Pyaar Hai Ya Sazaa (Part-1)

Mantap is decorated holy fire is lit priest is chanting the mantras.. A girl is being dragged around it.. A girl in a wedding lehenga.. She’s reluctant to perform the pheras.. Tears continuously flowing from her eyes.. The 7th phera about to complete she hear a voice.. A familiar voice..

Man : Kushi…..!!!

Kushi : Arnav…

Arnav wake up with a jerk.. It was a dream he got everyday.. He find his mobile beeping.. Its a message from kushi..

Kushi : I love you

“Good morning” replied Arnav

Kushi saw it & a lone drop of tear escaped from her eyes.. She murmur I love you..


A man with a tray with 2 full glasses of hot chocolate knock the door which has the poster reading ” Enter at your own risk “.. He smile & push it.. Its a beautiful pink room with all Disney princesses posters on one side of wall & other side with RK ,ABHI posters.. But where are his princesses..

Man : Shona.. Gaayu..

Servant come in running..

Servant : Aryan Saab.. Unicorn nahi hai.. ( Aryan sir unicorn is not here)

( Unicorn is name of the car while Bugatti veyron)

Aryan : what..?

He open the wardrobe & find their clothes missing & note

Note reads..

We know your anger must have again reached peak seeing us missing.. But calm down papa & drink hot chocolate you made for us it will surely decrease your anger – Gaayu

I’m clarifying first itself its not my mistake.. You only forced me to elope to Mumbai.. If you had agreed to take us then we two would never have done this. But still we are sorry bhaiyya.. Don’t worry we will send you our address once we reach – Shona

Aryan : Damn.. These two..

Another room – It was a big room with all CDs, speakers, guitars , big big posters of The Rockstar.. & a lonely chair.. On it was sitting a man with a guitar humming a song closing his eyes..

” Knock knock ”

He open his eyes & face the door.. A girl enter with a tab followed by a servant with black coffe

Girl : Good morning ( she hand over the coffee)

Man : This color doesn’t suit you.. You’re looking like mickey mouse

Girl : I said good morning

Man : you know what stop hanging around that hitler.. He’s spoiling you see.. You are growing older more faster

Girl : well thanks for the compliment Abhi.. Now will you tell your schedule for today

Abhi : Why dont you try AR designer clothes.. You will look good in them.. Kya pata koyi shayad shaadi karle tumse.. Waise confirm nahi hai ( may be someone may marry you then but its not confirm )

Girl : Are you telling your schedule now or planning to spend whole day in this room

Abhi : oh God Madhu.. What does it take to give a small smile..

Madhu : I don’t understand why you people are behind me for a smile.. Since 3 months everyone troubling me & even arnav I can’t believe he’s supporting you people..

Abhi : You know why.. You’ve to get over it.. He won’t be happy seeing you this way..

Madhu : not my mistake.. Its his mistake.. Now will you take the pain of telling your schedule

Abhi : Again same topic.. Ok.. I’ve no work today.. We have a secret meeting at our adda thats it..

City outskirts

A white bugati veyron come & halt infront of a castle like house.. Its surrounded by full greenery & a small stream of water is flowing infront of it..

A cute little girl get excited seeing it

Girl : wow price Ferdinand its so beautiful just like in our Disney world..

A guy in mid 20s pick up a little 5 year old..

Man ; Gaayu darling.. You’ve still a lot to see..

Gaayu : I can’t wait..

Both about to rush in

Swara : Not fair sanskar.. You both always forget me..

Sanskar : oh.. Come..

He take both in..

AR office

Arshi having lunch together.. Kushi start coughing..

Arnav : have water..

He give some water & start patting her back.. Kushi get back to normal..

Arnav : eat slowly what’s the hurry.. Where’s your mind ah..?

Kushi : on your cheeks.. They’re looking so cute today..

Arnav : don’t even think of pulling them..

Kushi : No.. I wanna eat them too

Food choke in his throat & now its his turn of coughing.. Kushi giggle & give him water..

Arnav : very bad joke kushi

Kushi : it was not a joke.. ( she wink)

Arnav : you’re impossible.. Do you know where rishab is..

Kushi : he went to party last night..

Arnav call him

A man is shown sleeping on a huge bed with a girl clinging to him.. Whole room scattered with girl’s clothes & his too.. His phone start ringing..

