Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ranveer sees Suman tied. Suman tells him that a masked guy/girl came and tied her. He makes her have water. Suman tells that masked guy has ruined their names written with flower and also hit her. She says he is about to stab her, but escaped. Suman says he was about to kill me and cries. Ranveer says I will come and tells that he will unveil the masked man. Suman says I will also come with you. Sanjana sees the mask and throws it off. Ranveer sees her holding mask and asks what does she wants? Sanjana says I already apologized to you. Ranveer accuses her for attacking Suman. Sanjana tells that she is innocent and asks him to catch the main culprit. Suman tells Ranveer that Sanjana is partially responsible for their marriage, then why she will do this? Ranveer shows the mask which was kept there.

Suman recalls seeing the mask man and tells that it is the same mask. Sanjana tells that she saw the mask, picked it and then threw. Manan and Antara came home. Ranveer tells that he saw Sanjana in the morning.

Sanjana says even I was getting ready. Antara says you got ready first. Manan says you went to washroom leaving us. Sanjana asks if you are doubting on me and cries. Antara asks her not to cry. Manan tells that she is right. Suman apologizes to Sanjana. Sanjana says you trust me, but not him. Suman apologizes on his behalf. Sanjana says I will agree if you are apologizing me. Manan suggests Ranveer to collect proofs before accusing anybody.

Ranveer tells Suman that he will not be at peace until he finds the person. Suman says she can’t doubt on Antara and Sanjana and they are like her sisters. Ranveer says whoever is he person wants to ruin our moment and asks her to come. He takes her back to terrace. They sit on the table. Ranveer gives her phone. Suman is still upset. He calls her and asks her to pick the call. She picks the call and says hello. He says he is Ranveer Mittal and asks if she is getting married to handsome, charming and good looking guy. Suman says guy is just ok. Ranveer says that’s really sad, it is never too late and says one guy is sitting infront of you and says you have a chance. Suman refuses and says once I do a commitment, I just do. They have food and dance. Inna Sona plays.

Next morning, Ranveer wakes up and finds someone sleeping beside him on his bed. He wonders who is he/she? Suman says good morning to Chaman kaka and says she will give tea to everyone. Chaman gives her tea tray. Suman gives tea to everyone and goes to give to Dadisaa. Ranveer sees Sonali and asks what the hell you are doing here? Sonali asks don’t you remember what happened between us. Ranveer is shocked.

Sonali tells Ranveer that everything happened between them. Sonali says she will hide hearing Suman. Ranveer asks her not to hide. Sonali asks if he will tell to Suman.

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  1. can’t believe that sonali would do something like that. Loved sumveer scenes today. Don’t know what will happen now and can’t wait for sumveer wedding


    Toooo slow and tooo late update..
    I don’t know why team do bakwas show update on time and good shows have to wait till next day almost.

    I knew this sonali is real culprit.. she will manipulate ranveer for marriage, i can’t see another couple break up. Team plz don’t ruin atleast suman and ranveer tooo much sweet chemistry.

  3. This sonali is soooooo cheap .I hate her.She do everything to bring Ranveer back in her life .But I don’t like that .I want Ranveer marry Suman not Sonali . what makers do with the show.I don’t like that.I know Ranveer will get married to Suman What when .Because Suman handle two mother-in-law Kalawati and Sindoora after her second marriage.If Ranveer and Suman marriage doesn’t happened how she handle her mother-in-law Sindoora . Because Sindoora is her another mother-in-law.When will masked person exposed.When will marriage happen.If Suman doubt Ranveer when she see him with Sonali.

  4. Its all rubbish Sonali may have just slept beside ranveer but there was nothing between them ………she just wants to break the marriage….

  5. Hi fans of the show you agree with me
    I wish Sonali chapter close soon from the show and she left the Mittal house.I hate her sooooooo much.
    Why makers of the show dragging the show.If they drag the show like that no one watch this show.There is too much negativety on the show.Why they dragging the show for TRP.But if they dragging the show like that how show gain TRP.Why they give title Ek vivah aisa bhi to the show.It is not suitable title for the show.Because doesn’t happened yet

    1. wishing the same

  6. Pls stick to your storyline. Remove this Sonali from the serial. She is so cheap that her beautiful face can also not save her from the hatred that she is getting from the fans of Suman and Ranveer.

  7. Summer

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m waiting for the wedding to happen but it’s certainly taking its time, with all the mishaps and events that keeps taking place. Sonali is very pretty indeed; however, her shallow and coquette manner with Ranveer certainly undermines her pretty face. Any credibility of Sonali saving Ranveer from the gun shot instantly disappear.

