Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raja wants a night from Rani, when he wants to live all his love that he never could.
Bindu says to Iqbal she and Rani were enemies because of Raja, Rani won Raja over. When she returned, he was in Rani’s life but she can’t see Iqbal in Rani’s eyes. She complains when she suggested to plan the dinner, why Rani called Angat into the room for planning. Bindu leaves.
Raja demands Rani a single night, Rani was ready to do anything to save his life and send him away from here. Raja holds her to the bed. She shuts her eyes, while tears fell off. They stare towards each other lying in the bed. There was a knock at the door, Iqbal calls Rani to open the door. Rani was worried and requests Raja to go, he smiles as the game has just begun and goes to open the door. Rani begs of

him, Iqbal continuously knocks at the door. Angat opens the door to Iqbal. Iqbal looks towards the creased unsettled bed. Angat explains its nothing what he is thinking of. Iqbal punches over Angat’s face. Angat says sorry, it all just happened; and was not intentional. He unbuttons his shirt, explaining he couldn’t control himself. Iqbal punches him again. Angat says he can no more show him his face again, but prays they both remain happy with each other. Iqbal shuts the door from inside, then turns to Rani. Angat comes downstairs. Iqbal says even a FSW is more loyal than Rani. Angat thanks Bindu on the palace door, he looks towards Rani’s room saying a thanks and turns to leave. They hear Rani’s cry of being beaten up. Bindu insists he came to revenge Rani, and their revenge is complete. She tries to take Raja away, but he was hurt by the sounds of beating. He runs into the room, and clutches Iqbal’s neck shouting how dare he turned his Rani. Iqbal now clutches Raja’s neck, asking why he called Rani as his. Raja was about to reveal his identity, Rani slaps him and clutches his collar asking how dare he came between them. Rani explains there was nothing between them, this man tried to molest her but he came over to save her. She pushes Rani out of the room to get away. Raja leaves painfully, Rani’s eyes follow him. Rani silently apologizes Raja, as Iqbal would have killed him had he found his reality. After getting Iqbal punished, she will find him. Iqbal was furious, and shouts at Rani to reply him about everything that happened here. Rani looks down to see divorce papers and think if Iqbal watches them everything would be ruined.
Bindu comes looking for Raja, who sat under the dining table crying about Rani.
Iqbal follows Rani’s looks towards the papers. Rani hurries to get the candle and asks him to burn her if this can prove her loyalty. Iqbal insists that it’s his duty as a man to protect her, from now onwards she won’t leave this home without his permission. Other than breathing, she has no right over herself anymore. Rani promises, but cries badly after Iqbal has left. Raaj Mata tells Rani that Iqbal may play a dangerous game now, they need to finish this chess. Raja was still under the table. Iqbal arrives with a gift for Rani. He tells Raaj Mata that he wish to marry Rani today. Raaj Mata was shocked, Raja worried; Rani agreed to Iqbal’s will. Iqbal promises to meet her, even God can’t stop him from making her as his today. He takes a leave, Rani runs inside the room crying. Rani comes to the room and cries badly, Raaj Mata follows her. Rani says she can’t marry someone after having seen Raja in front of her. Raaj Mata insists Rani can’t lose her courage now.
Iqbal bribes a goon to take care of Angat, his death must not be an easy one. Rani was determined to kill Iqbal before he holds another hand over Raja. He must lose his life, while he tried to take Raja’s life. Raaj mata shows Rani a necklace with a knife tied behind her. It was sharp and filled with poison. Rani was ready not to tremble this time, she was ready to go to jail for Raja. Raaj Mata goes to plan for Rani’s flee.

PRECAP: Rani was ready as bride. Raja enters the room and kidnaps Rani, not ready to let her marry Iqbal.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. indera sanichara

    Yes Raja go and kidnapped your Queen . I hope Iqbal don’t find out the truth about you. Writers do the right thing now

  3. Rajmata is the cause of Rani’s plight. She and her grandiose ideas!! Look at what Rani has to endure….an enraged fiancé. What I am angry about is writers putting Rani through abuse now, wasn’t mental torture enough? To top it off now….. Raja have to resort to this type of behavior in order to get intimate with his wife. Writers have lowered the bar for spousal intimacy and this the viewers including me won’t accept. Raja seeing his wife being touched by another man is painful, thinking that she moved away from him only after 4mths. Now Bindu sees perfect opportunity to drive a chasm between Rani and Raja even more so she will have no qualms about revealing Raja’s identity Bindu wanted to go into Raja’s pants since she was a little girl…no offense meant though.

  4. in god’s name why is rani not telling raja the truth she had so many opportunities but as usual they have to go around in circles before the truth can be revealed but who knows it might be too late by then i am glad he kidnap her though waiting or tomorrow’s episode

  5. i meant for and not or sorry

  6. Naz I completely agree with you that dadu is responsible for Rani’s plight.The writers must have forgotten that they portrayed rani as a scholarship student and very independent during college days.now whatever happened to her intelligence,she has forgotten to think on her own and is dancing to the tune of her dadu’s stupid ,self destructive ideas.on his part raja is also behaving like a nut.when he could afford to give the nawab 10 lacs ,he should have spent some more to catch the real culprit Agarwal and come out clean of all criminal charges.Instead he is running round like a Magnu with no dignity we the viewers are still watching this show just for sarrtaj and eisha who are making this stupid script also watchable with their charm.Writers On your part ,pl do justice to their acting skills by writing a better script.

    1. Yeah, writers forgot that rajmata is older now and her thinking is not like when she was younger so she has given bad advice to Rani and like you correctly reminded, she’s a scholarship winner and should have made her decisions on progressive thinking. Also, all a sudden we not seeing Nusrat anymore and the other culprits in the game, so being the partner in crime with Iqbal and she wanted him for herself, she’s just handing Iqbal to Rani on a silver platter?

  7. Iqbal Khan that stupid Buller i jus hate him. Raja did the rite thing.

  8. It took me a while to place this comment as I pondered what to say …
    I think a lot of etretr fans/followers are taking this serial waaay too personally, thus the “really embarrassing” and “sometimes degrading” comments …
    criticism is the right way tho, without the ‘degrading’ remarks … also, please remember this site did ask for our contribution to the script (I did not see any positive comments) … and I believe the script presently being followed was already written (and maybe even already taped for viewing), so it would be hard to just ‘alter a script’ to our ‘personal wants’ … so please lets give the writers some ‘space’ and let us see what twists they have opted to air, for our enjoyment … thanks

  9. well said shelley

    1. thank you (smile)

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