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Now most expected story and forgive me if it didn’t fullfill ur expectations. I am so sorry.

Its evening 5.00 PM. Sonakshi was in her home Brindavan. Seetha was their beloved servant. And guys in my ff Sona and suman are native to Tamil nadu. ( sorry guys mujhae aur languages nahi aathiyae. That’s y they r tamil)

Sona: seetha ma suman aagayi kya. ( has suman came?)
Seetha ma: Nahi beta. She told she will be going for a movie and will come only at 12.00.
Sona: yeh bhi na. Class hav just finished and she has started. Ok seetha ma. I will prepare tea for papa.

Sona goes to kitchen. In her house Sona actually loves to cook to her family with her hand. Sona got busy in kitchen.

And now the door bell rang. Seetha ma opened the door. Its Dev and his Manager. Seetha ma invited them inside and made them sit in sofa.

In kitchen……

Sona: kaun aaya ma? (who came?)
Seethama: batha nayi . Kisinae aap ko dekhne ke liya aaya tha. ( don’t know. Somebody has came to meet u)
Sona: To meet me? Ghar me kaun aaya hoga?( who would hav came to house?)
Ok seetha ma u please prepare juice for them. I will give tea to papa and come.

There dev gets a call and he goes to attend the call. He was walking in corridor talking on phone. Sonakshi comes. She noticed dev talking on phone and tries to move without disturbing him. But still he didn’t notice her and doesn’t give her the way. After waiting for two mins she tried to move in gap but Dev collided with her. Tea fell on Dev’s coat. Dev cuts call.

Dev: What the hell. App dekh nayi sakthae? ( Cant u see)
R u blind are forgot to wear specs? Stupid.
These words irritated sona to the core as it was not her mistake at any cost.
Sona: what? Hello Mr. Its ur fault. Is this the way to talk on phone blocking all others way. Firstly learn some manners and discipline.
Dev: U….. How dare!!!
Sona: yeah I double dare!!!
Dev stares hardly at her. He then murmers is garh mein naukri bhi kitna chalak hein. ( In this house even servants have so much head weight) Cultureless house.
Saying this he went. Sona listened this and stared at him. Dev then went to washroom to clean his clothes. In that time sona served his papa a new tea. Dev comes back and sits on sofa. Just then Preethi ( Sona’s bhai’s daughter) comes down from steps talking on phone. She stands in middle of steps and continues talking.

Manager: Sir I think she is Ms. Sonakshi Bose.
Dev: Yeah may be. Even I heard that she is young and always busy.

They both thought Preethi to be sonakshi. Just then Sonakshi comes from kitchen with juice tray in her hands. She places the tray in front of them. And they both thought sonakshi to be servant.

Sona: Now tell me aap kaunae? Kise milne aayiyae? ( who r u. Whom do u want to meet)
Dev: Is it necessary to tell u? We came to meet Ms. Sonakshi Bose. ( dev told this pointing his fingers towards preethi) He continued., I think servants should stay in their limits.
Sona: raised her eye brows but didn’t show up anything. So aap Ms. Sonakshi se milne aayithi. Teek miliyae. ( So u hav came to meet Ms. Sonakshi. Fine meet her.) She too said this pointing her fingers towards preethi.

Sona then took her sling bag, wore it and waved bye towards preethi who is still busy on call without noticing this hungama. Preethi too waved bye from steps.
She then went out with a taunting smile on her face.
Dev and Manager again continued to wait for Preethi for them she is Sonakshi.
Preethi finally finished her call after 10 mins and came down ordering seethama a juice. She then sat opposite to Dev and took a magazine and starts surfing it.

Dev: Hai. I am Mr. Dev Dixit, Ishwari group of companies CEO.
Preethi: With a smile ok.
Dev: Actually I want to talk to you on an important matter.
Preethi little confused as she didn’t know him.
Preethi: Ok tell me.
Dev: Actually for me my mother is everything. She is my world. But now she is hospitalised. Her health is very much battered. Doctor Jeevan said she needs a best nutritionist. I know u r very busy but I have no option.

On hearing this Preethi interrupts. But Dev doesn’t stop.
Dev: I know u will not accept so easily but this is more than my life. U pls think once. I want u to treat my mom.
Finally he stopped.

Preethi tries to speak. But now manager starts. Finally they both stopped.

Preethi: shall I speak now?
Dev nods yes.
Preethi: First tell to whom u r talking to?
Dev and Manager gives a confusing look to each other.
Preethi: hmm tell me.
Dev: aap se (with u)
Preethi: wo mujhae bhathayae. Yeh boliyae ki mein kaun hoon. ( that I know. Tell me who am i?)
Dev : Ms. Sonakshi Bose.
Preethi laughs hard listening this.
Preethi: Ms. Sonakshi mein…. Agn laughs.
I am not Ms. Sonakshi Bose. I am her sister preethi.
Dev: oh I am sorry. Where is she?
Preethi: who?
Dev: wo Ms. Sonakshi.
Preethi: Di tho abhi abhi bhar gayi thi na. App dekha nayi?( She just went out. Didn’t u see her?)
Dev: Now. Who went.
Preethi: wahi who brought juice for u both.
Dev: Juice!! Juice tho servant lekar aayithi. ( Juice was brought by servant)
Preethi: widens her eyes. Servant who. Hello wo hein the great Sonakshi Bose. My sister. She always dresses simply. That doesn’t mean she is servant.

