Bigg Boss 10 20th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 65
Inmates wake up on a joyous note dancing to ‘Yeh Ladka Hai Deewana’ only to find the house turned into a college hostel. Mona hugs Manveer.

Swami says to Manu that dont do violence, you are leader for me, Manveer says you dont follow us anytime, Manu says you were yelling to support Bani, Manveer says you said so many ill words about girls, Swami says it was acting, Manu says dont talk to him.

Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task for the week- BB hostel. For the task, the house is divided into to two halves- the living area, bedroom and kitchen area is the girl’s hostel where all the ladies of the house have to reside. On the other hand, the garden area is a gurukul style boys hostel where all the men have to be stationed.

Priyanka and Swami Om are given the responsibility to be the khadus(strict) wardens of the girls and boys hostel respectively. The contestants have to play in pairs as boyfriends and girlfriends and exchange love letter by tricking their respective wardens. Pairs are Gaurav-Bani, Rohan-Lopa, Niti0-Manveer, Manu-Mona. The winning jodi will become the contender for captaincy. If pairs are not able to exchange atleast 20letters then Swami and Priyanka will win task and will become contender for captaincy, and if pairs are able to exchange more than 20letters then the pair which have exchanged most letters will become contender for captaincy. Restroom area will be common part of house. make task entertaining.

Niti says to Manveer that i want to win task, why you are not serious? come and discuss, Manveer says say it, Niti says this way we wont win, Manveer says i will come after taking bath, Niti says you dont bath for days but you want now? she angrily leaves.
Niti comes to Swami and says choose one guy you want to support, let him easily pass letters, whom you want to be captain, support him, Swami says Manu.
rohan says to Lopa i will hide letters behind benches.
Bani says to Gaurav that you can hide beneath dustbin, Gaurav hides papers, Bani says i have anxiety, i didnt have this much stress in any other relationship.
Lopa says i dont need guy.

buzzer rings, Bani hides papers in protein jar and in her locker room. Priyanka says you started before only? Bani says buzzer played and we can exchange after that.

Manveer writes first poetry.
Bani says i have high heart beat in fake relation here.
Swami comes to restroom and starts kicking on bathroom door. Manveer says Lopa is inside. Swami says starts kicking Rohan’s washroom and asks him to come outside. Rohan comes out and says i am not playing game. Lopa comes out of other washroom. Swami says dont keep papers in washroom. Rohan says i am not playing game, Lopa says why you are banging on door? Rohan says dont do this. Swami asks him to leave. Rohan says i am not playing game. Swami snatches his papers, Rohan says what is this nonsense? Rohan snatches away from him again, Manu says Swami has gone mad. Rohan shouts that you dont know how to play, Niti says dont get physical Swami. Manu says dont snatch things. Swami says girls cant come in garden, Manu says cant they breath in house?
Priyanka tackles Niti on floor and starts searching her pockets, Niti says you cant get physical,
Swami is kicking washroom door again, he starts breaking it. Bigg boss says you cant damage house property, Swami says why he is inside? Bigg boss says you cant damage property, Swami says how will i snatch letters then? he asks Lopa to leave, i will tear his letters, there will be fight, Lopa says you cant touch him, Swami takes metal handle in his hand and is waiting for Rohan to come outside, Lopa says Bigg boss says this man is waiting to hit rohan with this metal handle, Swami shouts on her, Manu says dont misbehave with girl. Rohan comes out, Swami starts searching his clothes, Rohan says dont touch my pajama. Rohan goes inside washroom again but Swami enters and pushes him, Rohan says i will slap you, move aside, bigg boss says all inmates come to living area. Swami says he is hiding letter in pajayma(trousers), Bigg boss says Swami come to living area, Lopa says come, Swami says he is hiding letter, i wont move, Lopa asks Rohan to come Rohan says i will pluck your hair Swami.
Priyanka says to Gaurav that if they dont listen to me then i will get physical, Gaurav says then they will evict you from show, Priyanka shouts that i am a girl, they cant throw me out, Gaurav says that doesnt mean you can get physical.
Swami says Bigg boss says Rohan is not giving me letter, Bigg boss says what you want to do with with thing(metal handle) in your hand? Swami says nothing, Bigg boss says then throw it away, Swami says no i wont. All inmates come there, Bigg boss says i am asking last time to come in living area. Mona hides her letter in locker room meanwhile.

