Love and emotions Season4 Ishra Arshi Ashlok Veeba Samud (Part 5)

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Love and Emotions Season4 Part5
I never thought of introducing Saras Riddhima’s daughter and showing her love story.But since they are also a middle aged couple like Arshi and Ishra I felt I need to show their child also.So I am introducing Saras Riddhima’s daughter and her love story.Due to public demand their daughter will be placed by Digangana and her love interest will be Vishal.

Dedicated to Sydell who wanted a childhood scene of Aarav with Khushi.Dedicated to Arisha who is waiting to see Vishal Digangana in this story.

Raman burst into tears.
Ishita kept her hand on his shoulder:Raman…this was what I was trying to tell you.
Raman:My Ruhi…
Arnav felt guilty seeing Raman’s tears.
Arnav held Raman’s hands:I am sorry for what my son did.It’s all because of me that my son too became revengeful and nasty like me.

Raman:No Arnav.I am cursing my fate.I feel sad for my Ruhi.My poor daughter is suffering so much and me as a father could’nt do anything.

Suddenly they heard Ruhi’s voice:Aarav has not cheated me.
They looked at her with a surprise.They were even shocked to see
Ruhi and Aarav holding hands together.
Ruhi:Aarav loves me a lot.He has’nt hurt me at all.

All were surprised.
Ruhi wiped Raman’s tears emotionally:Papa…don’t cry.I am completely fine.
Raman looked at her unbelievingly:Then Aarav…
Ishita:What were you saying Ruhi?What is happening?
Ruhi:I am sorry Ishimaa.Aarav cheating me was a drama.

We are very much together.
All were stunned.
Ruhi:Yes.Our grandmothers were stalking us.If we see us being in love they will create more problems.That’s why we did this drama to make them believe that we are separated.
All were stunned.
Aarav:Yes Raman uncle.I can’t even think of cheating your daughter.I love her a lot.

Raman Ishita smiled emotionally.Raman patted his shoulder.
Raman:If you love my daughter and make her his wife and my best friends Arnav and Khushi’s daughter in law I won’t get better happiness.

Aarav,Ruhi,Ishita smiled.
Arnav too smiled.
Aarav looked at Khushi.Her eyes were full of tears.
Khushi:Without knowing the truth how much did I hurt you?I am a bad mother who could’nt read her son’s mind.
Khushi was crying.
Aarav:No mom…please…

Suddenly Khushi said:Stop it you fool.You thought I will cry apologizing to you like this?But Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada will never do that.

Aarav Ruhi were confused.
Ishita:Ruhi…you are also confused.Right?We will clear your doubts.
I heard you talking to Aarav on the phone that you will meet him.I got angry that after got cheated by Aarav too you were going to meet him.But suddenly I started having doubts.

Flash back…

Ishita:Why Ruhi is so calm with Aarav?As far as I know Ruhi she expresses her emotions whether it’s anger or pain.Then why now she is like this?Also she decided to meet Aarav?Something is fishy.
Ishita rang up Khushi.
Ishi:Khushi..I mean Mrs.Raizada…
Khushi:Ishu..I mean Ishita…
Ishi:Your son Aarav has called Ruhi to meet her.What is his intention?After breaking her heart why is he still after her?Why can’t he leave her alone?

Khushi:Ishita..really I don’t know anything.I had scolded him.I had advised him to correct his mistakes by apologising to Ruhi and accept her.May be because of that he wants to meet Ruhi.

Ishi:I won’t believe that Aarav changed in a moment because of your advise.If again he is planning to trap my daughter with his sweet words there won’t be anyone worse than me.
Khushi became upset.
Ishi:I am going to follow Ruhi.I want to make sure my daughter’s safety.I don’t trust Aarav.
Khushi:You are not alone Ishita.I will also follow Aarav.I want to know what he is planning.

Ishita and Khushi followed Ruhi and Aarav.They were shocked to see them romancing and talking about how they fooled all with their drama.

Khushi felt guilty of misunderstanding Aarav and slapping him.She remembered her past moment with Aarav.
One day Aarav came home shedding tears.Khushi:Aarav beta..why are you crying?What happened?
Aarav hugged her emotionally.

Aarav:Mom…one classmate of mine accused me of copying during the exam.Even the teacher scolded me.But I swear mom…I did’nt copy.
Khushi caressed his face:Aarav…I know that you did’nt copy for your exam.I trust you even if the whole world stands against you.
Aarav hugged Khushi:Mom…Now I am not at all sad.Even if everyone disbelieves me if you trust me that’s more than enough for me.
Khushi smiled caressing him:Good boy.Wait..have faith in devi maiyya.Very soon you will be proved innocent.

The next day…
Aarav came running towards Khushi and hugged her:Mom…I am very happy today.Like you said I have been proved innocent.That classmate itself confessed that he was lying.Even the teacher apologised to me.
Khushi became very happy.

Khushi kissed his forehead:I am also very happy for you Aarav.


Khushi’s eyes were wet.
She thought:Again Devi maiyya proved you innocent Aarav.But I did’nt trust you.How much pain you must have had when I did’nt trust you Aarav.Yoour own mother did’nt trust you.Sorry beta.

Ishita was embarrassed to face Khushi.
Khushi:How much did I misunderstand my son!
Ishi:Sorry Khushi for accusing your son of cheating Ruhi.

