Monsoon: An unusual love story Arnav Khushi FS Part4

Thanks to Riana,Kavita,Vavachi.

Monsoon:An unusual love story Part 4

The wedding day arrived.Arnav and Khushi looked their best in the wedding costumes.
“Now let us start the wedding ceremony”,the Panditji said.
“No”,Khushi had only one reply.
Everyone was shocked.
“What are you saying?You only wanted to get married and now you are refusing to get married?”
Her mother Garima asked her.
“I did’nt refuse to marry.But I can’t marry now.I will marry only when it starts raining”,she said.
The people were wondering what was wrong with her.
“How is the wedding related to the rain?Why do you say that you will let the wedding take place only when it rains?”Garima asked Khushi.
“Rain has a very important role in our love.So when we both became each other’s possession there shoukd be rain”,she was stubborn.
“You are crazy”,her father Shashi said.
Arnav supported Khushi,
“It was our mutual decision.We decided to marry in Monsoon.Because we wanted rain;the main witness to our love to be there with us when our love reaches it’s destination ie our wedding”.
His mother Manorama got irritated,
“You are also insane?How?I just can’t believe this.What if it does’nt rain?Will you postpone the wedding?”
He held Khushi closer to him,

“Definitly there will be rain.We believe in our love which is beautiful like rain.We are willing to wait for that moment…the moment when it rains”.
“How can you both get married in the rain?Without fire there can’t be wedding.There can’t be fire in the rain”,The panditji said.
Arnav replied,”For us,fire is rain”.
It started raining.Arnav and Khushi became very happy.They ran out due to excitement without listening to the elders.
Arnav’s grand mother (Father’s mother)Subhadra got irritated.
“What is happening to these children?Their brains are damaged”.
Arnav’s grand mother {Mother’s mother}Devyani remained calm.
“This is their day.They can have their wedding to take place in their way”.
Arnav and Khushi were relieved when Devyani supported them.
Arnav filled the parting of Khushi’s hair with vermillion while rain drops were poured on them.
Arnav’s sister Anjali held her husband Shyam’s hand,
“So cute.If I knew that rain wedding was so romantic I would have asked you to marry me in Monsoon”.
Shyam giggled.
Before the rain could wash away Khushi’s vermillion,she and Arnav went inside.
Devyani said,
“You both married according to your wish.Now please remarry for us”.
Everyone laughed.

Arnav and Khushi were shy.
The Panditji said,
“Love rain.But don’t ignore fire atleast on the wedding day.Take 7 steps around the fire for our sake”.
Arnav and Khushi smiled.
They made their wedding complete by taking 7 steps around the fire.

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  1. Honey

    lovely romantic dr

  2. Krkavita

    The update was romantic but I found it hilarious as well. Loved arshi and shyamli scenes.

  3. wow , as rain became the witness of their meeting and love confession their wedding too takes place in rain , wonderful . loved this update . shyam-anjali scene was cute .

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