Bigg Boss 10 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 79
Inmates wake up to the song Main Maal Gaadi.

Manu is cooking in kitchen and says where is Niti? Mona says what happened to her? Manveer says she wanted Swami to leave her and asked me to tell Swami but she was arguing with Swami so how could i ask Swami to leave? she thinks its joke to live isolated. Rohan and Bani hears it.

Rohan says to Bani that Lopa said a lot to me, Bani says i know she said mean stuff to me, Rohan says i expected her to say sorry but she didnt, Bani says i am sorry on Lopa’s behalf that she didnt realize her mistake, Rohan says i try to protect her, i dont want her to look bad like throwing luggage and all, Bani says you cant control her reactions.

Bani asks Niti why you are alone

since last days? Niti says i had argument with Manveer and i am not talking with them now. Bani says they were talking about you, Manu, Manveer and Mona were saying that you felt bad about things and isolating yourself, Niti says i dont expect anything from Mona and Manu but if Manveer can respect me as individual, they keep joking that i have no journey in this house, he didnt even put effort to speak with me.
Manu says to Lopa that Niti is following Bani’s steps to live alone, she decided it herself.

Rohan and Mona are in confession room. Bigg boss says you can increase prize money to 50lacs again by doing task. he ask them to attribute/bid a certain amount of money against the names of the rest of housemates. Accrediting the least amount to Om Swami and Nitibha, the two bid the lowest on them. Lopa and Manveer are attributed the highest amount followed by Manu and Bani. Bidding amounts per inmates are:
bid Rs 11,00,000 on Lopa
9,99,00 on Manveer
7,00,200 on Manu
6,00,350 on Bani
1,00,000 on Niti
444 on Swami

Bigg Boss tells Rohan and Mona that they cannot disclose the amount to the rest of the contestants and if they do so, the task will be terminated.

Niti reads task for inmates that they are getting chance to increase prize money by doing task “Maalgaadi(goods train), Bigg Boss tells Rohan and Mona will act as the jailers in Maalgaadi task while the rest of the housemates will be the prisoners. Rohan and Mona are required to continuously rotate the levers placed near the engine while the prisoners have to survive for a considerable amount of time inside the jail. After every siren, Rohan and Mona will get a chance to free one prisoner and deliver him/her to Bigg Boss. If they become successful in doing so, the amount to that particular contestant will be added to the overall winning amount. If the prisoners free themselves by their own will, they will become the contenders for this week’s captaincy task but amount bid on him or her could not be added prize money. The frequency of the siren will directly be proportional to the speed of the train.

Rohan says to Mona that we have to sort people as we bid on them. Manu likes train, Manveer says its london train.
Niti says to Bani that i am sure they bid least on me. Bani says i feel Rohan and Mona got secret task, Lopa says that they will become contenders? Lopa says prize money will not increase much, Niti says it depends on bid on you, Bani says i want to be contender for captaincy too, Lopa says thats task, you choose prize money of show or captaincy.
Manu says to Manveer that they must have bid high on you.
Bani says to Niti that you 25lacs of prize money, Niti says everyone bid that amount in that task, Bani says but you got advantage from it, we lost because of you.

Inmates dress as prisoners and come in jail. They sit in jail and has got keys to their chains and lock near them too. Buzzer plays. Rohan and Mona sit on train and start moving lever. Manveer says the one who has got lowest bid should get down and become contender, niti says if you think you are winner material and can win show then you should stay and increase prize money, Lopa says think you can get 50lacs too. Bani says i can get down easily rightnow. rohan says train is moving, dont get down. Manveer asks Manu to not get in Niti’s words, Niti says you think you are winner? Manveer says you dont think you are winner? Niti says you dont believe me in top 5 only.

Manu says if we all are thinking that we winner then this is typical, Bani says i have a feeling that Swami will come and become contender by getting down. Niti says you should think that you are winner, Manu says winner doesnt mean that you stay sitting silent, we play for ourselves to become winner, Lopa says what if we dont become captains and loose prize money too? Bani says its about ifs and buts, Manveer says i will stay till end.
Rohan says to Mona that we have put right bidding. Manu says to Manveer that we are hero in getting down first and staying till end too.