Khushi:No Ishita..I too misunderstood my son.Then how can you not misunderstand him?

Ishi:Anyways our children are trying to do what we could’nt do.They are planning to unite both families.We should be proud of them.
Khushi:Yes.I am also proud of them Ishu.Sorry Ishita..
Ishi:No Khushi.Call me Ishu.That is better.
Khushi looked at her in disbelief.Ishita was smiling tearfully.
Khushi:Ok..I will call you Ishu.But you too promise me that you will never address me as Mrs.Raizada.
Ishita nodded her head.They both smiled emotionally and hugged each other.


All were surprised.
Khushi:You both thought only you guys are smart.But we are smarter than you guys.We also know how to fool others.

Aarav Ruhi were embarrassed.
Ishi:After all whose mothers are we?

Everyone laughed.
Arnav patted Aarav:You are wiser than me Aarav.When I was blind you had eye sight.I am proud of you.

Arnav hugged Aarav.
They all smiled.
Raman:But how come Aarav and Ruhi are here?
Aarav:We had noticed that you guys are going somewhere after getting a phone call.Ruhi and I found it fishy and decided to follow you all.
Everyone smiled.

Saras:Everybody united with each other.Can’t you all forgive Armaan atleast now?

Riddhima:Yes.Don’t forget that you all are together because of Armaan.He deserves pardon.

Armaan shed tears:Let us go back Saras Riddhima.I did what I had to do.
Arnav:Don’t go like that.
Raman:Yes.You too join us in this happiness.
Armaan was surprised:You guys forgave me?

Arnav:Your mistake was very big.But you we were forced to forgive you for the good deed you did now.
Armaan was emotional.
Arnav,Raman,Ishita,Khushi hugged Armaan.
They all smiled.
Aarav:Papa…why don’t we have a party in this happiness?
Arnav:Ofcourse..a party is a must.
Ishita:Day after tomorrow Adi is coming.We will conduct the party after he arrives.
Riddhima:Good idea.Our daughter Sanskriti too is coming day after tomorrow.
Ishita:Riddhima…you have a daughter?
Khushi:That’s so sweet.I wish I had a daughter.But no problem as Ruhi is my daughter now.
Khushi caressed Ruhi.Everyone including Ruhi smiled.
Raman:So it’s confirmed that after 4 days there will be a party.

A boy was walking on the airport.A girl was walking carrying her luggage.In breeze her duppatta flew away.
She ran after the duppatta.
The duppatta fell over the boy’s head.He took it with irritation.
He:Nonsense.Whose duppatta has fallen on me?
He tried to throw it.
Suddenly the girl said:Please don’t throw it.It’s my duppatta.
He said in a sarcastic tone:Oh is it yours?Why did you throw it on me?You can throw it on me,but I can’t throw it away?
She:Sorry.But why should I throw it on you?It just flew away in breeze.
He:Ok…anyways you keep it with you.
He put it on her head sarcastically.

Adi:Here take your duppatta.

Veera was stunned.
She:What did you do?It’s on the shoulder which the duppatta has to be put.Not on the head.It’s the husband who puts it on the wife’s head like this.

He made fun of her:Oh…so you are teaching me how to wear duppatta?If you know how to wear duppatta why your duppatta is flying in the air?

Anyways you wear it by yourself the way you like.

He walked off.She smiled.

Adi reached the Bhalla house.Yes,he was the same boy in the airport.
Adi:Papa…Ishimaa…Ruhi…I have come back.

Raman Ishita Ruhi turned back emotionally hearing Adi’s voice.

Aa aa aa aa aa… Kabhee khushee gham
Naa juda honge ham, kabhee khushee kabhee gham
Aa aa aa aa aa… –

She caressed his face emotionally:Life was so empty without you.
Adi:For me too Ishimaa.

Meree saanso me too hai samaya,
meraa jivan toh hai teraa saya… (2)
Teree puja karu mai toh har dam

Raman hugged him.

Yeh hai tere karam, kabhee khushee kabhee gham

Ruhi:Adi Bhaiyya…I missed you.
Adi:Me too.

Naa juda honge ham, kabhee khushee kabhee gham..

Adi:Badi Dadi…
He touched her feet.

Naa juda honge ham, kabhee khushee kabhee gham..(K3G).

Bhagya:In your absence lots of things happened.A lot of drama.

Ruhi thought:For Badi dadi everything is a drama.She can’t change.

Adi:I know badi Dadi.Ruhi had informed me everything on the phone.
Bhagyavanti’s face became dull.

Sanskriti reached home.She is the same duppatta wala girl in the airport.
Saras and Riddhima were very happy to see her.
Saras:My dear Sanskriti…
She ran into his arms.
Riddhima caressed her:My doll..we missed you.
Sanskriti:I too missed you both.
Saras:Anyways Dr.Sanskriti…we have decided to get you married.
Riddhima:Are you ready for marriage?

Sanskriti ran to her room blushing.

Sanskriti remembered Adi putting the duppatta over her head.She remembered telling Adi that it’s a husband who puts the duppatta like this on a wife’s head.She blushed.She opened her bag and took out a small box where she kept a ring.

Sans:I kept this ring for the man I think will be my soul mate.Has the time arrived for me to make my man wear this ring?Is that boy my soul mate?But I don’t know who he is.But if he is meant for me destiny will surely bring him to me.

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