bigg boss ask inmates if they understood task? is there any fight in task? this task should be entertaining, Swami says but.. Bigg boss gets angry and says you have to listen when Bigg boss is saying something, we had to call you ten times from bathroom, Swami says Rohan was not coming, Bigg boss says you were not coming too, why you had metal handle in hand? you want to do violence? you want to become entertainer while holding weapon? Swami says but i was just scaring, Bigg boss says we wont tolerate inappropriate behavior, Swami says give me solution then, Big boss says when we are talking then listen silently, you dont have to answer everything, you all know what entertainment is, you are breaking doors and saying i will slap you, if you all understood then starts task again. Priyanka says how can we snatch letters from their clothes? Niti says you have to control locker, Priyanka says talk with respect. Bigg boss says Gaurav i think inmates didnt understand task, read instructions again then boys will live in garden alongwith Swami and girls will stay in lounge, start task again and make it entertaining this time.

Priyanka says to inmates that let task starts again, bring your your letters from locker room and restart task, Mona and Bani says bigg boss didnt ask for that, Priyanka says i will make my rules then.
Swami starts searching Rohan again, Rohan says dont touch.
Priyanka asks Mona if she ever went to hostel? she says no, Priyanka says you dont know what warden is, did you ever go to school? Mona says you are getting personal, Priyanka says i have to starts checking again. Mona says to Manu that i will quit task, she is saying that this is real girlfriend, boyfriend task.

Manu asks Priyanka to call Mona please as he wants paratha, she says you are asking this from your girl? Manu says you should your standard, Priyanka says i have more low standard, Manu says you change in game, Priyanka says you might need support from girls to play game, i dont need you. Manu says you are saying all this rubbish for just paratha? thanks, Priyanka says i have more standard than this show, whole world saw clip yesterday what her boyfriend said, when i told her then she said whom i am to talk, Mona shouts who the hell are you taunt me? Priyanka says i am part of house, Mona says my family will tell me, you have no right, Priyanka says keep talking, dont do drama.
Manu says to Gaurav that she is mad. He says Swami need medicine for his brain.
Priyanka says to Mona that you will live with your mom in end, this happen with girls like you, Mona says so will i live with your boyfriend? i will live with my boyfriend. Manu comes there and asks what happened? Mona says she is saying rubbish about my life, Manu shouts to throw her out of house, Priyanka says you said in secret room that Mona is doing acting here and is heroine, Manu says thats my problem. Gaurav says to Bani that i have hidden letter above your bathroom towel.
Manveer reads poetry he wrote for camera.
Priyanka shouts that Mona doesnt listen. Mona says to Manu that i cant play like this, Manu says tell bigg boss that you cant play with this girl, Priyanka says go outside, Manu says i wont go, do what you can.

Gaurav calls Bani from garden and says i miss you, Bani says you should miss me, you must be missing food i give you. Bani puts letter in locker room.
Lopa comes in garden and says i have to go to washroom, Lopa stands in her way and says you have lockerroom key, i wont let you go, Bani says Swami what are you doing? Swami is pushing Lopa inside house, Manu says have you gone mad? you are doing this with girl? Lopa says he is stupid. Swami says i am retiring, i dont want this kind of captaincy.
Rohan and Lopa comes in washroom, rohan reads poetry he wrote for Lopa and gives it to her, she laughs and puts it in under her shirt. Rohan comes in bedroom and says this man is mad. Swami says yes, you people are mad. Bani puts another letter in locker room and runs away from Priyanka. She gives hi-five to Gaurav and says we have strong connection. Priyanka says you people play, i cant do this, all guys are in lounge. All girls come to locker room and put their letters in lockers except Mona. Swami says i am old man, i cant do this, they dont give me permission to get physical otherwise i would set them right. Niti put letters in locker and lock it. Priyanka comes there and opens Niti’s locker forcefully, it opens, she takes out all her letters. Nit says she broke lock of my locker, Priyanka tears her letters. Priyanka tries to break other lockers too but they are not. Niti says you cant take ut letters from lockers, Priyanka says you are telling me? Niti throws letters on her face. Manveer says Priyanka yu play only.

