EMERALD..The Divine Love (4)


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Ryan’s POV

“dude, how can Emma and mark make a good pair?” Jeremy asked in a teasing mood.”why dude?” I too joined him.em was seems angry. I liked her that expression. the reply of Jeremy was shocking. “she is already married to you” Jeremy said.I and em looked at each other.

“it was fake” I and em said in unison.

“oh really .is it??? then what about the promise which u took in front of priest, In front of me, in front of god?” Jeremy questioned us.

“u knew what was the situation” em said

“I knew Emma. .u married to Ryan to get rid off mark.but ur marriage was not a fake one.u both did it with all rituals. ” Jeremy said.

“so what Jerry, we will get divorce once we finished our exam” I said.I don’t want to divorce em.what if she want??

“divorce? ” em and Jeremy asked in unison

“yeah divorce” I couldn’t looked at em.I turned my gaze to my plate.

“r u kidding me Ryan. u both forget ur promise in marriage that u both will love, comfort, honour and protect ur partners as long as u both shall live”? Jeremy asked.

“yeah we remember jerry. that was a forceful marriage and I didnt take it seriously. ” em said..it seems that she don’t love me and she don’t want to stay in this unwanted relationship.

“what about u Ryan” Jeremy asked.

“I agree with emerald” I looked at her.her face was expressionless.

“if u both didn’t took the relation serious then why u both r wearing ur wedding rings till now.it has been 2 month for ur ‘unwanted’ relationship” Jeremy said in an angry tune.

we both looked at our wedding ring.we r wearing it still now.we both went to a silent mode.

em excuses us.she went to her room.

“what was the need of talking all this jerry? ” I asked angrily

“I want to clear everything” he said.

I went to living room and switch on the tv.jeremy came there and sat beside me.I looked at em’s door.it was closed.

Emerald’s POV

I shuts my room’s door.I looked at my wedding ring. we got married before 2 months because of mark.he was disturbing me from the day I joined new university. everyone knows that he is next prince of Windsor. every girl want to date with him.but I don’t like him from my first day of uni.he don’t know who I am.whenever he came to disturb me jerry tried to told him that I am princess of wales.but I stopped him.I was afraid that if any1 get to know about me then I will lost my friends too like before. I don’t have any friends in my school. only jerry and my cousin were my friends. .and now Ryan too.

Ryan, he has a good personality.he always protected me from mark.sometimes I feel like he has some divine power.he didn’t think once before marrying me.the idea was Jeremy’s. he said that mark only likes unmarried and virgin girl.so he said us to marry and Ryan agreed for that.

I don’t know how many times mark approached me to say that he only want me for one night and want to taste me..no one never ever talked me light that..I slapped him hard.from now he started to disturb me more.

I shook my head and got ready for university. Jeremy and Ryan were also got ready. we 3 went to uni in Ryan’s car.


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NB:this story is revolves around two royal families WALES&WINDSOR and some ordinary peoples.I took the surnames from real royal family of England. but the rules of the royal family and other things are my own imagination. the rules of my Wales&Windsor’s is no relationship with the real Wales&Windsor’s.

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