Fantasy thriller (Ipknd,vishkanya, ishq ka rang safed,ek duje ke vaaste and dehleez) epi-4


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The episode starts with Khushi and Malay was thrown inside room and guards locks it. They both keeps hand on their cheeks and thinks how to escape from here?.. Apu comes to kalpana room and. Tells I need some things.. She asks him to take it.. Whatever u want. Apu tells u r crown.. Kalpana gets angry and holds her hand tight.. Apu tells u told simply. Kalpana tells u should not tell this for simply also. Apu cries and leaves from there.. Arnav comes to her and tells I knew u will be also hurt by her. Pls help me to take keys so that we both can escape with Hercules to some good place.. Apu tells I cannot betray my mom. He tells then face the consequences.. He leaves from there..

Shravan comes to suman and tells I have been called by kalpana for imp work.. Suman tells him to be careful. He agrees. She hugs him and kisses him.. ;He tells this is enough I will kill even. Guards knocks the door. He bids bye to her and comes out. He smiles seeing her.

Kalpana comes to apu room and apologize her. Apu tells it is OK. She tells her not to ask crown!! Apu agrees.. I asked simply only but u bursted in anger. She keeps hand on her ears and puts sit ups and apologize her. Apu smiles and tells u r Queen but u r doing this? Kalpana tells first for u mom then only.. Apu hugs her. Kalpana smirks. Arnav sees this and tells she is tricky and made apu again fall on her magical words.

Swadheentha calls dhaani and tells her to clean their bed. She cleans it. Viplav comes there and sees this and gets teary eyes.. Saawariya plays.. Swadheentha tells dhaani to bring water for her.. Once dhaani leaves. She warns viplav not to act good infront of her. He agrees. He tells u will pay for this one day.. She holds his neck and tells him to shut up.

Swadheentha comes there and dances for mannavanae songs… She comes near viplav and keeps hand on his beard and tries to kiss.. But she pushes. Dhaani was curt.. One news comes to swadheentha through bird.. She smiles..

Dhaani comes to know about adarsh is alive.. She gets shocked.. She tells now in this way I will live happily with viplav. Dhaani comes to room and asks khushi to come with her. She agrees. Dhaani tells Malay to stay here and take care of viplav.. They both leaves to vishkanya dynasty.

Apu was talking to flowers. Kalpana comes there and tells her to go to rang dynasty and make Malay fall in love with u.. Then both dynasty will be ours.. Apu hesitates.. She agrees.. She gets into cart and comes to rang dynasty.. Swadheentha welcomes her with flowers.. Viplav does not see her and goes inside.. Malay sees her and looks on???

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Good episode nare… Loved shravan n sumo conversation… Excited for the next episode …

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    for update please update regularly

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx arshi.. I am studying +2.. I am writing 10ff!! So I can’t be regular.. But I will try to make it to 3days once.. At least??for u all

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