FANAAH tere ishq mein (promo cum spoiler) (4)

Hey guys actually my next update will be late so i thought to give you a promo cum spoiler of the coming events , hope you enjoy it.

Promo :
The screen starts with rhidhimaa running behind an ambulance on road like a mad and is unknowingly running towards a car coming in full speed but a hand stops her and saves her , it is piya .
Rhdihimaa crying : piya , bhaiyaa is going .
Piya too cries and takes her from there without uttering a word.
The screen ends.
The screen starts with piya holding rhidhimaa ‘s shoulder tightly and says : stop crying , bhaiyaa himself doesn’t want to get fine so what can we do.
She cries saying this while everyone else get shocked and prem says angrily : how do you know this ?
Piya is shocked while the screen ends on prem taking piya upstairs angrily .
The screen starts with piya crying while she is locked inside a room and she cries badly while rhdihimaa too cries and reaches her collage and piya is crying mindlessly while singing and rhidhimaa crying while dancing and her foot bleeding .
The screen ends on both sisters crying face split into two screens.
Spoiler : Piya ‘s secret to be revealed !!!!! (to the audience)

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  1. Omg……that was nice bt what secret pia???
    Abt her bhaiya???

    1. thnaks neha and yaa her secret is about her bhaiyaa

  2. oh piya what the secret is seriously what a condition yaar. both the sis are crying for brother.

    the secret is actually very big may be

    love u piya waiting for the episode to came dear.

    how r u

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend

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