Secondly, Advik is quite a complex character he is a spoilt brat but doesn’t shares a sour relation with Omkara the way it’s for Om & Tej. Om & Advik both love each other but Advik’s behaviour and habits irk Om and in previous part where Om praised Advik the reason was that he took the first step to solve the problem between Sukanya and him keeping his ego aside. In short they do share a normal relation but it’s a little normal for every dad to be strict with their sons at times. But Advik has his own reasons and his part will be soon sorted out.
Thirdly, I wanted to solve my confusion but now I am even more confused so let me ask this other way round.
1. You want this story to have suspense and secrets.
2. A normal comic tale.
3. A sad story. ?
4. Full of melodrama (trust me this would be the last thing I will be doing on earth ???)


VOICE: Hi guys what’s up?
Pinky gets really happy seeing the person. While the rest give ‘what the hell’ look to her.
Sukanya in whispers to OmRuRiYa: Aap sabko inhe dekh kar itni michmichi kun Mach rahi hai?
Four of their eyes pop out of their socket: What the wuck?
Sukanya: What happened?
Advik: What’s this mich…
Sukanya: Michmichi.
Advik: Right.
Sukanya: Are mich…michmichi that yuck feeling.
Advik: Oh that one because she is a yuck person.
Sukanya: Why?
Amanat: She is chipkali. Jaise chipkali har Waqt Dewar ke saath chipki rehti hai waise hi yeh bade papa ke saath har waqt chipki rehti hai.
(She is lizard. Just the way lizard is always attached to wall similarly she is always attached to bade papa.)
Anya: And she is damn irritating and always makes alien faces towards us.
Advik: She is a pure torcher dude.

Sukanya looks at Manik, both see each other and smile mischievously (friends and their minds always think alike ???? Isn’t it? ?)

Sukanya: Ready dude.
Manik folding his hands across his chest: Always.
Om: What are you guys going to do?
Sukanya: She has irritated all of you now it’s her turn to taste her medicine.
Om: Guys don’t mess anything.
Rudra: Let it be Om, Baccha party you have full to choot go on your hunt.
Sukanya: Thanks Rudy boy.
Gauri: But what are you guys going to do.
Sukanya: Jo badal garajte hai Vo baraste nahi.
Manik: Aur humare case mai toh badal sirf barste hi nahi hai.
Sukanya: Pura cloud burst ho jata hai.
Sukanya and Manik wink at each other and share a hi-fi.
Rudra: Do anything but do not let her come near Shivaay Bhaiya.
Sukanya showing thumbs up: Done.

Ragini: Hye Pinky mom.

Sukanya almost chocking: M…. Mo…. Mom. Aap billu ji ki behn hai, kisi na bataya nahi.

OmRuRiYa and the Baccha party with Manik had tough time controlling their laughter. While Ragini gives her ‘what the hell look’.

Ragini: What?
Sukanya: Oh wasn’t I clear okay I will repeat nobody introduced me to you I mean you being elder sister of billu ji I should know you, right.
All the while Shivaay was giving Sukanya “what r u upto” look, while she beautifully ignored it.
Sukanya: Oh so you are OmRu ji’s sister very bad OmRu ji’s you didn’t tell me about her.
OmRu were already having hard time controlling their laughter and this makes it even more tougher.

Pinky: Oh hellos you girl she isn’t anyone’s sister she is Shivaay’s friends.
Sukanya: Oh. It’s alright I was just doing intro. Oh btw I forgot to introduce someone to you.
She turns to Manik and introduces him to everyone. He takes blessings from dadi and elders including Pinky who behaves rudely but still he let’s it to go.

Manik to Sukanya looking at Pinky: Is she the reason that you murdered your mobile.
Sukanya nods.
Sukanya: Mobile. I remember something.
Manik: What?
Sukanya moves towards the shopping bags and searches something in them and while doing that she throws a few bags backward aiming exactly one at Pinky’s face and other at Ragini’s just casually she lands another one on Manik who knowingly shoos it back on her. While OmRuRiYa and kids burst out laughing at them being unable to control anymore.
Finally Sukanya takes out one bag and takes both the bags from Pinky and Ragini and keeps them back as if nothing happened.

