Episode analysis (Fed up with dragging)


Hello guys I am u r friend here to tell about my opinion. About some shows which make many people cry. if I missed something pls tell in u r comments guys pls

Kumkum bhagya; Draggging of 270 epi of tanu pregnancy track still it is not over but I think it will end within this month or probably next month or???when this will happen?

Sasural simar ka:This show is somewhat ridiculous becoz this show runned out of actual theme. From thriller drama to horror,supernatural etc,……but many people are watching this show for rosid scenes but the director is doing so much that we can’t find even dialogues for roli also and there is less rosid scenes.

Thapki pyaar ki:This show started with thapki and dhruv pair but now changed to bihaan and thapki. But viewers are still attracted to their pair but there is draggging of vasundra and Sharaddha track so it does not hold any interest.

Ek tha raja ek thi rani:This show was the best show from epi-40 to epi-80 when rageshwari entered this show it last it’s charm. But now after saviriti get up of drashti made this made this show again rockzzzz

Balika vadhu: I don’t much about this show but I recently heard that this show gonna end. But this show producers sphere origins have told it is false statement.

Guys now many ff have arosed in all shows . The show which is on top five as per my knowledge is.

2. Kumkum bhagya and meri aashiqui tum se hi.
3.qubool hai.
4.other ff
5.tashan e ishq

Guys many does not like to read ff epi for u r kind information pls don’t post negative comments in any ff becoz it hurts them a lot. So try to post positive comments. Pls vote which ff u all like most u r fav and there is no choice be free to post….??

This is my thoughts to tell u all and it means I does not want to hurt anyone regarding the show and this is just my opinion and pls don’t scold me

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Scold!?!??! You shared your opinion! And you are entitled to it! I agree with the Kum Kum Bhagya and ETRETR dragging…..wheyz! I dont even watch them, just read the updates here. It is so true that since the addition of Rageshari (however you spell it) and the change in avatar of King with this ruthless, rude, hateful character…..just so disappoint me. I am not of the opinion that the shows should be happy all the time….but these situations seem always the same now…..3rd person in relationship or hunt for wealth and power. Jamai Raja is another show where I love the characters, but the plots are so disappointing…this joker thing is so silly now. Not sure about the other shows you mentioned.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      I also seen the jamai raja promo about the joker I think why they are bringing him as villain i wonder always!

  2. 270 episodes in itself means almost 9+ months. So is she giving birth to a chandaal or a child. Basically, most of the shows are too disgusting to watch. Pick any storyline, it just gives you wrong message, hatred, how to spread bad blood, do mental and physical torture, and what not. If the public is really sensible then all these shows must end today. Why is there no censor board for such TV shows also? Who approves them, who takes note of what is being telecast or aired. Don’t we have some sensible people in Information and Broadcasting Ministry to put a tab on such shows and make them more lighter and shorter. But in the name of lighter TV shows all we see is actors making weird faces, strange voices, and thinking that they look funny. No, they look idiots.

  3. scold!!! not at all bro …… ur opinion was right …..while others r feeling that only …….but regarding to kkb tanu’s pregnancy is still running …but her exposure is very near we have to wait for it …..and the shows i didn’t watch bro…

  4. Hey that’s a great article narendran Bhaia almost everything is so true

  5. It’s true… I agree with u TPK is dragging soo much but there r also some thahaan scenes frm now.

  6. sarayu (honey)

    almost everything is right. hate this sasuraal simar. there is no meaning at all in that ghost track. simply creating some supernatural things to drag.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      He too yaar I have stopped watching it and I fed up for waiting rosid scenes now a days

  7. hey u r right … according to me SNS must be in list … its also full of negativity…whenevr i read spoilers i find they(gaura and kokila) are celebrating festivals together …and as per my knowledge gaura is the one who is trying to destroy kokilas family and once she tried to kill kokila …u r that much of MAHAN that u can celebrate with the one who is trying to destroy u…

    DREAM GIRL : at the end also ayesha(antagonist) win…

    there r so manyyyy shows in which we r showing supernatural dramas… why ghosts or snakes will choose particular family only again nd again …but narendran i m also disappointed with viewrs …these types of shows are in top 10…so producer will make more supernatural shows

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Sssss zaya for me also how this show tops on trp table I wonder???

      1. yes ranaji its bitter truth … 🙁

    2. and i forget to mension satrangi sasural … there also about black magic …
      and another show is on and tv …which is supernatural
      upcoming show of zee tv …vishkanya
      in etretr also there was a track of black magic

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Many show like black magic now a days and qubool hai is known for it. Satrangi sasural also but vishkanya is not black magic show and I think it is like avatar movie like story line so it looks interesting

  8. idk about qh @ ranaji

  9. Well said… Agreed??

  10. agreed to all above…but u missed out yeh rishta kya kehkata hai and saath nibhana saathiya….those are stupid shows now and balika vadhu is just running a story which is wasting time….balika vadhu lost it charms when shiv died….og well what can we say to dramas that has been running since 7 yrs nw

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      All are angry in saath nibhana saathiya,and Balika vadhu!!!. But yrkkh also?

  11. Don’t think many ppl watch ssk for rosid as from last 1 yr TR is barely no ropid scene…even though ssk is at top…simar prem mataji every role is playing it’s best

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      But my friends in Tamil nadu and many people watch for rosid and I agree mataji acting is superb and prem also but thos show gives more imp to simar but that show also I liked but after ghost track I am crying

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