Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 5)


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 5)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Swara’s pov started..,

Lunch was another thing.

I stepped inside the cafeteria and the first thing I caught was a pair of deep, browny eyes.

Actually, I wasn’t looking around because I was mumbling “How life was so unfair when I crashed into a pair of arms.”

I know, people crash on a wall and even if people crash on another person it would probably be their back.

But no, Sanky knew I was coming and just had to spread his arms out widely.

Damn it..!!!

For having the same lunch period as him, It was fine with me before but after what happened yesterday I felt plainly like a sl*t around him…plus I didn’t like all the attention people were giving me now.

Being a sister of a popular guy, they still ignored me.

But being in the arms of the most popular and coolest guy of our college, they whipped their head to see me.

I just don’t get how they think..??? Of course, if they were even capable of it.

Swara’s pov ended.


“What the hell are you doing??” Swara hissed at Sanky and looked around.

He merely grinned and she gave him an annoyed look.

Swara thought that, “The s*x perspective was just a fling, because that was Sanky, everything was just a divertissement and enjoyable thing for him. So why was he even bothering to take notice of me, especially in the middle of the cafeteria??”

Swara slowly mumbled with herself which didn’t heard by Sanky that, “Thank god, At least Bhai wasn’t looking at this way…!!!”

And with whispering this with herself she takes a deep sigh of relief.

Swara pushed Sanky away, which he probably wasn’t ready for as his arms were easily off of her body.

Swara gave Sanky a disgusted look which she got a smirk in return.

Swara thought that, “Ugh.., what was it with adorable gorgeous, handsome guy and arrogant smirks??”

Swara walked away hurriedly and quickly stormed to her table at the corner where Ragini was looking at her with amusement expressions.

Swara plopped herself on the chair in front of Ragini and closed her eyes, feeling the hateful aura around herself.

Swara didn’t even know why she was such in a bad mood now.

She was feeling fine this morning, except that she had to tell everything which happened between her and Sanky to Ragini.


Swara don’t know, she guess the more she say what she really thought about him out loud made her think a lot of things.


Swara’s pov started

First, the more I listen to myself repeating yesterday’s event the more I think how weird it sounded.

It seemed like…too good to be true.

Yeah, I know it did actually happen but I still felt as if everything was just a dream.

I mean come on, who else would get a golden chance to sleep with him??

Most guys would sleep with any girl, but from what I’ve heard, Sanky was actually a very picky guy.

And his type was that handsome, gorgeous sort of, skinny and flawless like any model would be.


I rested my head on my chin and sighed. “I WISH, I WASN’T DRUNK THAT NIGHT..!!!!”

Swara’s pov ended.


Ragini said to Swara that,

“At least you lost your virginity to the most popular and coolest guy of our college and stop being hyper Swara as if u don’t u know ‘SANKY IS THE DREAM GUY OF EVERY GIRL OF OUR COLLEGE’ and just take a glance of my fate with whom I LOST MINE VIRGINITY…..”

“…….TO A PAPER BOY…!!! Yeah, I know very well.” Swara finished her and ate a few of Ragini’s French fries.

And suddenly something strike to Swara’s mind that

“Damn it..!!! Just because of Sanky, I even forgot to get into line and buy my lunch.”

Ragini leaned over the table and looked at Swara in the eyes, something Ragini usually would do if she was going to say something important of her mind.

And Ragini asked Swara seriously that,

“Hey, do you know what I think???”

“I’m guessing I won’t like this.” Swara stole Ragini’s Pepsi and took a sip.

“YOU SHOULD SLEEP WITH SANKY AGAIN..!!!” Ragini straightforwardly spoke without hesitation with a grin as if it was a normal thing to say.

Swara kind of choked on the Pepsi after listening Ragini.

Swara thought on that ”What the hell was she thinking???”

Swara patted herself chest helplessly and looked around in a hoping nobody heard Ragini.

And Swara asked Ragini with cold tone “Are you kidding me???”

Ragini rolled her eyes as she shook her head and said “Nope, think about it. You’re new about the s*x thing right??”

Swara didn’t answer Ragini and merely raised her eye brows.

“Well it would be great then..!!! You could learn all the stuff from him and he could toy with you and you guys could live happily ever after.” Ragini stated with casually.

Swara gaped at Ragini and said in anger voice “That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.”

Ragini gulped in fear by noticing Swara’s harsh behavior.

But after some couple of minutes Ragini tries her best for handling situation softly anyhow.

And said to Swara that, “Hey I was only saying what I was thinking.!!!”

With completing herself Ragini grinned at Swara.

Swara replied her in Stern voice “Then don’t.”

Swara saw Ragini push her food aside and cleared her throat before gave Swara a ‘know-it-all look’.

Ragini said to Swara with her naughty thoughts attached with elfish smile and smirk “Oh come on, don’t you ever think what it would feel like to have s*x with him again?? WHAT IT WOULD REALLY FEEL LIKE TO FEEL HIM INSIDE U AGAIN…”

Swara gasped as her more fairy cheeks turned into various kinds of red.