Man : who the hell is disturbing me this early..

Girl : pick it up sweetheart.. May be its your dad

He get up with a jerk..

Man : Don’t give such heart attack my fans need me

He pick the call

Arnav : damn RK how long you’ll take to pick the call

RK : man I was sleeping.. You disturbed my beauty sleep

Arnav : where are you

RK : guest house.. Actually needed to practice for my new film

Girl : whose it RK.. Come to me..

Arnav hear it.. RK gesture her to keep quiet

RK : She’s my heroine huh..

Another girl comes out of bathroom tying bathrobe searching her clothes..

Arnav : as if I believe you.. Ok.. ( interrupted by another voice)

Girl 2 : RK where you threw my dress yesterday.. I’m getting it no where..

RK : Arnav woh..

Arnav : we’ve a meeting at 5

He cut the call..

Evening 5

Arshi, abhi, RK have gathered in kushi’s room

Abhi : He’s not picking the phone

Arnav : we can’t discuss it here

Kushi walk in..

Kushi : who gave him the keys..

Madhu come behind her..

Madhu : Kushi… ( she glare her)

Kushi : I drank the milk

Madhu : how can anyone drink this hot milk within a minute

Kushi : sacchi madhu.. Why would I lie

Arnav : you know her right bring one more glass she will drink

Kushi : arnav.. I drank already..

RK : stop it chutki.. You know what hitler will do if he gets to know

Madhu : stop calling him Hitler.. Or else..

RK : Or else what..? Hitler ki chamchi will complain to Hitler ah.. ( he laugh )

Madhu : you..

Arnav : stop.. We’ve many other issues to resolve here.. & Kushi is it necessary to trouble her everyday with same thing

Kushi : what proof you people have that I’ve poured the milk in this pot

Abhi : wow.. Here you go..

Everyone glare her.. Kushi realise what she said

Kushi : huh.. I mean..

Arnav : cut it..

Kushi : Arnav Madhu.. I’ve a genuine reason why I did this

Madhu : will you take a pain of explaining what’s that..

She fold her hands on chest & stare Kushi.. Now everyone’s looking at kushi to listen to her so called genuine reason…

Kushi : huh.. Hmm.. Stop staring me..

Everyone sign & take away their gaze from her except madhu..

Madhu : I’m waiting..

Some idea strike kushi’s mind..

Kushi : Madhu.. Have you seen little Krishna series..?

Madhu : get to the point

Kushi : In that episode 174.. Ah.?

Arnav : get to the point Kushi..

Kushi : in that lord Krishna grow pearl plants

RK ; so what’s the point..

Abhi understand what she’s up to..

Abhi : seriously chutku you mean.. God save us

Madhu : tell me clearly kushi

Kushi : in that lord Krishna sow pearls in land & pour milk every day to grow pearl plants.. So…

Arnav : So…

Kushi : I too sew pearl & poured milk..

Everyone look at kushi with are you serious look & turn towards madhu expecting her to burst at kushi but …

Madhu start laughing.. Since months they’re trying to bring small curve on her lips but all went in vain & today she’s laughing.. Laughing whole heartedly.. It reflected on her face.. Raj come in hearing madhu laugh.. He was surprised seeing her laughing.. But felt relieved too finally finally his little stubborn girl showed some emotion..

Madhu hug kushi…

Madhu : do you know how crazy you are..

Kushi nod no like a kid

Madhu smile again at her cute antics.. &pull her nose..

Madhu : you always remind me of my little sister..

Abhi : No way.. My chutku is no where near that boring machine pragya..

Madhu : arre not pragya.. I’m talking of..

She stop & her face again become pale… Raj get in..

Raj : all hugs & smiles only to them then what about me ah..?

Madhu hug him & give her million dollar smile

Raj : I’m so happy today..

Precap : Arshi in Lucknow. RK caught by madhu. Swasan masti with gaayu

  1. Nice episode

  2. Nice episode but really didn’t understood who are the girls with R.K. plz don’t give him any wrong image.

  3. Nice story.Please dont make R.K a wrong person.

  4. Omg.. anaya.. u kneeled it dear… what a chappy.. full of awesomeness….. kushis antics were soo cute….

  5. Anaya

    Thank you so much anu, vero, minu, lucky, naina, ishu, mukundraj & arshi

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