Mona says to Manveer that she is saying rubbish about me, Manveer says she is saying about three of us, Manu asks what she said about Priya?(his fiance), Mona says that he is fooling her too. Manu comes to Priyanka and says why you are talking about Priya here? Priyanka says if you can say about Priya then i have no value in your eyes, you can say anything about me, Manu says i didnt say anything about you, i am requesting you to not talk about my family, Priyanka says you called me low standard, you are attacking my family too, Manu says i will cut you in pieces if you bring my family in this, i will ********, remember this, Priyanka says *******.
Gaurav says to Bani that read some letters they are cute, Bani says i didnt read anyone, tell me what they were, Bani says did you eat food? he says yes, she asks was is good? he gives her flying kiss and says it was awesome.

Manveer says to niti that i wrote so nice poetry and all are torn by Priyanka now, Niti says its against rules, no one is following rules now, Manveer says if we leave task then its our fault, she didnt break your lock, it came undone when she forced it, lets continue task, Niti says what is need to do effort if we are going to loose only, she tore all our letters, Manveer says i will write more and we will remain awake, we might not win but no problem.

Manu asks Mona to not cry, why you keep crying on everything? you should be strong, you are not alone like Bani, Mona says no one is talking about Bani’s character, Manu says you know you one man twitted me that your mother died only 12days back and you couldnt wait to go back in game, this is what people say, i have to go through **** to make her understand, Mona says i cant play game with all these taunts, Manu sys i am telling you about mother comment but still she is not understanding, i wont play any game with you too.
Gaurav asks Manveer did he do this before? Manveer says not like this. Manveer writes water is hot, you look s*xy in shorts. Mona smiles hearing it.

Manveer and Niti reads funny letters he wrote for Niti.
Manu read letters he wrote for Mona. Bani says to Gaurav that she is letting me put letters in locker, maybe she thinks she can terrorize others. She reads Gaurav’s writing, Gaurav writes, ‘I might not be Ranveer Singh but this is a real thing’ for Bani, Bani says good one, he smiles.

Swami and Priyanka are standing near Lopa’s locker. Rohan and Lopa are there too, Swami says i wont let you exchange letters. Lopa says give me letter, Rohan says i wont get physical, Priyanka says i will tear your letters. Swami and Priyanka snatch letters from Rohan and his empty papers too. Rohan and Lopa collect their papers, Lopa says dont you do that Priyanka, Priyanka says Rohan is writing infront of me. Swami says this is start Rohan, Rohan comes to him, Swami comes closer and says come on, i can take on you, Priyanka asks Swami to leave, Rohan says he pulled my finger forcefully, Lopa checks his finger, if he is hurt, Swami says i wont leave. Rohan shouts that dont know what Bigg boss is doing, giving power to donkeys and monkeys, mad people, he leaves. Priyanka and Swami Om’s behaviour becomes intolerant and obnoxious, Bigg Boss discontinues the task in order to bring back some sanity and peace inside the house. Swami says thank you. he is holding stick. Swami says put everything related to task in store room. Lopa has Rohan’s letters, Rohan tries to stop Swami from going to Lopa but Swami pushes him away. Rohan says how dare you push me? Swami pushes him again and says like this, Lopa says i will cut you Swami, Swami says cut me. Bigg boss asks Swami to come in confession room, Lopa says go and dont comeback, die there, you brainless creature.
Swami comes in confession room, Bigg boss says you are in tv show, you know law, and you are saying that you are not allowed to get physical otherwise you would have put everyone in place? Swami says i am helpless, Bigg boss says what helplessness? that you want to win show? that you are scared of nominations? that you want to go to jail? Swami says i am old, Bigg boss says who asked you get physical, this task was entertaining, you know law of india but you dont know rules of task? Swami says they are pushing me away, blocking my way so what can i do? Bigg boss says move aside, who asked you get violent? if you threaten or warn anyone then that will be your last day in house, this is our warning, you can leave. Swami says okay.