And Swara howling at Ragini with wide opened eyes “Rags..!!!”

Ragini make Swara remembered with slight cold but calm tone “You know you can’t lie when it comes to this.”

Swara groaned loudly. “You’re not going to stop, are you???”

“Nope” Ragini chirped with a devilish grin on her face.

Then Swara mumbled with herself with frustrating look that, “Ugh.., what the hell did I get myself into??”

And Swara shook her head at her attitude before standing up, making her way to buy some lunch.


Sanky watched as Swara walked into the line with her hips swaying around.

He smiled at himself and couldn’t help but to imagine her smooth ass on his bed.


Sanky’s pov started

I could still remember that day perfectly.

The day where I was already awake when Swara fell off from my bed.

Hell, I could even remember that NIGHT when I was getting a drink and saw Swara in a very short denim skirt and a blue tank top and how her long, shiny, black hair danced around her back.

I remembered how the looks on guys were as they stared in affection seeing the Swara in such clothes.

I could see the uncomfortable expressions on her face that told me she wasn’t used to wearing such clothes like that.

But it revealed her more fairy, milky skin that I wanted to taste and touch eagerly, to explore every inch of her soft curves.

When I made my drunken mind through the crowds and put the charms on her, she was off her feet and on my bed quickly.

If she wasn’t so drunk, I knew she wouldn’t WANT TO SLEEP WITH ME.

But drunk or not, “I STILL WANTED HER BADLY..!!!”

Never had I thought that my bestiee’s younger sister would look very amazing, hot and so s*xy in my strong arms when she was naked.

Swara was the type of girl who had a most beautiful and prettiest, more fairy face and a great s*xy and hot, delicate body but chose to hide it behind those thick books;

Even I knew that she would look hotter and s*xiest.

If she was just confident enough she might be aware that her most unique looks could kill a guy’s heart at the spot only.

I always had my eyes on her, but I would only shrug it away.

I never thought of having any s*xual intercourse with her, every time they crossed paths.

But when I THRUST INSIDE HER and heard her groan as pain revealed on her face, my heart ached at the thought of hurting her.

It wasn’t a surprise that she was a virgin, because I kind of expected that.

When I finally felt her calming down, I moved into a slower pace as I watched her most beautiful and pale face of pain turn into a mix of excitement and pleasure.

This made me go more wild as I STROKED INTO HER DEEPLY AND FASTER, liking every sound that came out of her mouth.

Especially when her mouth did a job that still amazed me completely.

Never had I expected that a virgin like her could do the most exotic thing.

Maybe she was that drunk, but the next morning when we both had s*x over and over again, she did the exact thing and she was actually sober.

It even surprised me that she actually didn’t know what she was doing…that she was just following her instinct.

And deep down, I knew that I wanted to do it again and again.

I’AM CRAVING FOR HER EACH AND EVERY MICRO-SECOND and nobody knew what I was feeling every time somebody called up her name in a conversation.

But this was just great, sensuous, animal s*x that I and Swara enjoyed.

It was just a guilty pleasure, nothing more.

Sanskar’s pov ended.


Sanskar was more engrossed in his thoughts while admiring Swara in front of his sight with lust filled eyes.

“Sanky, no.” Lucky warned as he leaned on his chair.

Then Sanky came back from all his thoughts and desired feelings.

Sanky knew Lucky was a good brother to Swara.

He once accompanied Lucky when he had trouble finding a birthday gift for Swara.

The silver necklace with the alphabet ‘$’ he chose for her one years ago was still wrapped around her long neck and Sanky was even surprised she still wore it.

Sanky gave Lucky an ‘unknown’ look and innocently with cute expressions asked as if ‘he-don’t-know-anything’ about which his buddy is talking..,

“What are you talking about??”

“You’re looking at my sister in an inappropriate way.” Lucky blurted out with narrowed eyes.

Sanky was more shocked.

Really?? Was Lucky too obvious?

Well Lucky knew Sanky well enough, he even knew what type of girls Sanky liked.

Of course Lucky would obviously know if Sanky had interest in a girl, especially for his sister SWARA.

Sanky decided to keep it cool and asked nonchalantly, “I thought you don’t care who she dates with??”

Lucky eyed Sanky and said with still calming tone, “I don’t, but if it has anything to do with you, then I do.”

“What about me??” with asking this Sanky grinned.

Sanky found it amusing that people gave him a bad reputation when it came to girls. Like he gave a damn.

“You’re a good friend dude, honestly. But you treat girls like…with no respect.” Lucky said with holding serious tone in his voice.

“More like trash.” Nick snickered as he sat across Sanky.

Sanky scoffed and ate his lunch, and after some couple of minutes Sanky said “Like you guys treat them with respect.”

“Hey, we treat girls with great respect. We don’t have s*x with six different chicks in one day on different times.” Nick said and got a laugh from Lucky.

Sanky shrugged his shoulder and leaned on his chair, and simply said, “Hey, can’t blame a guy with hormones.”

“You’re like a sl*t, but a guy version.” Mihir, their other best friend, joined them into the conversation as he nodded in agreement on what Lucky and Nick was talking about.

