Fan fiction Abhigya and Purbul forever


Hi guys I am going to create my own storyline for kumkum bhagya… I am gonna write from Pragya saying to dadi that she will keep fast for abhi on karwa chauth..

The episode starts with pragya,dadi and bulbul meeting at a hotel Pragya says dadi that I will keep fasting for karwa chauth…Dadi agrees but bulbul stands against it.. They three argue… Finally bulbul agrees with pragya at one certain condition..the condition is no one should know that pragya is fasting..Pragya agrees with bulbul.. For that they three plan something…

The scene shifts to mehra house where Indu Dadi is searching for dadi… She tells abhi that nowadays dadi is hiding something from us..Just then dadi comes.Abhi asks dadi where did she go?? She said that she went to temple..Indu dadi and abhi look each other. Pragya comes and tells abhi to pack his bag for two days… He asks why??? Pragya tells that abhi has to act in an ad,so that he should go to a far place.. Before he could say something Tanu comes and calls abhi… Abhi goes…Tanu tells abhi that tomorrow is karwa chauth… I am going to keep fast for u… Abhi Tells “ are pregnant… If u fast what will happen to our baby??? No u should not fast..” Tanu tells no prob abhi it is juz for one day.. I will be okay.. Abhi tells again and again not to keep fast but Tanu does not agree..Abhi tells u do something and leaves from there…

Abhi comes to his room.. He sees Pragya packing her things.. He tells Pragya that I am not going to act in any ad. Pragya tells that You r my property..u should do what I tell… Abhi calls her lady mogambo.. Pragya acts as she did not hear anything and starts to pack her bag. Abhi with hesitation packs his bag.

Pragya and abhi are going to get into the car while getting into the car pragya slips.. But abhi catches her.. They both have an eye lock… While Allah wariyan plays… Then they both get inside car. They both reach their destination.. It becomes late night..

Precap: In the hotel the receptionist say that there is only one room… And she gives the key for honeymoon suite..

Story by,
Cutiepie Achu

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  1. Nice episode keep going

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    1. nice achu u r an extraordinary story writer nice eye lock

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