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hi guysss.. i know i promised you that I’ll update this ff when the time come… now it came edy and I’m posting it… already you know it’s a reborn and horror story… it’s my 1st episode.. if you like it and want to continue, I’ll continue.. if you do not like then don’t… because, I don’t want to bore you by giving you a boring story… choice is yours guys.. you choose and say… and also tq, tq, tq so much because of your support full comments on the other ff of mine… tq so much for showing love to the ff…tq…

Scene 1,(narration)
it was in 1809, there were people who half than more were uneducated and also some educated… that’s the days, where india was held captive by British people… where people are held captive and in a bad state… and also the years of gold which now exists… (I mean the nature beauty and no any type of pollution)…it was the Golden days for the nature and all… the humans are pure as white and there is no black money or any other type crime..

Scene 2,
there was a haveli in the rajput… a British man came out to the terrace.. opposite to him, a very long distance, there was another haveli which have been rumoured to be a haunted old haveli of the deceased king (the king lived before starting of British’s dictator)
the British man has a wish to bought the haveli for him…but it never got because of the haveli is haunted… even he is not believe it but for his wife, he is control him from take the haveli.. because his wife believes it..
on that day, there was no one outside of their house because it was full moon… they believe the full moon is for the ghost in the haveli as they believe it will haunt them on that day.. the village is full of silence but with the fox and frogs sounds, it’s a bit sounds… the man is still staring at the haveli.. “there is no one to stop me from going to the haveli… today surely I’ll see the haveli in” as he thinks, he came down and starts to ride the horse to the haveli..
it was so long, but after a few hours of riding they came to it.. after getting down from the horse… he stared a long time at the haveli.. “it’s not looking like as a haunted mansion.. it was full of dirt” he thinks and walks in.. there were full of spiders nets around the haveli..
as he came in, the door closed behind him… he jerked in panic and turned… he saw that the door closed… he nodded to himself and again stares at the long view of the house… “is anyone there? I can feel you” he said to the winds that blows.. even it winds, his face was pale and wet…
“you can feel me?” a voice asked him… he looked around by turning his eyes while his head was straight.. “yesss, who are you?” he asked, his voice shaked.. “your voice is shaking…it’s better you get off” the voice giggles.. “don’t ever think to change the topic.. tell me, who are you? he asked… “it’s better you get off” the voice get even more loud and scarier.. again the man said the same line… the voice also..
“get off” the voice… a face appears infront of the man.. the man looked panicked.. he heard the horse running sounds… he in scare, ran away as the door opens…
the man who appeared just infront of the British man appeared again and saw the British running.. “hahaha, good” he laughd… suddenly get into a serious look… “fff, hey you ragini and who’s it? ah, laxman, lover of ragini..hahaha, I’m waiting for you both… I’ll get hold of you both and kill you both as you killed me on that full moon day… like, in the same full moon day..” he laughed and dissappeared into the thin air…

Scene 3,
now 2016, a man was shown drawing a paint..another woman about 50 old was sitting there, just staring his drawings… the man finished the body parts of a man in a warrior dress… “okay, Laksh.. but where is the head of the warrior?” the woman asked.. “what you are saying mom? you know, right that I can’t draw a head?” the man said… “I know.. but try for once” the woman said… Laksh looked into her eyes… he sighed… “hmmph, okay” he nodded, unsurely… he looked at the portrait… he took the brush in his hand.. his mind got restless and his hand starts to shiver in anticipation… his face sweats as he wiped it with his other hand… “I can do it” he whishper to himself… the woman looked curiously at him… he got the brush to closer… he was a cm distance got to touch the portray by brush.. but his mind got distracted and threw the brush away in frustration…
his mom, Sujatha(for a change guys) looked at him… Laksh goes away and sat on a chair… he looks sad and frustrated over himself for cannot draw a head to any of the portray he drew… sujata came to him and put a hand on his shoulder for support…he touched her hand and looked at her, turning behind.. sujata came front and sat beside him… “don’t worry, Laksh… you can draw the heads one day.. you’re a good artist” sujata said….”I knew, mom.. but I can’t draw a head.. but the head reflects in my head.. but no use” he looked down and sad.. “Laksh, don’t get day, you can.. I have believe on you” sujata consoles.. Laksh rests his head on shoulder and sujata scalp his hair… “I hope, mom…”

Scene 4,
another side, a college is shown and a girl was sitting beside her laptop, searching something on the net.. she typed Lakshya Maheshwari’s Drawing… some pictures came on the screen.. she clicked on it.. there is no heads on even a single portray.. but she likes that picture… she smiles and saved the pics on the laptop..
“Ragini, Ragini!” a girl came to her running… she took the laptop from ragini and sat… Ragini glares at her… “erghh! its scaring me, yaar” she said, expressing like touched a uneasy thing.. “shut up, rikki.. you won’t understand the portrays” Ragini shoots a glare at her.. “anyway, do you finished our assignment?” rikki asked while checking the microsoft word… “yeah” she said… rikki checked and a smile flaws on her lips… “thank god, you finshed. if not then we’ll be dead” she said… “always, don’t forget to say this… but don’t help” ragini yells at her in a lower voice.. “sorry, yaar… what can I do? say,? my boyfriend always calls me” she said.. “you’re saying this… but see one day, I’ll not work then you’ll be dead to the proffessor” she said.. “I’m not, because you’re here” she smiled… Ragini patted her softly and smiles..
“okay, leave that… now, tell me.. why you always showing interest on him and his drawings?” rikki asked.. ragini smiles… “good question, even I don’t know the answer” ragini said.. “uffo, what kind of answer is this? I’ve so many in our our sees age, even me shows interest to some admirer or tv celebrities… but, you’re different from us” rikki said while her eyes shrinks in question… ragini laughs on it… “thank you.. but I have no answer” ragini said…”sorry” ragini pinched her own ears showing her sorry to Rikki.. Rikki stop her… “hey don’t do this… what’s your fault in this? it’s called destiny and fate” rikki said… the bell rang, they walks away hands in hand…

Scene 5,
a car was going on the lonely road..a man who’s about 35 age above is travelling in the car while listening the songs on radio.. he was humming the music… he press the brake by his hand and it didn’t work.. he was looked pale by the matter… it got worse as the car got speed.. he tries to stop but in vain..
suddenly, he saw a man is standing and changed the wheeling bar to left…and the car fell off from a cliff… the man who’s stand there came to the cliff and looked down… a smile flaws on his face.. his face hids under his long hair… the wind blew and his hair gives up and revealed his face… there is some cuts on his face… he looked pale like a dead body… he smiles at the car… in a fraction of second, the car blasts…
he turned away and walks… the part of the car flies to him… it hitted him… but he feels no pain.. its transparent through him… the screen frozen on his face..

To Be Continued…

i hope guys, you’ll like it.. but I don’t know… any comments welcome… tq..

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