Falling for my husband (Episode-22)

Hi dearies, thanks for ur lovely comments, asusual enjoy reading it buddies. Luv u, muahhhhhh.

At morning:

As it is sunday morning, hasini was not getting up from her bed, it’s almost 9 in the morning, but her phone ringtone disturbed her sleep, she sees the callerid as amma and a smile appears on her face, he immediately answers the call and chitchats for sometime, and hungs up after sometime, then she observes that no one was there in the room. She lazily gets out from the bed and makes a ponytail with her messed hair, and goes down and walks to the kitchen with half sleepy state.

Hasini Says “Good morning mom” By yawing covering hermouth with her hand.

Mom: Good morning beta, u r awake. here is ur coffee.

Hasini: Thanku mom, just ur coffee smell makes me fresh and happy in the morning.

Mom smiles, hasini takes a sip and closes her eyes with the pleasure she got by tasting it.

Mom: how is everything is going between you both??

Hasini: Good mom.

Mom: Okay, wat r the plans for today???

Hasini: I don’t have any plans mom.

Mom: Then go out with friends.

Hasini: mom, there are no one in the home??

Mom: No dear, rohan went out for her morning excercise, your dad went to delhi due to some work.

Hasini: Wow, cool.

Mom: What???

Hasini: Comeon mom, leave ur favourite kitchen for sometime.

Mom: But i want to prepare breakfast!!

Hasini Drags her into the hall and makes her to sit on the sofa.

She on ‘s the tv and puts a music channel, and asks “Mom, come we’ll dance together.”

Mom: No hasini

But hasini is hasini, she don’t listen to her words and pulls her up and starts to dance with her like he was dancing with her boy friend, after sometime they both stops.

Rohan’s mom was laughing and says “Really hasini, it’s have been years i’m laughing like this.”

Hasini: Then i ‘ll make u laugh more, just wait for a minute. She goes to her room and comes after 10 minutes. Rohan’s mom was shocked by seeing her and laughs out loud.

Hasini is wearing a sarong (lungi of her father’s) and a whiteshirt of rohan’s tugging inside sarong, she tied sarong up exposing her legs from knees, she put black shades.

Hasini: How i’m looking mom.

Mom: Hot

Then she plays song lungi dance, and starts dancing to that song, rohan’s mom was laughing hard to her craziness.
Rohan comes back and he hears loud music coming from house and says “What the hell is going on???”
He walks towards the front door and sees that her mom laughing holding her stomatch, he didn’t ever see his mom laughing like this, he got confused why she was laughing and sees where his mom was looking, and next he frozen on his place in his shorts and comes to reality with really an annoying voice of hasini, because she is singing badly. He can’t hold any more and starts laughing holding his stomach and falls on ground and rolling on the floor like a idiot, hasini who listened a loud laugh sees rohan is on the floor, laughing crazy.

Hasini In mind: Why the hell in the world he want to see me like this???? now he won’t leave any chance to tease me???

Mom says “I’ll go and prepare breakfast for u both.”

Hasini comes near rohan who didn’t stop laughing till now and says “Can you stop ur stupid laugh???”

Rohan says “God hasini ur looking funny” In between his laughs.

Hasini shouts “Stop laughing.”

But rohan ignores her and continued his laughing.

Hasini strongly stomps on his foot for which rohan winces in pain holding his leg “Ouchhhhh”

Hasini: Wow see the magic u stopped laughing??

Rohan gets up and gives a few daggers to her to which hasini smirks.

Rohan looks hasini from head to toe to make hasini uncomfortable with his gaze and he was successfully in that because hasini covered her legs with sarong by letting it down, rohan gets a smirk on his face.

Hasini: What r u doing?

Rohan intentionally asks ” What u think i’m doing?”

Hasini with anger “What u will do, u r a stupid??”

Rohan: If i’m stupid u r mrs.stupid.

Hasini yells “Noooo”

Rohan also yells “Yes”

Rohan: U know u r looking like a blind with the black shades
and acts like that to irritate her.

Hasini: U crossed ur limits angry bird now u r finish.

Rohan runs to garden and hasini runs after him, he kept escaping from hasini, he kept moving left to right making hasini also move from left to right to catch him, then suddenly he shouts “Hasini your sarong!!!!” and covers his eyes with his hands.

Hasini stands still there, she looks down with fear but to her relief the sarong was in it’s proper place, she lifts her head and sees rohan was laughing, and he says “Ha-hasini see ur face in the mirror, it was priceless, godddd i—i–i can’t laugh anymore, haaaa hasiniiiii”

Hasini sees a pipe near her and tooks it and makes it to rohan’s side making him all wet.

Rohan: U idiot what u have done??

Hasini smirks by seeing his reaction.

The next thing rohan did wasmaking hasini to fell on mud, her clothes become dirty, now it’s rohan time to smirk.

Hasini: I’ll see ur end today.

Rohan’s mom there and asks “What r u both doing??”

Hasini going to her side says “Mommmm, see what he had done to me.”

Mom: Rohan!!!!!