Sanky grinned with asking, “Am I supposed to be honored???”

“You see?? This is what I’m talking about. We…” Lucky pointed to himself, Mihir and then towards Nick.

And Lucky again continued with asking Sanky that,”……would like a relationship someday. Hell, when was the last time you had a serious relationship??”

“Did he even have a girlfriend?” Nick asked with a cheeky smile.

The boys laughed at their friend SANKY that had a reputation of never keeping his dick in his pants when it comes to girls.

“What is wrong with me not wanting a girlfriend?? I like s*x, just not relationships,” with saying this Sanky pointed out.

“And that is why I don’t trust you if you ever have any interest on my little sister,” Lucky said while pointing his finger at Sanky.

Was Sanky that bad?? Did all people look at him like a hot piece of shit who threw women like trash???

He didn’t even realize people were watching him when he was with girls;

Well that was what you get when you were popular.

Sanky rolled his eyes and straightened himself.

Even if people thought of him of a bad guy, it still didn’t stop all the girls to swoon in his arms now did it???

Somehow as Sanky glanced around the cafeteria, his eyes spotted SWARA who was TALKING to a GUY.

Sanky looked closer and realized that she was actually talking with…..SAHIL???


Well, Sahil was in the same varsity football team in which Sanky was, and Sanky knew that he had dated Swara a while ago.

If Sanky could remember, Sahil was an a*sh*le as bad as him but Sanky didn’t know why Lucky didn’t play as the protective big brother when SAHIL and SWARA stopped dating.

At that time, Sanky didn’t even care at all, but now as he watched the two exchanging smile, he felt himself frown.

Without realizing a pang of jealousy inside, he changed the frown into a mad scowl.

And Sanky said cold tone, “I DON’T HAVE ANY INTEREST IN YOUR SISTER LUCKY..!!!!”

Lucky smirked at his best friend Sanky with replying “Yeah???”

“Yes, do you want me to prove it??” with asking this Sanky challenged without thinking, still keeping his eyes on the two people across the room.

Lucky chuckled with asking seriously, “You can prove it??? But how??”

Sanky glared at the couple across the room once again before he spotted a brunette girl who was smiling and staring at him from long ago.

Sanky checked her out from top to bottom and noticed her long legs, her nice dark eyes, deep neck top and one hell of a great body…..hmm, that would do.

Sanky frowned again as he tried to remember her name actually.

Kavya? No wait, Shanaya? Kaira?? Nooo,hmmmm Myra..??

Sanky just called any name he thought. “Hey, uh….Zoya???”

She walked over to him with a s*xy smile nonetheless. “It’s KAVITA.”

“What a beautiful name.” Sanky put on his charms as he gave her a dazzling smile.

Sanky gestured for Kavita to sit on his lap which she did with no hesitation.

Sanky smiled to his three friends who watched him in amusement.

Sanky just simply smiled at them with attached smirk.

Before Sanky was going to do what he intended to do, he glanced at Swara who was still talking and laughing with Sahil.

And by seeing this Sanky thought in a frustration that, “Ugh.., that bastard was still talking to her.”

Sanky waited for a moment and was satisfied when Swara’s blue orbs were locked with his darker shade,

When Sanky again mumbled with himself that “While the bastard she was talking to with kept on laughing about a story he was telling. Who the hell laughs at his own jokes???”

Sanky shook his head slightly before he smiled at Swara while she looked at him with a big frown…and was that a jealous glare right there???

Sanky knew he was such an ass, but something inside him told him that he wanted to make Swara jealous, that he wanted to be sure he wasn’t the only one who was aware of the attraction between them.

Without thinking again, Sanky lip-kissed KAVITA who was sitting on his lap sensibly which made her whimper and kissed him back.

Sanky did all this in front of all his friends including Lucky also to prove them on what they was damn sure…,

Sanky could hear his friends laugh with disbelieve but from the corner of his eyes, he saw Swara walking out the cafeteria alone.

Sanky cursed to himself silently and fought the urge to not run and tell her that he was SORRY.

Sanky almost slapped himself;

Sanky never wanted to chase a girl before in his life, not even the girls he had slept with.

Sanky thought on this with frustrating look that “What the hell did this mean???”

“Sanky??? Why aren’t you kissing me back again, baby??” Kavita cupped Sanky’s cheeks and kissed his jaw line.

“Get out of my face, Taniya.” Sanky barked out. He didn’t know why he was getting angry now.

The thought of having any feelings at all towards Swara made him….jumpy all of a sudden.

“It’s KAVITA.” Kavita said with frown on her face.

“Do I look like I care??” Sanky asked as he removed her hand from his face.

The brunette Kavita looked at Sanky in shock.

She silently stood up and turned her heels, following what Swara did when she walked out of the cafeteria.

“Dude, you’re such an ass.” Nick said.

“That was so cool buddy…!!!” Mihir said with giving sheepish smile.

“POINT TAKEN, YOU DON’T LIKE MY SISTER..!!!” Lucky said in confirmation tone to Sanky.


Precap : HOT CHAPPY..!!!

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