Sukanya: Look at this Manik Malhotra.
She says flaunting the bag. Manik takes the bag and in second his eyes glitter.
Manik: Apple I phone latest edition. God! How did you get this one.
He says checking out the phone.
Sukanya smilingly holds Shivaay’s shoulder and says: My billu ji gifted it to me today.
Shivaay smiles seeing her excitement.
Manik: I wish I was this lucky to get one after another new edition phones if I break any.
Sukanya snatching the phone: Better luck next time.
Manik bobs his head.
Sukanya: Btw I forgot to ask why are you here?
Manik: I thought of taking you to shopping but I think you have made someone bankrupt already.
He says looking at the shopping bags.
Sukanya: Hahaha… Very funny Malhotra.
Manik: Actually I owe to the person who had guts to take you out for shopping.
Sukanya: Meet the man then Mr. Billu ji.
Manik: Thank you sir. (murmurs) aapko nahi pata ki aapne meri kitni bhadi mosibaat dur kar di hai.
Sukanya: I heard that Malhotra.
Manik gives her ‘who cares look’, while Shivaay simply smiles.
Dadi: Chalo bacchon jakar fresh ho jao fir khana kha leta hain.
(Go freshen up and then we all will dine together.)
Ragini moving to Shivaay: Yes Shivaay it has been ages since we dined together.
Sukanya coming in front of Shivaay: Actually aunty billu ji and I have had our lunch already so sorry.
Ragini: AUNTY. Do I look like aunty to you.
Sukanya nods and effortlessly walks away.

Entire Baccha party is sitting and thinking something, when Anya comes in rushing.
Manik: So what is she doing Anya.
Anya: She has gone to bathroom to freshen up.
Sukanya: Great.
Manik: Let’s begin the hunt Suk.

Sukanya nods.
Sukanya and Manik rush to Ragini’s room and do few things and quickly escape from there.

Ragini comes out and


Ragini: Aahhhh….. Aaahhhhhh……

All rush to her room hearing her shout.
Shivaay and Pinky make her to stand and seeing her face everyone bursts into fits of laughter.

Pinky shouts in her world class English: Shuts up all of u’s can’t you see she is hurt and you all are laughing.

All shut their mouth even Shivaay controls his laughter and both Pinky and Shivaay make her sit on bed.


That’s it and there goes another round of laughter. This time even Shivaay laughs at Ragini’s expense.
Ragini stands up to find papad kept beneath her.

Pinky holding it: What the hell is this?
Sukanya between her laughter: Papad.
Manik takes a piece of it and eats it: Tasty hai.

This enrages Pinky more.
Ragini: Aunty towel please.
Pinky nods and gives her a towel that’s kept on the side and as soon as Ragini touches the towel to her face.

Ragini: Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh……

All shut their ears with their respective hands as their delicate ear drums weren’t able to take such loud shouts. While Ragini runs to the washroom.
Meanwhile, Shivaay receives a call so he excuses himself.

Pinky: O my Mata what happened to her.
Kids together: Nagini ki O My Mata ho gayi.

Janvi: Oh my god my jaws are paining what a blissful day is it today.
Dadi: Sahi kaha bhagwaan kare iss ghar ki khoshiyaan aise hi bani rahein.
(May god bless the house so that our happiness stays forever.)
All nod accept Pinky who is highly irritated by all this.
Dadi: Pinky you look after Ragini till then all of you come for dinner.


The entire Baccha party and OmRuRiYa are there.
Rudra: What did you guys do?

Sukanya narrates everything to them.
Sukanya and Manik enter Ragini’s room and Sukanya pours powder just near the door, while Manik takes the soup that was kept for Ragini on the table and keeps it on the floor making an approximate guess of her height.

After a while when Ragini comes out after freshening up due to powder she slips and her face directly lands on the soup bowl and the entire soup lands on her face and leaves that were kept for garnishing end up on her hair.
While the keep papad on the bed just at the place where Ragini sat.
At the end they sprinkled chilli powder on the towel to give the final effect.


Rudra bursts into fits of laughter with the kids, while OmRi and Bhavya glare the kids and Rudra to stop who finally control themselves.