Mona cries in luggage room and says why this is happening with me? i cant do these fights, why he said all that? i thought i would go home, i cant live here anymore, you think i am that cheap to flirt?
Manu says to Manveer that Mona keep crying on everything, i dont know why they brought her in show.

Swami says what i did? Manveer didnt even think that i am hungry and didnt eat anything, i dont have guts to snatch from you, Manveer says you know only snatching, they want entertainment, Manveer says you would have broken glass too. Gaurav says why you keep breaking things? Priyanka says even Manveer’s head broke and my respect is broken too, what is not broken here? Gaurav says so we break more things? Priyanka says no one is listening to to warden, Gaurav says we are not talking about you.
Lopa says bigg boss evict Priyanka and Swami without nominations, take them away from store room.

Swami says bigg boss says dont make me referee in tasks, i dont want captaincy, Manver says if you become captain then? Swami says i wont let anyone do work in house then, Swami says i earned respect in life and its gone here. Manu laughs, and says people get scared of you in tasks, Swami says i asked you what to do in task, Swami says i didnt read instructions? Manveer says who asked you break doors? Swami says i told you people that juet let me do task in day then i will act like sleeping at night then you people can exchange letters. Swami asks Rohan if his finger is fine? Rohan doesnt answer and leaves,Manu says you break fingers then ask if they are repaired? Swami says he was lying, doctor said nothing happened to him, Manu says then why asking him? Swami says so he would tell truth, Manu laughs on his logic.

Mona says to Manu that one letter was really cute. he asks her to read, she shows him that letter, letter says ‘dear Mona i cant live without you, take care of yourself, i will take you away from here soon’. Mona laughs and blushes, she says it was cute.

Manu says to Manveer that i want Mona to leave this week, she is my weakness, Manveer says we cant fight with her.

Swami is sleeping near locker room, Lopa laughs. Manveer says who will put things in locker? Swami says Lopa has key of locker, Manveer says why you are so serious? breaking doors and glasses, Swami says no problem.

PRECAP- Priyanka says to Mona that you wont be allowed to enter your own house, Mona says who the hell are you tell me about my house? no one can do personal attacks like this. Swami says oneside Manu is fooling Priya. Manu gets angry and comes to Swami, and says why did you take Priya’s name? you have no right, he screams on Swami. Lopa says to Swami that you have no family so that means you can say ill words about others families? Manveer says Bigg boss take action against them otherwise all inmates are sitting outside leaving everything, Niti says to Swami that we will break your face. Manu says if he attacks my family then i will kick 2crores too and will ********, call him in confession room.
Activity area is decorated for romantic ambience, Gaurav and Bani goes on date there. They sit around table, Gaurav says my ten weeks in this house would be incomplete without you in this house, thank you for my fabulous moments, Bani says too much, they raise glass for cheers

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. Im so sick and tired of this Mona crying. Priyanka aint shit and Mona can deal with her, I just dont know why this fox looking Priyanka came back to the show . Lopa youre doing great job and only you can stand up to that rat.

  4. How cheep is manu he wAnt Mona to be evicted hmmmmm

    # bani rocks ?

  5. awww love gaurav and bani’s date cant wait for it tomorrow ?????

