Jaat Ki Jugni 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Munni asks Jyoti if she will go to Bauji’s house for paghphera ritual. Jyoti says no. Munni says she wants to take Bauji’s blessings. Bheem enters with Munni’s bags and says she is not welcomed in their house again as she betrayed them all. She asks how is Bauji. Bheem says he is dead even after being alive because of Munni’s deeds. Bauji considered Munni as his child and did not get his own children, but Munni got him arrested. He throws bags and leaves. Munni cries that she should not have told truth and got bauj arrested. Jyoti consoles her and asks her to take Bittu’s permission and go for paghpheras.

Munni goes back to her room. Bittu says she looks beautiful in the morning. She says she wants to go for paghpheras as per rituals. He says he will drop her. She says Pratap will come to take her. Bittu pampers her and pemits. Pratap comes to take Munni and while traveling in car, she asks if she did right. He asks her not to think much, she did right. They reach home. Muskan greets her and asks to come in. She gets in, but Bauji shouts at her to stop right there and never come back after spoiling their family name. She walks out sadly and says she will never step in until Bauji permits her.

Bittu looks at her and Munni’s wedding photo and smiles. Phool Kumari enters and says it is just only a few minutes and he is missing his wife, she will return soon. Jyoti and Vikram try to hide Munni’s belongings. Bittu enters and asks what are they hiding. Jyoti says her clothes. Bittu says it is Munni’s bag and insists to tell truth. Jyoti tells him whole story. Bittu informs Phool Kumari and says he wants to go there right now. Precap: Saanjh searches proof in Maya’s house to prove Arjun innocent. Inspector enters and says Saanjh herself gathered proof against Arjun and Arjun will rotten in jail now. Phool Kumari stops him and tells let Munni handle situation in her way.

Munni continues waiting outside house and insists she will not come in until Bauji permits her. Bauji stands in balcony and listens to her angrily. Savita tries to provoke him against Munni and asks him to disown her completely. He shouts her to shut up. Muskaan forcefully drags Munni to Bauji. Munni tells Bauji that he bouht her up ike a daughter now why he is so angry on her. She sees ceiling fan falling on Bauji and gets worried.

Precap: Munni tells Bittu that they did mistake by marrying, she does not want any more trouble for her family and will spend rest of her life remembering a day spent with Bittu.

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