Om: Guys are you out of your nuts what if she would have got hurt.
Sukanya: Zero possibility this is a two hundred percent tested method.
Bhavya: How?
Manik: Actually, two years back my papa’s bua ji came from village and she was hell irritating, she kept speaking entire day. Do this? Do that? Eat this? Eat that? She had eaten our heads and wasn’t ready to leave so Sukanya and I planned to make her run, so this was the first step of the same plan.
Gauri pats her head: Shankar ji yeh Baccha hai ya afat.
(Oh my lord! Are these kids or disaster.)
Sukanya proudly: Afat.
Om: Oh God. You guys will not do anything like this now.
Advik: Please papa no. It’s better to do all this before she makes bade papa do engagement with her this time. You remember how difficult it was to stop her the last time.
OmRi look at each other and finally nod at the kids.
Om: But make sure she isn’t hurt much and if you guys are caught the bear the punishment.
Kids nod.
Amanat: So finally we can plan to throw her out of our house. I am so glad.
Advik: Right such a relief.
Rudra: Baccha party in your plans I am also in.
Om hits his head: Rudra they are kids at least you grow up.
Rudra: O I am also a kid so stop it.
Sukanya: That’s the confidence.
Rudra: So what’s the plan.
Sukanya is about to say but all the kids look at OmRi & Bhavya and they leave the place.

Sukanya: So captain Ravitanya you have to fix your eyes on nagini and update us about her every move.
Anya saluting her: Yes ma’am.
Sukanya gives her a thumbs up.
Manik: Captain Amanat you keep your eyes fixed on Pinky aunty she will always be there to mess our plans.
Amanat: CHOTI DADI no ways. If she gets to know I am following her she will eat me row even without cooking.
Sukanya: Don’t worry I will always be there.
Amanat is still scared so she nods in no.
Advik: Fine I will be with you.
Amanat nods.
Sukanya: Great then.
Manik: Rudy uncle, Sukanya and I will execute the plan.
Rudra hitting Manik’s head: Don’t call me uncle you idiot.
Manik rubs his head while the rest chuckle.
Manik: Ok then what shall I call you.
Rudra: Umm.. Call me….
Sukanya: Big B.
Rudra: That’s cool and goes with my image too.
All nod.
Rudra forwards his hand and everyone keep their hand on his: So ready for mission nagini bhagao.
All: Ready.

Sukanya: Uncle what’s this.
Uncle (any servant): Organic green tea for Ragini madam.
Sukanya: Actually dadi was calling you.
Uncle: But this tea.
Sukanya: Go to dadi first then you can take this.
Servant uncle nods and leaves.

Sukanya looks around and adds something in the tea and mixes it well and take a jar of water leves.

Dadi: Billu I know you have eaten food but you can accompany us also.
Shivaay: Dadi actually…
Anya: No actually vactually bade papa. Just sit down.
She commands Shivaay who being left with no other option sits besides her. Sukanya and Ragini approach the seat next to Shivaay and Sukanya is about to sit.
Ragini: Wait you can sit somewhere else I have to sit here.
Shivaay: It’s okay Ragini no problem you sit somewhere else.
Ragini: Please Shivaay you see I have come back from London now only and I want to spend time with you.
Shivaay: Sukanya you…
Sukanya: It’s okay I will sit somewhere else.

Shivaay understands that she is upset because he didn’t ask her to sit besides him which is clearly visible by her voice but what goes unnoticed by all is that Sukanya pours water that she is carrying on the seat and sits next to Ragini who gives her a victorious smirk ? but in return gets a royal ignore from Sukanya. (A/N: Attitude mai toh yeh aapne baap ki bhi ma hai ?)

Ragini: Aaahhh….
What the hell?

Sukanya smirks at her gang who nods in disbelief especially OmRi & Bhavya.

