Will LOVE Damage Our FRIENDSHIP (PART 16 &17)

Will LOVE Damage Our FRIENDSHIP (PART 16 & 17)
Recap: marriage date fixed after one month
In store room
Pragya: suniye open the door na
Abhi: why shld i???i didn’t ask you to go out
Pragya: then don’t open..
Abhi: nhi karunga
Pragya: my film will be missing yaar
Abhi: wait wait….abt which film you are talking
Pragya; no…nothing
Abhi: first tell then I will open the door
Pragya: sachhi na
Abhi: haan yaar…hum frndz hai na…..
Pragya: okk…but who said that we are frndz
Abhi makes pout face

Abhi: okk..toh nhi hai….toh fhir we can be frndz na
Pragya; okk…frndzz and gives her hands
Abhi and pragya shakes hand
Just then pragya screamed……..
Pragya: aaaayaaaaaaayya………
(no no guyz there was not cockroach……not every girl has fear from cockroach)
Abhi was shocked
Abhi also begin to screamed
Abhi: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaayayayyyyyyyyyyy
Pragya: why are you screaming
Abhi: bcz my crush is screaming
Pragya: who??
Abhi:hai koi…
Pragya: ayyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaayaaaaaaaaaaa
Abhi: aree what happen..why are you screaming now…
Pragya points towards something…by seeing that abhi also got panic…abhi ko bhi uss chiz se dar lagta tha magar wohh dikha nhi raha tha
Pragya understood that wohh dar gaya
Pragya: what happen…ek choti si lizard ko dekhke itna dar gaye aap
Abhi: who said….see I m okk
Pragya: ohh…I can see that…now first of all make that lizards away and then we will go to see film of dev and sona
Abhi: wwh…yy?? M..ee (why me)
Pragya: then whom

Abhi: ok…I m rockstar…so I will make that lizard away
Abhi trys to make that lizard away…but it was not
Abhi: ohh…lizards pllzz get away
Abhi: chuk chuk chuk….(to lizard)
Lizard moves a little bit by which abhi got panic and he came close to pragya
Abhi: pragya: ohhh..idar aa rahi hai
Pragya: wait I will make her away
Pragya brought broom and make lizard away
Abhi: chalo now lets go
Pragya: open that door
Abhi opened the door and they both moved out from the store room
Thapki: bihaan letsgo…..we will miss most imp film of this day..
Bihaan: which film thapki
Thapki: dev aur sona ki
Bihaan: ohh…wow…then lets go
Thapki and bihaan also moved out from that room
Pragya sees thapki….
Pragya: thapki..(in low voice)
Thapki turns back side and saw pragya….and from that time they both joined hands and moved to see the moive
Thapki: where will be movie going
Pragya: I think on terrace only
Abhi: so lets go to the terrace
PT and AB moves towards terrace
On terrace:
Sona was moving here and there and dev was following her by which she was becoming angry
Dev: miss.whatever…I mean miss.bose plzz tell me what you were saying
Sona:…………..no response
Dev: ohh…hello attitude ki dukan..i m asking you something …tell me…or
Sona: or….what will you do me
Dev: anything
Sona: haan aapko toh sirf serial ke hero jaise heroine ka picha karna acha lagta hai(from serial heros you like to follw heroines)
Dev: haan..toh…I like that

Sona: nice job…koi achi nokri nhi mili kya
Dev: mujhe acha lagta hai serial ki hero jaise heroine kea age piche ghumna…but who said that you are heroine
Sona: no one says…becoz I know
Dev: just leave that now…and tell what were you saying to lagori
Sona: I will not say
Dev: okk…don’t tell
Sona: I will also not tell
Dev: aree…baba don’t tell…….now lemme go I am having imp call
From doors small hole asya were watching there tom n jerry wali fight
Zoya: if now dev will speak any word na…then he will be gone
Asya were very close to each to see fight
Asad: why???i m there na for him
Zoya: lets see what happen
Asad: can we open door full..and see them
Zoya: why??
Asad: bcz I have never stand like this with any other girl…its first time na…so feeling uncomfortable

Zoya realizes their postion and came to sense
Asad was back and zoya was front but they were really close to each other
Zoya:ohhh…sorry…I will open it
While opening the door zoya was abt to slip abt her hero was there na…so don’t worry nothing had happen to her
Asad holds and they have and eyelock

