Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rambhateri telling her plan to Nandu. Nandu goes. Rambhateri says Nandu does not know that she alone has to fight. Raval sees Raju and says dohas. Raju says he has understood the dohas. He says Pratap and Dheeraj have come. He tells them to have big deal. He says we want model town vacant in one week, we three have to do this work. Dheeraj says we will explain people. Raju says I will set the price for your work, you will get big bungalow when model town vacates. They get glad and agree.

Pratap asks what about other. Raju says let them go anywhere. Raval smiles and says we will see whats happening there. He plays live feed of Jaggu convincing people to leave model town. Dipika says but where will we go. Nandu stops Nani and says my mum’s house is not to be sold. Raval says Nandu has to be controlled, I told Jaggu. Raju says Jaggu can’t control her, I will control her. Raval says I want all homes vacant. Raju says he has a plan and model town will get vacant in one go. Jaggu asks Nandu to think again. Nandu says many people have taken loan to get homes, even Jaggu.

Jaggu says yes, we have to pay loans by selling homes. Dipika says our home price will get more less. Nandu says yes, think of pros and cons. She says their home is good and asks Jaggu what model town did bad with him. Jaggu is unable to say. He says nothing happened with me. Nandu asks them to see and asks Chanchal why is she selling home at so low price. Its just a rumor and everyone turned psycho to lose 80 lakhs, they are rich, but I decided I won’t leave model town.

Raval says Raju’s challenge will be Nandu. Raju takes it light and is over confident. He will fail Nandu. Nandu tells everyone about financial loss. Komal asks is this loss more than our life. Nandu asks them to leave if they feel so. They all refuse to sell homes. Rambhateri smiles.

Raju calls Nandu. She asks did he run away. He says I won’t go before sending you. He says you would me missing me. She says model town won’t get vacant. He says I will keep proposal tomorrow, you will also get ready, it will be solid, start packing. She argues and says no one will leave. Rambhateri says its harmful to control anger, and passes message to Nani. Nani gets angry and says I know you are telling me. Rambhateri laughs and asks her which phase of your life made you happy. Nani says I was very happy, there were always problems. Rambhateri asks her to smile to problems, then problems will go. She pacifies her and asks her to take fate as it comes by smile, its her choice to smile or cry. Nani realizes this and pinches herself. She smiles. Rambhateri sees this and smiles.

Nandu comes and argues with Nani. Nani says its your and Anjali’s home, and cries. Rambhateri asks Nandu why did she spoil the things, I was training Nani to smile. You made her cry. Rambhateri says Nani wants good for you and Anjali, look happy, Nani will get confidence to stay here. Nandu says sorry. Rambhateri asks her not to lose and learn confidence from Raju. Nandu says I will not let Raju vacate model town.

Rashmi and Rajni have a talk. Rajni gets message about that guy. Rajni cries and shows the guy’s injured pic to their mom. Rajni says we want to get rid of Raju, along with this model town. Her mum says Jaggu is not taking my call. Rajni says Raju has beaten him. Her mum says even I don’t want to stay here now. Rashmi says we will stay anywhere, just come with us. They hug their mum and cry.

Raju falls and holds Nandu’s hand. Nandu scolds him and wanrs others too. Raju smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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