Sukanya with loads of fake concern and smirk at the end which disappears soon seeing the surroundings: What happened aunty.
Ragini: What the hell you poured water on my seat.
Sukanya like she is the most innocent soul on earth: Water?
Ragini: Yes water you threw it on my seat and now my dress has spoilt.
Sukanya laughs at her and standing up faces her to answer her: Sahi me kuch bhi matlab haad hai paani Si kis ke kapde kharab hote hain. Oh may be aapke ghaar me kapde nahi dholte so that your clothes do not get spoiled that’s why you look such a mess.
(Really, you are speaking anything I mean out of nowhere whose clothes get spoiled due to water. Oh may be that’s the reason you are such a mess as you don’t wash your clothes.)
Ragini shouts: SHUT UP. I have had enough of you.
Sukanya moves a little closer and whispers: Trust me there is more to go.
Finally she winks at her.
Anya interrupts: Aunty your dress.
And she winks at Sukanya who smiles at her for making her get rid of nagini.
Ragini: I will go and change.
She leaves while Sukanya sees her as if she is a piece from another world.
Dadi: Ramu remove that chair.
Ramu nods and does as per said.
Sukanya moves her chair near to Shivaay’s to complete annoyance of Pinky.

Shivaay: What’s happening?
Sukanya gives a blank look: What happened?
Shivaay: Don’t think that I am dumb and can’t figure out what’s going on.
Sukanya: What are you talking about?
Shivaay: Ragini.
Sukanya shifts her chair away from Shivaay’s with harshness and annoyed look.
Shivaay: Sukanya.
But she doesn’t pays any heed either to him or to his words.
Shivaay: Sukanya listen.
But where is that going to work.
Shivaay makes her face him: Sukanya.
Sukanya completely annoyed: What?
Shivaay: Listen to me.
Sukanya: I don’t want to.
Shivaay: Sukanya please.
Sukanya: No way.
Shivaay: Please.
Sukanya: Look mera dimaag ki already dhai kar rakhi hai aapki so called girlfriend ne agar aab aapne kuch kaha na toh mera dimaag ghum jayega iss liye better hoga aap chup rahein. Nahi toh bhagwaan Jane mai kya kar dungi.
(Look I am already mad over your girlfriend so better stop it otherwise I don’t know what I will end up doing.)
Shivaay: She isn’t my girlfriend.
Sukanya: Who cares.
Shivaay sighs and looks above as if complaining to God for putting him in this mess.
Shivaay: Sukanya please.

Sukanya has had enough she finally gets up and the jar of water that she had brought along she splashes the water on Shivaay. While the entire Oberoi clan is shocked would be an understatement they were baffled to the power of infinity.

OmRuRiYa, Kids & Dadi: YEH HO KYA RAHA HAI.

While Shivaay looks at her as if he had found a long lost possession of his, her every moves makes him remember Anika, every single move. To add more to Shivaay’s shock Sukanya leaves from there doing his SSO hair move.

Pinky: O MY MATA. Ye ladki hai kon?
(OMM who is this girl?)
Janvi: For a while I felt as if she is Anika and another second she became Shivaay.
Om: Kuch toh gadbad hai.
(Something is wrong.)
Rudra: Kuch mujhe toh lagta hai sab gadbad hai.
(Something, I think everything is wrong.)
Bhavya: Mumbai police is also confused in this matter.
Gauri: Mumbai police ko chodo yeh dekh kar toh Shankar ji ko bhi chakar aa jayenga.
(Leave Mumbai police after seeing this even Lord Shankar will feel faintish.)

After the entire convo Shivaay comes back to present. While the most unaffected person among all is Manik who is enjoying his lunch whole heartedly.
Advik looks at him: Manik bhaiya can’t you see what Suk di did?
Manik: Who Sukanya? (Advik nods) it’s her daily job. You should thank god that she just threw water on Shivaay sir otherwise there is lots of crockery here god knows whose head she would have broken.
Shivaay gulps listening to him: But why is she angry with me?
Manik: Who asked you to give importance to someone else in front of Sukanya.
Shivaay: So she was wrong.
Manik: In the entire world only one person has a right to point out Sukanya and she hears only one person and that is her mumma accept for her no one in the entire world can control this wild cat.
OmRuRiYa looking at Shivaay: CAT???
Manik: Ya bagad billi that’s what babes calls her often.
Amanat: Babes?
Manik: Suk’s mom.
Amanat: Oh I see.
Shivaay: Now what shall I do to make it upto her.
Pinky: Why you doing something for hers.
Manik: There is one way.
Shivaay ignores Pinky and asks Manik to continue this irritates Pinku to hell.
Manik: Chocolate ice cream. She will calm down with that.
Shivaay: No way. She has already eaten one full big bucket of ice cream in mall today.
Manik: That means you have messed up with her earlier also.
Shivaay making I am gone look nods.
Manik patting his shoulder: All the best.
Shivaay: What do you mean?
Manik: Bhooki sherni ki tarhan thaad rahe hogi aab tak aaj toh aap paka Gaye.
(She would be wandering like a hungry tigress you are definitely gone today.)

