Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Ishra FF Part10

Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Part 10

Part 10

Raman opens the eyes & was surprised 2 c Ishita there.
ISHITA:hi Subbu
SUBBU:hi,I just came now
Raman thinks:how did this happen?
After talking with Ishita for some time Subbu goes out.
RAMAN:how come u are here?
ISHITA:I came here fast
Raman is relieved.Pia looks at them from the corridor.

Ishita goes inside the kitchen.Subbu hugs her from back.

Ishita is shocked.Raman sees it & feels insecure. Ishita can’t bear his touch and
moves backward.Raman is relieved.
SUBBU:i thought u r bhabhi bcz of this sari.dont wear sari.i’ll mistake u for u wear modern costumes.

Ishita wears a frock.
SUBBU:u look hot
Subbu hugs her.Ishita moves back.
SUBBU:what happened kangana?
Subbu:But you don’t look happy when I am near you.
Ishita:i can’t be happy until Ishita is fine.

SUBBU:she’ll be ok soon.Not any serious disease.
Manorama comes near them:kangana is’nt comfortable with you now bcz now another person is in her mind

Subbu and Ishita r shocked.
Manorama:That person is her jeeju Raman Bhalla.
Subbu shouts:enough.i trust kangana & jeeju.i dunno how I wud’ve behaved if u were not elder 2 me
Manorama:once the truth’ll come out and you will regret a lot Subbu.
Manorama goes out.
SUBBU:don’t worry kangana.i’m always there with u.even death can’t separate us
That upsets her&thinks:ur kangana is already dead

Subbu goes 2 RAMAN:jeeju,kangana is upset abt bhabhi.u plz console her
Raman goes 2 Ishita’s room.
Manorama:Are u not ashamed 2 send ur wife’s lover 2 her room?r u a man Subbu?
Subbu is angry:if u talk like this again,i’ll 4get that u r the one who raised me up.
Manorama is stunned:For that cheater girl you are pointing fingers at me who gave you shelter when you became an orphan.
Subbu:Never call my Kangana cheater.Remember that.

RAMAN:Ishita control urself
ISHITA:i’m trying 2.but when Subbu behaves as if i’m his wife… I can’t bear it Raman.

Raman is upset.He wipes her tears:When I am with you don’t take any stress.Understand?
They look at each other emotionally.
Raman goes out& tells SUBBU:now she’s ok
SUBBU:thanks jeeju

Subbu 2 ISHITA:2day v’ll b going 4 a picnic.v’ll b alone& can enjoy
Ishita is shocked.Raman overhears it & is helpless.

Ishita gets inside the car with Subbu with pain.Raman looks at her with pain.

Raman meets Mihir & tells her the truth.Mihir is shocked:don’t worry I’l solve the problem.They r going 2 hotel blue rose right?i assure that They won’t stay 2gether there

Mihir goes.Suddenly Raman’s cell rings.It’s a girl:hi Raman.did u recognize me?
Raman is wondering..


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  1. Rashita

    Super….loved it poor ishu is suffering

  2. Veronica

    Wow yaar nice…..

  3. Shakaib

    Awesome di… I’m thrilled…. I guess… She is pia or kangana.

  4. Nice story!!!!!

    Don’t know who contact Raman. I think that It is the other girl (Disha) who want to marry Subbu. Disha will lied to Raman about her relationship with Subbu and Subbu cheated on Kangana. Raman will be seen tensed and worry for Ishu.

    1. Jasminerahul

      i always loved ur predictions n imagination.thx a lot

  5. Kumud

    Fantastic I guess it’s kangana

  6. Nice dear

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