“Eternal voyage…. I take upon” by Faheema (1)


Naira’s POV

I wish I was beautiful as my sister. I know I am 12, but she looks majestic. I feel like I am completely opposite. She has such a toned and fair body, unlike me. Oh, today we are celebrating Mahesh uncle’s and Priya Aunt’s Anniversary on our Cafe. I’d better go and help Momma.

“Naira, where have you been? I have been working all alone. Is Nina ready?” she asks.
“Sorry Momma. Yes, Nina di is ready. Momma, what shall I wear?” I ask.
“Nina will be charming tonight. Ask her to enhance her beauty. You wear anything. Perhaps that pink gown” she says.

I know I look like a little burrito in the gown. But I gotta wear that since Momma says. So I am going to wear that.


Everyone has come. Nina di looks so charming as Momma said.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to introduce my son, Kartik, who is ought to become an international singer someday” uncle says.

I look at him. Butterflies dance in my stomach. I feel really uncomfortable. I see him dancing with girls. He looks so handsome with brown eyes, crisp black hair. Oh! He is of course dancing with Nina. Yeah! Well, he must have also fell for her charm.

“Princess, you want to dance with me?” asks my brother, Naksh.
“Yeah ok” and I dance.
“Nina looks beautiful today” I say.
“Yes our sister looks beautiful. You as well” he tries to cheer me up. I shrug.

“You have come all the way from The US for the party, why don’t you sing a song Kartik?” one of the guests ask.

“I…I… Umm… Ok. I will.”he says.

My heart pounds on hearing his hush voice. Oh No! He is singing.
His voice is flattering me…. I am so young. Oh My Goodness.

“I Love You” I whisper.
“My lil sister sings well too” says my brother.
“Oh really? Then please sing for us. That’ll be lovely.” Kartik says, kneeling down to my height.
I don’t want to sing. But he… He is asking. So I will.
Out of all fear, I find myself singing without hesitation.

I hear loud applause.
“How lovely you sing!” Says Priya Aunt.
“Yeah. You’re precious. I suggest you to go to classes and enhance your skills.” and he hands me the number.
“Sure we’ll send her” says bhai.

I know Paa will not agree.

Later that night,

I write in my diary,


“You haven’t slept yet?” Nina di asks.
“I was about to. Are you marrying your boyfriend Rohan?” I ask her.
“Yeah. Paa too thinks he is good and rich. So…yes.”
“Where were you now?”
“Uh-Oh… I was with Kartik. You will not be able to understand such stuff. Sleep now.”

Lights off.


The End.

Precap:Fast Forward. Naira is to become an opera singer, where she has to bear the bitter truth and meet with her fate.


Hello all! I hope at least this one gets some good huge response. Because the upcoming chapters will be different from all other perspectives. This story will end short. Please support, I kindly ask. Some of regular users, do recommend this story.

I love you all! Keep Reading!

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