Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suman tells Ranveer that this is not 3 projects, but 3 parts of her identity and she will do with honesty. Ranveer asks her to bring ginger tea. Suman goes. She peels potatoes. Sanjana comes. Suman tells her that moustaches are on her face. Sanjana gets shocked and angry on Sahil for making moustaches. Sanjana asks her to make coffee and breakfast for her and everyone. Suman agrees. Antara says we shall help her. Sanjana says she is jethani and gives orders to dewranis. Suman gives tea to Ranveer. He says he asked tea two hours back and asks her to bring coffee. He says I hope I will get coffee on time. Suman looks on. Ranveer asks if she don’t want to do her patni dharm. Suman says she will bring coffee and thinks you are doing this intentionally to break my strength.

Kalavati imagines

herself as a queen and chaman kaka serving her breakfast. Veer asks her to take out paratha and says it will be burnt. He asks her to get him ready for school. She says she is hungry and will eat food first.

She calls Dadi and tells that she is doing all work alone, and also making Veer and her food. She tells that her hand is burnt and back pain too. Dadi says even she is feeling back pain. Kalavati says she is feeling hot without AC. Dadi says you are lucky to have fresh air and asks Kalavati not to sit idle and do work. Kalavati ends the call and gets upset.

Suman thinks to go to Kalavati house and make food for Veer. Sanjana comes and takes her coffee. Suman brings coffee and asks Ranveer to drink. He says he wants to drink breakfast now. Suman says it is ready. He asks for his shirt. Suman gives him and falls in his embrace. Naina song plays….They have an eye lock. He takes his coffee and tastes it. He thinks it is good. Suman serves food to everyone. Dadi tells that Suman have another sasural and I gave her permission to handle both houses. Everyone smiles. Bade Papa says it is good. Brijesh says she can do well, and says all their bahus are sanskari. Sindhoora says I am proud of you. She thinks whoever sails in two boats are always drowned.

Suman brings tea and Poha for Ranveer and asks him to have it and she will come and make lunch. She asks if he has any complains with her. Ranveer tells her that he wants to have halwa now. Suman checks the time, it is 8 am. She goes to kitchen and makes halwa. Sindhoora comes and asks Suman to make green tea for her with a pinch of lemon. Suman says ok and asks Chaman kaka how to make it. Sindhoora is talking on phone and badmouths about Suman. Suman gives her green tea. Sindhoora scolds her for making kada out of green tea and asks her to go. Suman goes. Sindhoora thinks she don’t want to leave any chance.

Ranveer tells Suman that she might be eager to meet her son and says he is everything to you. Suman says he is my son and you are my husband, there is wrong to both of you. She says that is my family too and I have to go there to fulfill my responsibilities. She says I will come. Ranveer says it is ok if you don’t come.

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