Bani says to inmates that i get feeling that i should get down from jail, i want to be contender for captain. Bani tells Rohan and Mona that she is getting down from train, i want to be captain, i am not thinking about prize money, i can earn money anytime in life. Lopa reminds her of her new year resolution that she had announced in front of everyone. Bani says it was to do task and it is part of task but its your call. Bani says i feel like i should get down, Bani quits and says if anyone want anything to eat then tell me, she leaves. Lopa says her new year resolution is gone, Rohan says congrat Bani you gave up once more, Lopa says she has no confidence her that fan following will save her, she would have been justified that if bidding on her was lowest, Bani says i dont need to justify it, i can decide for myself, it doesnt matter what others think.

Swami comes back in confession room. Bigg boss says to Swami that task is going on, change clothes and start task, Swami thanks him and leaves.
Swami comes in house. Swami says people were following me. Mona asks Rohan to lock him up. Swami says tell me about task. Rohan shows him fake gun and as him to get in task. Swami hugs him and says i love you, forgive me, Rohan says okay.

Lopa says to inmates that i am thinking that even f i am not winner then it will be useful for one who needs money. Manveer says Bani is strongest and left like this. Niti says i took 25lacs for immunity so i will stay here till i can here. Manveer says she has build body and have tattoos like cheetah but cant sit more than 2hours, i will do good for anyone else too, Lopa says even if i get evicted, i would do something good for other.

Swami joins task and enters jail. Manu says come here, there are so many cameras here. Swami says i am favorite in Delhi. Mona tells Swami about task that if he leave jail then he will become contender for captaincy, but if you stay here then you can increase prize money. Swami says Lopa is kicking me out, Lopa says dont say rubbish, if you want to leave then leave.

Swami says i need your prayers. Manveer says me and Swami will stay till end. Buzzer leaves. Swami tries to open his chains, Manveer says you cant do this. Rohan asks Manveer if he can stay till tomorrow morning without using washroom? Manveer says yes. Lopa says i can stay but cant camouflage, Swami starts leaving jail, he tries to jump from jail but Manu grabs his waist and stop him but Swami pushes and gets down from task. Rohan says get lost, let him leave. Lopa says deliver him, Rohan says no, he can leave. Swami says in camera that Manu is goon, he tried to make me stop. Bigg boss says as per rules you cant leave jail when buzzer is played, first Rohan and Mona has to decide who will be delivered then you can leave jail not before it, Swami says i am not going back to jail. Bigg boss says if you dont get in jail again then you cant be contender for captaincy. Rohan asks Lopa if she can stay till morning? Lopa says i want to stay. Rohan asks Manu if you can stay till morning? Manu says i will manage. Rohan says we are rleasing Lopa Bigg boss. Mona says to Swami that you can come out of jail after we release one inmate. Swami says they wont allow me to come out again. Swami goes in jail again.
Lopa says to Rohan that are you scared that i would become contender for captaincy thats why you freed me first? Rohan says you think like this always.
Niti says Swami is so liar, first said he will stay in jail till end and then ranaway, Swami says you are liar, Niti says shut up, Swami shouts shut up, Manveer says shut up oldie. Mona asks Swami to come out now if you want, Manveer says let him be. Manu says i am sure there wont be much bid on Swami. Swami quits task. Manveer says you are shame to manhood.

Mona and rohan are running lever till now. Swami says to Rohan and Mona that outside house, there were so much people to welcome me, they said they have my photo in mandir, Rohan says dont brag this much.

Bigg boss tell inmates that today’s time for maalgaadi task has ended. Mona says Bigg boss i did right? i can do physical tasks too? Rohan says you did really well, Mona run around being happy.

All inmates are in kitchen, Rohan says to inmates that Bani failed one more task. Bani is sitting in lounge. Rohan says Bani and Swami are same, both want to be captain. Manu says Bani said that she wants to leave this task to do other task, what was that logic? Lopa says we showed big heart. Lopa says runners are like rats who are scared that they will get evicted.

Rohan says to Manveer that you made very good tea. Niti says captain cant do household work, Manver is still working in kitchen and says it fine, i thought to do it myself. Captain will die saving people, they should listen to captain. Niti says if captain can argue for people like Swami then he can do anything, Manveer says you should understand captain too. Niti says captain doesnt care if someone is upset and not talking to him, Manveer says you are going to different people, Niti says maybe i dont deserve to be talked by you. Manveer cutely washes mug infront of her, Niti smiles and says people misbehave and then do cute things, go to hell.

