Endless love ff 11

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Abhi looked atvme worriedly and loosen his grib but rv didn’t.
A:r u okay pragya? I looked at him.
P:how i will be all right abhi? I am prisoner now. Isn’t it enough tat u changed me into a vampire and ruined my miserable life? How could u do tat to me?
A:i know tat… i am truely sry for it. I don’t want u to be a prisoner. I would never change u unless it was the command i was given. I was ordered to change u and believe me. I would hav never change if i weren’t for.
P:pls save ur apologies. I don’t want any of ur excuses. I think i hav enough of those for life time.
I said it seriously but rv laughed at me. Abhi stared at him and silenced him.
A:don’t stress urself. U r not a prisoner. We need u for a specific purpose and then we will let u go.
P:who is ‘we” and for wat purpose do u meed me. I am not good for anything. He stares at me angirly.
A:we means vampire council. There hav been ruling and enforcing vampire laws across the world for centuaries. I am not sure but the council will tell the answer dor ur questions. I looked at him.
P:watever now wat r u going to do with me? Where r we going?
He looked down and ‘we r going to scl’
P:scl?yuch even vampire i had to go to scl.
A:it is where all vampires and other new born vampire live and learn how to be wat ther r?
P:r u new borns?

Abhi and rv loooked at me surprised and shocked. Rv laughed at my words. Abhi started at me.
Rv:do…we. ..look ……like…….new borns? He said while laughing at me.
A:no we r not. I am five yrs older tan rv. But we r both over 300 yrs old. I was born in 16 hundreds.
I shocked to core. How they got adopt to tis world?
P:cool. Can u let me now i can stand on my own legs. But rv hold my arms tightly.
P:can u let go of me rv? I am not going to run away if so then u will catch me. But he gripped my hands. Rv let go of me.
I shouted at him. I don’t want to be touched by him. Then abhi lightly held my hands and ask him to let go of me. I know abhi betrayed me but i like him to hold my hand. I want to walk freely but they didn’t allow me. I saw the forest whuch ia so beautiful. I thought i will miss tis place becoz i won’t return to tis place.
We came near rv’s car. I got inside in backseat. Abhi sat front and rv drive the car. I juat peeped out through window.
P:u bit me, u got blood strains in ur shirt.
Rv:u bit her but u r supposed use needle.
A:i did use needle. U know tat. I didn’t bit u pragya. Don’t u remember how u died?
I thought dor a moment s he used needle to inject something so he could change me into vampire
P:s u changed me into wat u r.
He looked at me. A:s. But u hav to be at pt of death bfr u r changed. Then i inject u tat liquid and u became vampire.

P:so u killed me twice once to change,then u actually changed me.
A:u don’t know wat happened last night? Do.u remember it?
I remember from morning till she took out of party hall. P: yes i remember most of things but i can’t remember how i died. It must been dine by one of u.
Rv looked emotionless but abhi was more frustrated.
A:i am not sure if i should tell i how or by who u hav to know neither of us did it.
P:tell me now.
A:i can’t tell u. It is the one reason why none of us r supposed to remember anything bfr . U r not suppised to remember anything. U hav to live with the things u remember
I became curious to know abt it. P: how do u know all of tis.
He just looked outside. A:i hav been alive for long time pragya. I am just like u. I can remember how i died and everything bfr it.

P:really. How u died?
A: a mob liked me. They thought tat i was involved in vampirism but i didn’t. Nirangen -top councilember changed me.
P:he did it infront of people?
A:no he got out of crowd and moved out of city and bite me
P:bfr they bite people to changr them into vampire.
A:s but now injecting venom in our blppd is more efficient tan tat. Most of us cannot come out in sunlight
But i am lucky i can withstand sunlight.
I heard everything keenly. I need more answers from him.
P:u still havn’t told me how i died? He was silent.
A:i told u . U don’t want to know. It is best if u don’t.
P:i told u i don’t care abt it. I want to hear abt it.
A:u don’t want to hear it. I will hurt u pragya.
P:it can’t be tat horrible.
A:it is. My case is better tan u.
P:still i want to know how u died?why can’t i?there isn’t diff.

He towards me A:s pragya there is. U r killed by some one who is close to u all ur life. Murdered u in a brutal way. I can’t believe it. U were put through it. I could hav stopped but i didn’t. As i said bfr even if u don’t remember it is ur fate. Noone supposed to remember wat happened to them. I am not gping to tell any more.
I was shocked i thought who could it be. The only person close to me is my appa but it is not possible. Then if it is tina. But she has not tat guts. Then who it could be. Then only i realised it was my mom. .y memory flowed back. I remember how i was killed by my mom. The deeling was worse tan tge wound.

A:u remember
P:yes.i tried to control my emotions.
Abhi looked at me and shocked. I felt sonething cold and wet rolled down my cheek. I touched it and it is shiny in moonlight.
A:u r crying? He said in amusement.
P: wat is wrong in it. Havn’t u ever seen someone crying bfr?
A:i hav never seen a vampirevcry.
P: r they really tough
A:no it is just we can’t cry becoz we hav only blood and venom in our body. We don’t hav other body fluids in our body. So we can’t cry. But u hav broken the reality rule.
I even a vampire i was different from all others.
Then i just stared outside and thought abt my life. I don’t how many twists and turns r there in my life.

Precap:admission in scl.

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