Sukanya is walking to and fro and just to calm herself down she calls Anika.
Anika: Finally madam is reminded of her mother.
Sukanya: Mumma you also don’t start please.
Anika: What happened and why weren’t you picking up your phone.
Sukanya: Tod diya.
(Broke it.)
Anika patting her head: Fir se. Satyanaash.
Sukanya: Mummy please don’t start now I am in mood to hear scolding’s.
Anika: Okay so tell me what happened?
Sukanya narrates everything that happened since the time she has landed here.
Anika feels as if she is talking about Oberoi family only that feeling makes her cry in happiness. One side tears didn’t stop flowing while other side the smile didn’t leave her lips and while telling everything to Anika, Sukanya is reminded of every incident and her anger is a forgotten business now. She tells her everything with a broad smile and enthusiastically. While one pair of eyes witnesses her happiness and the eyes sparkle in joy as if he is the reason for Sukanya’s smile which makes his soul joyful.
Sukanya: So I shopped shopped and shopped today but trust me this was the best shopping I have done till date.
On other side Anika wipes her tears and Sukanya realises it in a blink that Anika is crying.
Sukanya: Mumma are you crying.
Anika: No it’s just due to onions.
Sukanya: Mumma you know what you are the world’s worst liar.
Anika chuckles.
Sukanya: Are you remembering papa and his family.
Anika smiles sadly as Sukanya even understands her silence just like Shivaay.
Anika: Ya sort of.
Sukanya: Sorry mumma.
Anika: No Sukanya it’s not your mistake and I am glad that you are happy and I am tension free that there is somebody to look after you.
Okay what about Manik.
(She very well knows to change the topic isn’t she. )
Sukanya: Manik nahi sleepy head. Idiot he sleeps so much even today he was sleeping till 2. I don’t get one thing how much will he sleeps.
Anika: Look whose talking.
Sukanya: Mumma please. Don’t you dear take his side.
Anika: Of course I will take his side after all I am his babes.
Sukanya: Oh ya really that idiot has no work he flirts with my mumma and that too in front of me. Gadha kahin ka. (Donkey.)

Anika laughs at her out burst. Sukanya is really pissed about the ways of Manik and the way he always keeps flirting with her mumma and calls her “babes”.

Sukanya: Mumma stop laughing. He is such an idiot.
Anika: Accha baba. I won’t say anything.
Now tell me did you take your medicines.
Sukanya: Yes. Did you take yours.
Anika: Suk mine are just vitamins.
Sukanya: Mom meds are meds and you have to take them please.
Anika: Fine. And please Suk it’s a request don’t get into another mess here after. Please Baccha.
Sukanya: Mumma you are saying as if I send a letter to my problems to come and find me what can I do if them come automatically jumping to me.
Anika: Fine. But please stay safe.
Sukanya: Ya.

They talk for a while and then hang up.

Shivaay enters the room: Whom were you talking to?
Sukanya forgetting that she is angry with him excitedly replies: Mumma.
Shivaay: Come let’s go downstairs.
Sukanya nods and happily accompanies him.

All look shocked seeing Sukanya talking to Shivaay happily as if nothing happened.
Anya to confirm: Sukanya di you forgave bade papa.

Shivaay closes his eyes in anger, irritation and nervousness. While Sukanya shoots a glare at him.
Shivaay opens his eyes and smiles nervously looking at Sukanya, who glaring him angrily goes and sits beside dadi with Janvi on other side.

Shivaay to Rudra: Like father like daughter. You both are just too much to handle.
Rudra makes an innocent face.
Shivaay goes to Sukanya and asks dadi and Janvi to shift but Sukanya holds their hands and signals not to being helpless they both give Shivaay a sorry look. While Shivaay pats his head. Finally he goes to kitchen and brings a box of chocolate ice cream ?.
He comes in front of Sukanya as she is holding both Dadi and Janvi’s hand even now so Shivaay bends on his knees in front of her and she just looks other side, he takes a spoonful of ice cream near her mouth and she sensing the aroma is just melting with the fragrance of chocolate and finally Shivaay keeps it near her lips but
Manik: Suk you are angry with him how can you eat ice cream.

