Spoilers 10th July 2017 Revised


Ricky has started puja prayers. He has turned into an ideal son. He keeps all the traditions of the Modi family. Ricky asks everyone if he can chant the Gayatri mantra, if he does any mistake, Kokila can correct him. Ricky chants the mantra. Gopi gives him prasad. Ricky says now your tears will end, just happiness will come in your life. Ricky has changed completed. Everyone gets happy. Ricky apologizes to everyone for all the troubles they faced because of him. He apologizes to Sita for hurting her so much.


Choudhary gets back to the haveli. He welcomes Rangeela has his rightful heir. He asks Rangeela to stay in the haveli as his son, not any Ghulaam. Veer and Gulguli get a huge shock. Rangeela will be making the women stand against Veer’s tortures.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:

Dipika and Piyush start fighting. Piyush asks Dipika to stop her drama. She angers him more. She enjoys troubling him. She asks him to get habitual to her now, as they have to stay together for 60 years. She hopes their cute fights turn into love. Piyush threatens to kick her out of the house. Kunal comes to ask about their fight. Piyush acts happy. Dipika asks him to tell what’s his problem. Piyush hides the matter.

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