  6. Abey iss swami ko koi pehle acche se maaro aur phir ghar se nikaloooooo…..yaar hsr baat itna personal hone ki kya zaroorat hai???swami violent and personal attacker..ahan…rab ne bana di jodi…yaar iss jagga aur daaku ko pls nikalo..jagga ko itna personal hone ki kya zarroorat hai…har baat mein vikrant aur priya ko leke aati hai…kal ka episode dekha mene KP…sneha toh icchadaari naagin nikli..har baat par roop badalti hai…btw wer is dx???i miss his comments….bigg boss ka trp itna kam sirf swami ke wajah se hai…aur bolta hai trp ko aasmaan choone doonga..huu..ek din kisika joota khaye ga yeh aaddmi

    1. Yeah aakashi you are right i also missing him (dgenrationX) don’t know where is he but that swami fans are v funny they know about that pakhandi but still………

  7. fake couple nitibha – asked swami to target Rohan
    Manveer said to Manu – not to get involved in Rohan’s matter ..let him fight with omji

    best fake couple…karma hits them back…thats y all their letteres got torn…never ever mess with most genuine person Rohan Mehra…

    Even in his super angry mode Rohan ka muh se Bandar aur gadha nikla that’s shows his upbringing??

    After being targeted by Mental om ji…..Rohan never starts drama,never overreacts,never hurts anyone…..

    proud to be a #Rohan Mehra Fan..

    i know winner is already fixed for this show….but u r Winning Hearts….

    1. ya bhavna rohan is the best . he v cute yr . itna guse m hone baawjood bhi WO cute hi lg raha tha. usne jagga daku ki trah drawni shakle nhi bnai .
      ya I know winer may be fixed but fir bhi m Rohan ki unlimited votes karungi .

    2. totally agree with u bhavna
      proud to be rohan mehra fan
      he is best and good going
      hope he will win this season

    3. Totally agree with u bavana.
      proud to be a rohan & lopa fan

  8. Its funny tht BB can be one sided as well. Last week when Bani kicked the main door was fine n swami om doing it this time on da toilet door was taken strictly.

  9. Monalisa and Nitibha should be more active against Priyanka…. If they (especially Mona) keep showing their weaknesses by keep silent against her wrong did, then she will do it more and more….

    only Bani and Lopamudra among all female players can give her, “It ka jabab patthar se”..

    one day all inmates will beat Omji and Priyanka badly…

  10. Bani n gavrv played good,,

  11. bcz no fight no task me fight n aurgument jaise kuch hai hi nhi,.ye bs romantic n funny game hai

  12. Priyanka Randi aur Chutiye Swami ke pichwade pe maar maar ke unko ghar se bahar nikalo.Bahut Irritate karte hai Chutiye.

    1. i agree with your comment but i woudl not use this language sorry. its about time this old man got evicated , sure;ly bbb is not worried about TRPS if he gets evicated. and as for that fox she is too loud fake. fake accent, fake everything . why is salman tolerating the old man

  13. best task was given by the bb…could be too much entertaining…. but because of two monkey n donkey…..all gone in vain….dirty dhongi….sirf rohan n lopa ko target kiya…kyu…kyuki vo jeet jate….kaash poora task cmplt ho pata….love u rohan….tumhare jagah koi Aur hota toh shayad uss dhongi ka muh he nhi dikhta
    BTW I also lyk bani-gaurav pairing….bani was funny….she was enjoying the task…. hmm date k liye in dono ko kaise choose kia hoga
    manu n cryshop toh bro-sis the nah….so blushing kyu chl rhi h??

    1. Yeah ditya you right this pakhandi ruined all the things and yes bani and gaurav pair is v nice and i agree why blushing?

    2. Hi ditya can we be friends???? Plssss am also big fan of rohan like you and i also cmnt at simran post

      1. hello good girl….of course we can be friends….welcome☺

  14. why b*t*hes get into relation if they want to get cozy with other boys in big boss? i think they need boy friend to use him and his money…these shameless money suckers can do any thing…cheap quality show

  15. Bani and guvrav win the bb 10

  16. hi kp , ditya , swastika and all bb fans
    I thought it will be romantic task . i ws so exited dor thia dhongi ne sab gud gobar kar dio. there was fight more than love or romance.
    I don’t bb abhi tak is dhongi ko tolerate ku kr rehe hai . nikal kr bahar fako jaise 8 season m ajaz ko nikala tha .ise bar bar last warning de rhe

    1. hi simran, ssly yaar I was also soo excited for d task….n ya bb k last warning kuch jada he last ho rhi h…phle he iss swami ko nikal dete toh aaj task bahot jada entertaining hota….aur kiska wait kr rhe h ye log….kisi k injured hone ka….tb shayad nikal de ya fir last warning de k chod b skte h…..vaise this tym bb is so biased

      1. ya agree with u ditya . bb is so partial yr.

