahul from next time onwards. I have to win his trust.

Everyone is sad at CHatterjee House. Manvi thinks not to be sad before her parents or they will be all the more sad. I cannot be upset before them. She brings tea for them. I know we miss Dada very much but he will not be happy to see us sad. Upmanyu agrees with her. Yamini / Sandhya comes there with Manvi’s stuff just then. Yamini plays the same trick before Manvi (using Raj’s name here) but Manvi tells her to stop. It doesn’t mean I allow you to speak against my husband and my family if I am quiet. I don’t have to know it from you what they say against my Baba. You do your work in Sabharwal House. You don’t have to give info here and there. You have done your work. You can leave now. Yamini says sorry to her if she has hurt her. Manvi dismisses her.

Yamini is irked. These people have no status and are making me apologise! So much has happened yet they worry about one another. Come what may, I will create a rift between them.

Precap: Raj tells Rahul it takes time to make image. I have put in a lot of efforts all these years to come to this position. Either you talk to your wife or I will do things my way!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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