Love story never ends ( Part 5 )

Hi guys sorry for the delay I now this time I am super late sorry I was busy because with my college assignments and my job, exams and i got serious frature in my right hand I was not able do anything now I am fine now so I am writing this ff and now on I try to post as soon as possible I will stop my bhug bhug now k pls do comments guys positive or negative I get inspired by that or if u any suggestions u can tell me ok here go’s my ff 5th part

Recap: Aryan and aru confess they love to each other .

Aryan & Aru are seen going on bike ride after a romantic dinner and they stop at some isolated place because of heavy rain
Aryan: 2 foot ki dinosaur ur looking very pretty in wet dresses I am feeling to huge u tightly and kiss u
Aru : Blushing aryan u don’t call me dinosaur k
Aryan : then what should I call ( teasing tone )
Aru : Nothing and she starts playing with rain
Aryan memrised by her beauty and sees are cutie face and smiles
Aru : Did not noticed this she was enjoying in rain and came out to play in rain
Aryan : aru what are u doing u will catch cold come here
Aru : No Aryan I will not u also come and join me its amazing
Aryan : No I will not
Aru : with puppy eyes Aryan pls for me
Aryan : k
Aru : that’s like my sweet hubby
Aryan : with smile wht did u said now aru
Aru : realizes wht she said and tell nothing Aryan
Aryan : drags aru near him and tightly holds are by her waist and ask her wht did u said
Aru : struggles to free herself but all in vain she gives up and says shyly hubby
Aryan : Gives a bold smile and hugs are tightly and kisses her on forehead
Aru ; blushes and keeps her head on Aryan heart and hugs him tightly
Aryan : I love u aru so much
Aru : I love u too Aryan
Aryan and aru holding each other they share a eye look and and they hold each and starts dancing And in bg song plays (
(Jo haal dil ka idhar ho raha hai
Woh haal dil ka udhar ho raha hai
Jaan-e-jaan dilo pe pyaar ka
Ajab sa assar ho raha hai)

Jo haal dil ka idhar ho raha hai
Woh haal dil ka udhar ho raha hai

(Gale se laga lu
Labo pe saja lu
Tere afsano ko
Mai apna bana lu)
Dard hai halka sa
Magar ho raha hai
Jaan-e-jaan dilo pe pyaar ka
Ajab sa assar ho raha hai

Jo haal dil ka idhar ho raha hai
Woh haal dil ka udhar ho raha hai

(Ye mujhko khabar hai
Ye tujhko pata hai
Jo chaya dhadkan pe
Chahat ka nasha hai)
Diwana tera
Bekhabar ho raha hai

(Jaan-e-jaan dilo pe pyaar ka
Ajab sa assar ho raha hai
Jo haal dil ka idhar ho raha hai
Woh haal dil ka udhar ho raha hai) )
Aryan and aru are looking at each other aryan and aru losses they balance and roll down aru is in downside and aryan above her they looking into each other eyes aru is shivering due to fear aryan holds her cheecks and kisses her all over her face and now he comes more near to her now they don’t have any space between them they both can feel they breath and hear they heart beats aryan slowly cares aru face and lips by hands now aryan slowly moves towards aru and aru closes her eyes being shy aryan locks her lip by him they have passionate lip lock between and aru reprociate to him nearly for 3 mins they will be like these they are in they own worlds looking into they eyes and having beautiful kiss and they have forgetten rain has been stopped long time only after few minutes they realize this and break the hug and smile looking at each other and aru shyly looks down aryan hugs her tightly and say let we move now its already late aru
Aru : blushes and say k aryan
They both leave from there and go to they respective rooms by saying good night and hugging
Scence shifts to krishnavathi
All family are seen happy having a dinner and talking
After dinner kumu and pvr are seen alone and talking about something ( which is muted ) and looks tensed
Kumu : pvr if these matter comes it will bring destroy to our family
Pvr : No kumu it wont happen ever and look at they family are happy and enjoying and no thi wont happen ever we will not let our family happiness go away
Kumu : your right we should stop these before it affects on our children’s we should find so solution
By saying this aru and aryan are shown in they rooms thinking of they beautiful movements spend together with other and smile and go to sleep

Precap: Aryan and aru have they nok jhok and they parents call them aryan and aru hide about they relationship pavithra and tulsi find that they are hiding something from them .

So guys this my ff 5th part I hope u all like if u don’t like it please tell me I will try to rectify it please comment positive or negative and u can suggest me also. Waiting for ur valuable comments and as soon as possible I will post the next part and guys think what is the secret kumu and pvr are hiding there will be more suspense and thrill in the ff and I guys seriously telling I am missing arra badly pls guys don’t stop visiting kd website and we continue our family like this only and guys wish me luck my exams are going to start from 22nd to 28th I really need ur wishes because I am not yet prepared little bit also because I have my job in morning and evening and next month probly from 20th my 1st sem exams may start so it will time for me update sorry guys and pls comment me if u dislike this u can tell me pls comment guys I waiting for it I am aru signing off bye guys take care miss u all and arra and family bye.

  1. No worries Aaru..Dz epi z so cute..And all the best for ua xam & career..Am also missing Kd & Aara..Thankz for dz ff dea..And also,What r u studying nw..?
    May Allaah bless u with almighty n peace✌

  2. Nitha

    Aara are suprr cutiee ??n der romance in rain?????,watin for next one Dea,to knw d suspnse post ASAP.. And Aru evn we r missing aara n kd very badly yaar,itzz hell boring witout dem to watch TV??..

  3. Komal randhawa

    ?????.. All the best for ur exams ????

  4. Wow lovely on its lyk rain in a desert

  5. Aru

    Thanks guys and Rebba di I studying 1st sem bcom and of course Nitha I reveal suspense soon and thanks Kamal and harsha

  6. Great episode.??

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