    2. Hi simran i am new here i like your and ditya and kp comments very much bcz you all three are v nice friends so can we be friends? And i also like rohan as you like but perhaps kp like bani and gaurav more btw where is kp didn’t comment yet

      1. Hello gd girl yeah i like bani and gaurav but at second i also like rohan but i hate lopa she only knows about fighting

      2. ya ya good girl u can join us

    3. kp aapne abhi tak mujhe reply nhi kiya . I feeling left out . kp I have done something wrong?

      1. Oh my what are you saying no you did nothing wrong actually at first glance i read shriya comment that was so funny am busy to reply her and you know one thing or not i think not its ok i will tell you are my best friend here so don’t be sad from now my first comment will be at your post but plz is pakhandi aur jagga ki shaadi karwao aur nikalo inko yaar hahahaha

      2. ShriyaT

        Hi simran and kp….can i be ur frnd?? I read ur comments daily but i was a silebt reader but now onwards i will comment?

      3. Yeah shriya you already our friend so you don’t need to ask and you are superb commentater

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    5. of course shreyaT we are frndz

      1. Ha simran how did you write your exam?

      2. Hi kp simran and bb fans. I love you rohan. Bb pls swami om ko nikalo. Physical ho raha sab ke sath. Lopa and rohan ‘s pairs are awesome

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  17. ShriyaT

    Rohan love u!!!! Itna sab kuch hone ke baad bhi itna calmly liya…swami ko kuch jyada bola bhi nahi…
    Harami swami ko nikalo yaha se aur wo bhi maar maar ke itna kaise kar sakta hai wo? Aise react karta hai jaise Rohan ne is swami ki girlfriend pata li ho…hate swami yaar!!
    Priyankaaaa! is Priyanka ko kaise bhool sakti hu…tang aa gayi hu iski baato se
    ..dusro ke personel mamle me kuch jyada hi interfere kar rahi hai…who gave her that f**king right???

    Big boss pls agar apko apna trp badhana hai to swami aur priyanka ki ghar me shaadi kara do aur dhakke maar maar ke bahar nikal do

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      1. ShriyaT

        I m a silent reader but now onwards i m going to comment daily….kya kya ho raha hai yaar bb me its really hilarious

  18. Nandini Kelkar

    anyone know who won bb hostel (love letter) task?

    1. ShriyaT

      No one wom this task as it was discontinued bcoz of the violence…

  19. Bani &Gourav u gys r dng really well
    ……..great job……hope Mona gets evicted dis wk
    When ‘ ll dis priyanka & swami get lost from DA house …

  20. Bani and gaurav win dis show….bani just try yr bst

  21. Shipra chanchal

    Thanks for sharing ??

  22. Maithlii Sinha

    Guys u need to watch this video… know about Priyanka Jagga and Tim Muise’s love story….!!!!

  23. dekho jisko jitna gali dena hai dedo swami om aur priyanka ko. aakhir mei jitenge toh inhi dono mei se ek . aur swami ne kuch galat nahi kiya woh full task mood mei tha. and priyanka ne bhi sab ki weakness pe hi attack kiya hei.full support to om swami and priyanka jagga

    1. ShriyaT

      Mujhe apse ek baar milna hai n aap ka mental check up karvana hai!! Who r u?? omg u r supporter of dhongi n jagga daku!! apko shayad koi serious prblem hai

      1. Hahaha oh my you are right shriya that daaku and faku pakhandi are so disgusting i saw that wtf ab toh hadd ho gayi bhai nikalo plz bb is faku and disgusting baba ko

      2. mei un dono ko isliye support kari ho jaise bb ne kiya hai . har bar toh in dono bach jaate hai toh kisi aur ko support kar ke kya faida. jab bigbos ne fixed kiya hai inhi dono mei se ek winner banega toh inko hi suport karna hai. mujhe lagta hai ki abb sab ko ini dono ko support karna chaiye kyun ki bigbos toh in dono ka hi sunega kisi aur ki nahi. thank u