Shivaay shoots a deadly glare at him while he smirks back.

Sukanya: Thanks for reminding.
Shivaay says sarcastically: Happy realisation.
Sukanya just turns her face.

I sigh seeing the girl in front of me, how? How on earth? She can make me come on my knees just for her. And why am I so bothered about her. God but I can’t see her sad because of me and she ignoring me is the last thing happening.
Please somebody help me. I look upto my brothers who just shrug the thought of even being caught up by the little devil maybe due to the incident that took place few hours back. I swear pacifying Anika was also not this difficult but this girl how come she is so much like Anika and me. So much. NO. Exactly like us. Same stubbornness and same tadi. The walking disaster of my life.
God please you only help me. Please.

Shivaay: Sukanya look at first place I shouldn’t be giving you this ice cream as you already have had a full bucket of it in mall. See still I am offering you but even the you are showing tantrums.

Sukanya glares him and he thinks that did he by chance said anything wrong. No not wrong but he did the biggest blunder of the day and soon he realises it as Sukanya blasts over him.

Sukanya: Really. Excuse me you gave me that ice cream as a compensation as you made me wait for half an hour in the food court without even a single trace of your and you should be happy that I forgave you but no you are rather shouting on me and I am showing you tantrums and by any chance did I ask you to bring ice cream. No right. You go go to your girlfriend and be on her side only who am I to you.

Shivaay mentally hits his head.

Shivaay: She isn’t my girlfriend.
Sukanya: Then why didn’t you let me sit with you.
Shivaay: Oh god it was just a seat Sukanya.
Sukanya: Please.
Shivaay: Okay what can I do to make it upto you.

Sukanya looks at his expressions and bursts into fits of laughter, accompanied by the rest who soon realised that Sukanya had skilfully pranked Shivaay, while Shivaay was shocked that how big a drama queen she was.

Shivaay: Seriously you were pranking me.
Sukanya taking her ice cream: Any doubt.
Shivaay taking the ice cream back and Sukanya’s eyes pop out: Not at all and now no ice cream.
Sukanya: Not fair billu ji.
Shivaay: Really you pranking me was fair enough.
In meanwhile Anya comes and takes the ice cream from Shivaay’s hand.
Anya: Thank you bade papa.
Shivaay: No Anya.
He takes it back and this time Sukanya snatches it: Thank you billu ji.
Before she could dig into the ice cream Advik snatches it from her: Thank you so much Suk di.
Sukanya: No.
Om takes from Advik: Thank you baby.
As Om’s height is quiet high so nobody could snatch and the three brothers sit together and dig into the ice cream cherishing it.
Amanat cutely blinking her eyes: Won’t you give it to me.
The brothers nod in no.

At one side all the O kids and another side the O bro’s and between them lie a bucket of ice cream ? and the snatch game continues but finally the ice cream bucket get out of both of their hands and lands up at someone’s head and that someone is Nagini. All burst out laughing seeing her.

Pinky: I thinks tera shani bhari hai aaj Ragini, you should take some rests after cleaning yourself’s.
Ragini nods and leaves to the room.

She reaches her room and pulls the handle to open it and as soon as the handle opens something strikes her head almost knocking her off her senses.

Ragini: Aaahhhh….
Pinky: Now what happens?
Sukanya: Wait aunty ji I will go and see maybe she had stroke to some pillar while walking.
Saying this she rushes upwards and seeing Ragini lying on the floor bursts into fits of laughter but then forwards her hand for her Ragini takes it as she has no other option. Sukanya escorts her inside and takes her to washroom meanwhile she removes the bob set up as with it’s help only as soon as Ragini opened the room the bob strikes her head and she fell.

That’s it guys my hands are tired of typing now. Hopefully this chappy was fun and trust me I really want to do all this with Ragini as she loves getting hurt.
Positively reply to the question I had asked first to all of you.
Do review the chappy.

Keep smiling
Stay happy
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