Rohan: Mom she only started it.

Mom: Now both of u stop complaining like children, now go and get freshup, breakfast is ready.

hasini and rohan’s mom goes from there. Rohan sits on the bench in the garden and thinks ” Why i’m behaving like this, i’m not at all like this, why i’m so comfortable to this girl, why i like to tease her, irritate her, embrass her. Why i like her reaction when i kiss her, it is priceless. I didn’t felt all this even when i’m loving reena, even i’m confused now that if i got over with reena or not, but what are this crazy feelings towards hasini???? I like her but don’t know whether i love her but i felt good when she is near to me. Just her thought making me smile but yes don’t forget rohan she is annoying queenvictoria.” Halting his thoughts his phonebuzzed with fb notifications, he thanked because he want to get rid off his thoughts.

Hasini who was in taking the shower was fully filled with the thoughts of rohan about what’s going on tomorrow.

Hii dearies, how is the episode??? Tell me ur views, this is fridays episode may be i’ll be busy upto monday with family and works, so i’m uploading now, and lungi idea, i’ll do it infront of my mirror when i’m in my tenth and inter, lol, so guys don’t freak out with that idea, i just used it here, luv u loads nd don’t forget tocomment.

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  1. Finally Rohan’s pov…seriously confused guy. Lungi dance of Hasini was really funny…
    Come back soon with a big chapter please?

    1. Sorry dr for not replying ystrday’s comment, ofcourse you can call me akka, luv u sister, i’m waiting for ur ff, luv u loads.

  2. Really nice…ur lungi idea was just awesome…??…will be waiting for ur nxt epi..pls make it longer… 🙂 🙂

    1. Tq for pre nd today’s epi coment dear, luv u dear, i’ll try to give long.

  3. Ur lungi part is AWESOME..Hasini is really funny yaar…At last rohan’s feelng…wooowww…I can’t wait for monday nd plzzzz update nxt epi with long storyline..Love uuuu loads..

    1. Tq dear and sry for not replying, i’m quiet busy and yes, my meaning and imagination is pakka????.luv u.

  4. That was so cool…..I was laughing so badly….. That lungi part was superb…. And the way rohan told hasini ur sarong and her reaction was priceless…. Love u and ur ff..update it soon…. 😀 😀

    1. tq shanaya dr, luv u too.

  5. Very nice episode.. 🙂 Rohan is such a confused guy..Please clear his confusion naa.. 😀 Lungi dance idea was superb.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. hii sweetie buddy, his confusion will be cleared in upcoming episodes dear, tq for sweet comment, muahhhh

  6. Akkkkkaaaaaaaaaaa..?….!!!!!!! sooppppprrr episodee…..hahha hahhaha..?..am still laughing.. I ll too do d same thing in front of mirror ka….!!? N sry akka..I din’t comment fr ur previous epi bcoz of my back to back class tests?…I m feeling too tired ka..but now after riding ur episode I so happiieeeeeeeee….luv u akka…muaahhhh

    1. hey lil sis hw r u dr, i miss u chooooo much, no need to say sry to ur akka dr, ur akka will understand, i’m happy dat ur happy by reading the epi, take care dear, luv u ma.

    2. ha yes i love to dance infront of mirror, so my lil sis also do like me, hifi. luv u

      1. ????? yaa akka….?? luv u…n mis u…waiting fa ur nxt update akka….n here after I ll not say sry akka.?? Luv u my cuteee akkka

  7. luvly epi dear…eagerly waiting for nxt epi update asap

    1. Chinni

      tq ryths buddy

  8. Sooo realistic part..it seemed like everything happening in front of my eyes!!!..these 2 r very funny//..totally loved it..amusing upd.finally Rohan using some brain to realize his actions…n Hasini she is such a out of world girl….thnx 4 it.upd ASAP..take care,buddy..love u a bunch!!

    1. Chinni

      tq anisha dear, luv u loads

  9. superb mindblowing….
    the bonding between hashini n her mother in law amazing…hashini dance in ling song the dress up so funny…with rohan i was also laughing…
    update soon

    1. Chinni

      tq sss dr, luv u tons

  10. it was awesome episode dear …………………loved it completely …………… love you dear …………tc

    1. Chinni

      tq priya buddy, luv u too

  11. Wow..!! Chinni Akka episode was so good..!! ? And we will wait till Monday.. will miss you?

    1. Chinni

      hii kavya sis, luv u ma

  12. hey chinni. this is anusha. i am a big fan of you. i love your story.

  13. where r u from?

    1. Chinni

      hii dr,i’m from ap ma

  14. Awesome post soon loved it asap

    1. Chinni

      tq dr

  15. Dinah Matthew

    Its awesome when u will update next part

    1. Chinni

      Tq buddy

  16. Damn funny & nice episode yar……….btw when will U upload next one??????

    1. Chinni

      Tq yukku dear

  17. Awesome, marvellous, hilarious episode. ..lungi dance….lol…rolf…love you loads. . . . Muaaaaahhhhhh

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