Dev was completely dead hearing this. He reacts as if some one has put a snake into his pant. He and Manager looks at each other.

Dev: She ….. She…. She is Ms. Bose.
Preethi: Yes!!!!
Dev: swallows a lump and asks when will she come back.
Preethi: Hmm now its 6.00pm. Till 9.30 her personal time. She will return by 10.00 pm.
Dev: cant u call her?
Preethi: no she will not attend anybody’s call now. U ppl do something. Now go and meet her tomorrow.
Dev: No its ok. We will wait. Thank u.
Preethi: ok. Its ur fate. Go ahead. All the best.

With a mischievous smile Preethi left the place.

They both waited. Waited. Its 8.45 then. Bejoy came for his dinner. He saw them waiting.

Bejoy: Beta who r u? What do u want?
Dev: I am Dev Dixit. I came to meet Ms. Sonakshi Bose.
Bejoy: Oh but she will come only by 10.00. Its her personal time now. She wont even attend calls.
Dev: that’s ok sir. We will wait.
Bejoy: oh. It must be important then.
Dev nods yes.
Bejoy: But beta she will not talk business matters in home.
Dev: Its not business sir.
Bejoy says ok. Then come beta lets have dinner.
Dev hesitates.
Bejoy: Arae beta. Its our culture. We should not let people who hav came to our house be in hunger.
Dev compiles. They sit to have dinner.

Bejoy: seetha whats for dinner?
Seethama: sona beta has cooked oats roti and karela sabji.
Listening this dev’s face took 8 turns. With much compulsion he ate first piece. Suddenly his expression changed. It was so nice to eat.
Bejoy: kana kaise hai?
Dev: very nice uncle. Its tasty.
Bejoy: And healthy too. That’s speciality of my daughter.
Now dev has complete faith that Sonakshi is best for his mom.

After dinner Bejoy leaves to his room for sleep while Dev and manager were still waiting.Clock strikes 10.00. So as Sona’s scooty stopped outside. ( Actually sona uses only her scooty for her personal work and not car)

Sona with much tiredness comes in. She didn’t notice Dev waiting.

Sona: seetha ma pls serve food I will come after freshing. I am very tired.
Seethama: ok beta.
Sona: and seetha ma aap kaliya tha na?( u had food ryt!)
Seethama: haan beta.
Sona: good.

Dev watches entire thing. Just then sona comes and removes her bag and notices dev sitting.

Sona: Aap dono!!! Abhi tak yaha kya kariyae?( you both! Till now what r u doing here?)
Dev opens to speak before that….
Sona: ok ok. Wait for five mins I will come.
Sona goes to her room upwards. Dev murmers now she will again make us wait wantedly atleast for 15 mins. Obviously girls get ready late.
Saying this he goes to do a call before she comes.
But Sona exactly arrives in 5 mins. But dev didn’t. He came after 10 mins. While Sona is waiting for him without eating.

Sona: hav u come here to do phone calls?
Dev: wo I thought u will take time to get fresh.
Sona: when I said 5 mins means its same 5 mins and not 50 mins ok! I am punctual person unlike u.
Dev fumes.
Sona: so now tell who r u? Whom u want?
Dev’s manager: Ms. Sonakshi Bose….
Sona: oh she! Haven’t u met ur sonakshi Bose. I thought u ppl would have!
Dev and manager becomes silent.
Sona: ok now tell me who r u?
Dev: I am Dev Dixit….
Before he completes sona: so u r the one Who wasted my 3 appointments. Then u wasted my 3 hrs. And now waited for me here for 4 hours!!!!? If u hav came to talk business then iam sorry I don’t talk business at homes.
Tell me if something else.

Dev explains her everything. Sona hears patiently.

Sona: Ok Mr. Dixit. I can understand. But I cant help u. For maximum I can do something. I could prepare charts for ur mom and mail u. Nothing more.
Dev: No Ms. Bose u r not understanding. Its serious and I need u for my mom. I would even pay u 50,000/- per day.
Sona laughs.
Sona: Mr. Dixit is ur mom’s health costs so low!
Dev stares.
Sona: everything cant be bought Mr. Dixit. U know my company’s per day turn over is 5 crore. And u r offering me 50 thousand. Look Mr. Dixit I am very busy in my office. And its my dream company. So sorry I cant help u. Now u can leave.

Saying this she shows the door. Dev fumes in anger and leaves……

Precap: Suman attends an interview…..

Upcoming promo…….

In a office. Shravan is seated. Suman angrily shouts before him….
Suman: u can never trap me Mr. Shravan!!!
Shravan smrinks.

In dev’s office….
Dev on phone: speaks something (muted)
Dev: now your key is in my hands Ms. Bose. U r trapped!

Bg voice: What storm is gonna happen in sisters life. Will they be trapped?

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