    1. hey Dear how r u
      ur comment means a lot to me

    2. Summer i am using urdu/hindi try to understand
      ek sachi bat btaon poora din bor hoti rehti hon 1 mahine se zyada ho gya hai papers khatm hoe na din ko evo hoti hai apne pas q k abu sirf 2 ghante k lie dete hain aur phir wapis le lete hain na koi aesa jis se main baat kr skon boht bor hoti hon bs meri baton ko serious mt lena meri Di b ghaib hain iss lie bs tum se ye sb keh dia in baton ko serious mt lena plz

      1. Summer

        Hi Ooshi,

        good to hear from you πŸ™‚ Sorry, I don’t understand hindi. I rely on subtitles to follow the story. Can you please translate what you have just messaged me πŸ™‚ I tried google translate, but the translation does not make sense? Please write in English for me, thanks πŸ™‚ .

      2. only for u
        it’s one month since my exams over i don’t have net day time because father give me evo for only 2 hours then take it back i have no one with whom i can talk one brother who goes to school and then studies and if we talk he usually misbehaves and make me angry and little sad here was one Di of mine with whom i share my incidents like this but she is also missing from more than one month i felt so much bore for whole day it’s better not to translate it but ur please …. do’t take it seriously it’s not normal for anyone even not for me to tell this all to u as i am not frank to some one at this extent except Di but don’t have anyone with whom i can share this so just…
        if u read it then don’t take it seriously but i will prefer that u don’t read it
        missing Di very much

      3. Summer

        Hi Ooshi,

        Thank you so much for taking the time to translate for me. I am very grateful πŸ™‚ The waiting period can be tense,all the best for your results. πŸ™‚ I am sorry to hear you are missing your friend Di very much indeed and that you have not heard from her. Perhaps she is busy, i’m sure she will reach out to you when her schedule permits. πŸ™‚ Your little brother sounds mischievous. I’m sure he does not mean to misbehave on purpose to make you angry, perhaps he just wants you company? Sometimes with younger siblings, giving them a little patience and time, you might find that you both will start understanding each other and having fun together. πŸ™‚ I hope you don’t mind me saying. I can appreciate that you would not normally express your personal matter to someone online that you hardly know, but i also understand that sometimes you need to share. If you ever feel lonely or the need to share, I shall always be ready to listen. πŸ™‚
        Hopefully, your friend Di will get in touch with you very soon. πŸ™‚

      4. thanks and sorry

  8. I think there are too many villains and this serial might turn into typical daily soap. It would be interesting if it sticks to its original track and show the real problems a widow has to face.

    1. don’t say the first thing hope for good atleast

  9. hate this sonali want to kill her love sumveer eagerly waiting for their marriage and don’t want this evilness specially before sumveer’s marriage

  10. bhoot g (Ammu) for u

  11. After so many days i replied to all feeling happy


    Whefe is 14th may update??


      Sorry 15 may


    15 may 2017

    I saw no update till now that why i am doing.

    Episode starr with ranveer ask sonali about sleeping on his side. Sonali says we did like husband and wife.
    Suman serve tea to dadi and she praises her and ask to wake ranveer. Suman goes.
    Sonali laughs and say i was just joking. Suman knock door and both get tense. Ranveer ask sonali not to hide and i shall say truth to suman. He open door but sonali hides behind cupboard. She was about to sneez but ranveer cover up.
    Suman says that i know you are tensed about attacks. But one thing is clear that attacker do not want to kill me. She adds that now i shall face him with courage. Ranveer praises her. Suman says that now i did what dadi asked and ask him to get ready for telbandh. Ranver ask dadi asked, she is so romantic. But what is telbandh?? Suman says its haldi in marwari. And she goes.
    Ranver scolds sonali for hiding and he had to lie. Sonali acts as if she helped him. He asked tl stay far from me and she goes smiling.

    Babe papa ask kalavati about stay. She says they are fine but feel sad that we are staying and troubling you. Badi maa says we are relative now. Kalavati says sorry. Bade papa ask if everything is fine b/w her and sindhura. Fb is shown where badi maa saw them fighting. Sindhu comes and say it was just frind’s fight and they hug each other.

    Sonali sees suman coming and delibratly hides her earing asking to ranveer if he saw. And acts as if she said something which suman should not hear. Sonali gives clarification about going for walk and thought to say good morning to ranveer but he was in washroom and i left.
    Suman says to sonali that you don’t know me but ranveer knows. I am not that type of girl who doubts on friends. And ask her to come in haldi.
    Sonali says she shall come after taking shower and goes. Suman praises her and ranveer ask her to go and get ready. Sonali thinks you shall believe me soon.

    1. Dadi apply haldi to ranveer and ask him to love suman like this. Ranveer say no dadi.
    2. Suman, antra and sanju hide and see.
    3. Dadi ask sindhu to add haldi and apply to suman.
    4. Someone(may be sonali) add something in suman haldi.

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