  24. guys please see the video “Bigg Boss 10-Day 64-20th Dec 2016-promo 1” on YouTube
    this is awsm….u guys should watch it
    video is abt the task n d Jodi’s? with diff background music(lovely) ??
    u will love this video(except last part)

    1. Yeah ditya lovely music and jo derwaja(door) baba nai toda(break) tha wo ab swami hi thik(repair) krega

  25. task was unique n it could hav done in mch entertaining bcz of priyanka n omji kachra ban gaya mohabbatien…bani n gaurav did really well in this n lso they were njoying n if task continued till end gaurbani wd hav been the winners for sure….evn manveer written so many letters but all gone in vain..niti instigated omji against rohan n @last karma hitt bck on her only as priyanka targetd her n lost letters hehe..mona shd go home..n this manu shouting shouting irritating…waiting 4 todayz gaurbani date ♥ Bani ♥

  26. I think lopa and rohan are doing great rest all are creating drama….swami is world’s biggest paranoid…nitibha is very cunning,the way she fooled manveer it really shows her double face

  27. Hi simran .kp.shriyat .gud girl.and all bb fans….oh hello sneha!!!!we were missing u sooo much…and yor dumb illogical comments??omg we wer missing tht also…btw where wer u??meditating like swami or trying to make india better????and yor jokes…omg so funny


    i thought u wer a blind fan of swami but u started insulting us and being a girl u still insulted simran and swastika using damn abusive language and thts the only reason i am pissed wid u…and yes….i still think u r wrong in fyting wid us over tht bull swami

    1. miss aakashi 88
      remember that mei purani sneha nahi ho jo sabsko abuse karti thi. mei yeha par sirf apna thought likh rahi ho kisi ko abuse nahi karti ho. so aap mujhe uss sneha soch kar baat nahi karen. thank u

    2. hi aakashi how r u ?

  28. Arre ye kon naya sneha 2 aay gaya bhai bilkul us swami aur uski so called beti ki tarah hai.

    aaj jyada nahi lekhna hai bass yehi kehna hai ki ye biggboss season sabse bekar hai iss saal ka sabse flop show. Agar phele hi salman ne inn dono baap beti ki harkat par roka hota toh ye sab nahi hota. mein upper ke saare comment se agree karti houn shivay uss dhoongi sneha 2 ke. abb bhi bb last warning last warning karta rahega tyo ye show dekhna bhi bekaar ho jayega. lagta hai abhi bhi bb ko trp ki padi hai logo ki safety aur ijjat ki nahi.

    aaj sabi acche khele except uss baap beti ke.
    ye mona ko agar harbakt rona hi tha toh kyun aayi hai.
    manu ne prove kardia uski dosti jhoot thi.

  29. i wish Rohan & Lopa wins t task..
    tis bl*******k dhongii & daaaku ko koii r kaaam nhii hi kyaa..
    actlyy,, in dono ko love birds bana dete & wardens ksii r ko.. i’m sure,, ye esaa chakkkar chalaaate k in dono kii shaaadi bb me nhii toh bahar to pakkki ho jaati. lollll..
    & Game vse hii interesting ho jaaata.. like wardens b behav krte & ye cheap tactics koii nhii krtaa. bad choice bb..
    kuch toh dhang ka kar liaa karo. ek toh ye dono ko last warnin krke chodte rehte ho.. trp firr kahaa se aaegii..
    evn i dont watch tis stupid show anymore. jus for LopaRohan, reads t daily updates.
    hope is baaaar atleast swamii ko kick krde

  30. Bani is a a*sh*le

  31. Aarti32

    How cutely nitibha said ki usne (Priyanka) sare letters phad diye..N then manveer’s cutest reply was ki main aur likh luvd dat moment..I wish manveer n nitibha were couple instead if dat manu n cheapster monalisa..

  32. Aarti32

    N bani is indeed a nuisance..

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