Just then abhigya and thahan enters
Bihaan: wooww what a film going
Then also asya didn’t understand that they had came
Abhi: film toh dev aur sona ki dekhne aaye the
Pragya: but naseeb mein toh asya ki film thi
Thapki: ahahahah….no response from them ..see how much they are busy in each others
Mr.bhalla: raman…spend some time with ishu..show her our house
Raman: yess dad why not!!
Raman: ishu…lets move
Ishu and raman goes to see whole house
Ishu: from where we can start
Raman: umm…from our fav place
Ramn: terrace!!!!!!!!!!!
Ishu: ohh wow lets go then
Ishra also went on terrace
Asya was seeing in each others eye with same position….
Pragya and thapki with abhi and bihaan went near them
Abhi: ohh mere bhai…we have not came here to your movie
Bihaan: we have came here to see action pack movie of devakshai and you here are showing us movie..
Pragya: its very bad haa
Upto this time they have came to their senses…and asya compose each other…and feels shy
Zoya:oo..i was
Thapki(in teasing manner): no need to explain us
Pragya: we already know it

Ishra was walking on the stairs…
Just then raman was about to slip….but ishu gave her hand to him….
(guyz always heroine will fall and hero will hold her will not possible all time…so here hero was abt to fall to heroine hold her..hehe)
They have an eye lock
Ishu: are you okk
Raman: yes yes I m ok..lets go
Ishu: okk lets go
Raman: from where that sound is coming
Ishu: its of laughing…it may be from terrace only
Raman: lets go fast

They go on terrace and saw PT and AB laughing at asya
Ishu: guyz its not fair…without me enjoying
Pragya: uff oo…ishu…now real game is going to happen
Ishu: which game
Thapki: see now…dev and sona are outside and sona is angry on him….and if he will talk..then definitely sona will do something to him
Raman: no no…I cant let this happen with my frnd
Ishu: aree…now leave it!! It will be real fun
Raman makes pout face
Raman: okk
They open the door …they can see dev nd sona but sona and dev cant see them…

Zoya: now there will be real fun
Dev: miss.whatever…do you want to talk with me or not
Sona: no….nd plzz leave from(holding his collar)
Others were laughing at dev’s state
Dev: miss.whatever leave me anyone can see me
Sona: ohh…toh aapko dsabse daar lagta
Dev: nhi……
Just then dev’s phone rang
(no no guyz phone call ki vajah se unka convo ruka nhi balki aur jyada ho gaya)
Dev: yes…who’s this speaking?
Girl on phone call:I m girl

Dev: uff….i can listen that you r a girl
Raman: aab iss sale ke piche konsi ladki lagi hai
Bihaan: baad mein puchenge
Sona(in mind): sharm nhi aati ek ladki ke sath baat karne mein
Dev: whats ur name..can u plzz tell me
Girl: pechaan lo na mujhe jaan
Dev: jaan????……..first of all who r u??
Girl: shall I tell??
Dev: yesss
Girl: I m shradhha kapoor
Dev: wowwwwwwwwwwwww……………..but how did you call me
Girl: you have send letter to me for doing some add for your products
Dev: yes yes
Abhi:to which girl he is speaking in this way
Asad: let it be na
Dev: now I will show that abhi……..he has said noo for doing my add for my products na…now I will tell him that shraddha kapoor is doing that add

Alls mouths were open after listening shraddha’s name
Sona: oo…what?????????????/shradhha kapoor
Sona: dev I want to speak with shardha
Dev: you only said na you don’t want to talk with me…now don’t talk
Sona tries to take phone from dev,,,but dev was also dev…he was also not give
Their tom n jerry fight again started……..
Sona tries to take phone but by mistake it falls in big water tub
To take mob sona also jumps in that tub…..she was totally wet
Sona: you idiot take me out
Dev gives his hands to sona….but in vain dev also falls on sona
Where dev was on sona

They try to wake up but due to sater they were slipping again and again

On the other hand raman played song from Aashiqui 2 to make the scene more romantic….zoy a was taking video shooting of them
Sevakshi were lost in each other…they don’t even get to know abt zoya taking their video and raman playing song
Laogri and devil gang enjoyed this scene to the core
Just then dev and sona saw others…….
Sona: ishu…plzz get me out of this
Ishu tries to go…but raman holds her hands
Raman: let them enjoy na
kuch rang
Ishu: no…I will go
Sona: aww…..my ishu..plz come fast
Ishu goes and gave one hand to dev and other to sona
But ishu also falls in that tub
(guyzz it was a big water tub were 10-12 people can fit…lol)
Raman: now…its my turn
(guyz no no….raman didn’t gave his hand….but he also takes a dip in that water)
Ishra and devakshi were in tub now……zoya was still taking video
Raman(to ishu): now I came to my ishu…I cant leave much time without you now…
Raman starts to romance with ishu in tub..
Dev: aree wohh gadhe(donkey)its not itme to romance…plzz do some thing to make us out
Raman: you do what you want to do..i will do what I want to
Precap: didn’t decided

Guyz I don’t know when I will be able to post next epi

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