Manu says to Niti that Manveer is very soft on Swami, Niti says i get irritated, Manu says he keep Swami with him, do you see others taking Swami with them? some people might not be following friendship now because show is ending and before they needed friends to stay in house but now true colors of people will be shown. Niti says i became friends very late only. Manu says i compromised for Manveer in igloo task that i wanted Manveer to be captain but he didnt put effort, he didnt follow rules himself, he didnt prove that he deserve to get it.

Swami says to Manu that people were singing Om song in plane, Manu says his song was not telcasted, Swami says they have in their mobiles too. Manu says i sang song for Piku but she didnt get to see it, Swami says there is not only Piku in this world, Manu says dont relate yourself to it, dont take my family names. Swami says beat me, i am waiting.

Niti says to Manveer that if i am ignoring you then you dont care because you have Mona and Manu and you dont respect me, Manveer says you have gone mad, i am doing what i think is right, Niti says then i will do what i want, she says good night and goes out.
Niti comes to Manu and says Manveer called me and said he will do what he wants, if i am expecting something from him as a friend then he has wish to fulfill it and he doesnt have any expectations from me, i am getting hurt so i should step back. Manu says my plan was to leave task, when i talked to him, he said he will make way, he understood task but he didnt agree with me, its about captainship and money but he didnt get one thought to make me captain, Niti says maybe he is not able express himself, Manu says i dont think that is case.

Lopa says to Rohan that Bani is trying to get over-friendly with Rohan and it doesnt look genuine, Rohan says her closest friend has left and she has to live in this house so its obvious she would talk to us, Lopa says i am just clearing it.

PRECAP- Rohan and Mona will run lever again for maalgaadi task. Swami sits in jail and brings his food. He takes umbrella but Manu and Nit snatches it away from him, Swami’s finger gets cut in snatching, his finger bleeds, Swami says see they have spill my blood.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Superb manu.. U r awesome.. Waiting to see still how low u can fall.. Now blaming about manveer to nitibha.. Days back u re blaming about nitibha to manveer..sterday u fooled Mona… Uffff.. But why doesn’t this big boss show ur footages to manveer, Mona and others. Just wish ur original ugly selfish yucky character comes in front of everyone, Big boss when ll u do that.

  2. today it is clear that Nitibha is better friend of Manveer than Mannu…

    Om is doing over now… I was laughing hearing that his photos are worshipped in temples..??????.

    1. yes clearly Nitibha is a better frnd.

    2. Sometimes I feel Nitibha has developed a mild liking towards Manveer.

  3. hey guys, todays episode was a mixed one…good plus bad..bad bcz bani left the task frst but on the other hand good bcz it was her individual call. she values captaincy more than money and may be she is right bcz she has many shows and programmes at her doorsteps..and moreover lopa too once said ki agr mai swami om ki jgh hti to mai 10,lac de deti 2 weeks ki immunity pane ke wo kis hak se keh rhi h ki bani chhooha ban gyi task me..har koi individually khel rha h.use captaincy zyda pyri hgi rather than money isme ese chillana nhi chahiye..ultimately har koi apne lie game khel rha house koi morality and goodness show krne ka house nhi h..i didnt lyk the reactions all gave to bani..and manu jo itna usoolon wala ban rha tha akhir me apni okat dikha manveer ne ek bar bhj use ye nhi kaha ki bhai go out of the wagon and be a show krta h ki use bhi captain bnna h but prize money bbi bdana chahta h apne lie…aj to manveer ki bhi b*t*hing kr dali..but he is actually right..manveer bht zyda hi footage de rha h swami ko..bht zyda…blkl bhi boycott krne ko tyr nhi h om ko…baba to hmesha dhongi rhta h..hahahahahaha..phhool mala dali h usko..hahahahahah ..and haan mje aj lopa kafi insecure lgi bani se..usne jo rohan ko advice di h show krt ah ki kitna imsecure h bani se…whereas rohan behaved quite maturely.luv u rohan

    1. Totally agree game shuru hote hi bola manu jo sabse pehle nikla wo bhi hero jo last nikla wo bhi to ager bani ne ek call liya khud ke liye to usko sabne bura kar dea khud manu ne bani ke niklne se pehle kitni bar bola ke pesa dubara le ker kya karna hai winner ke pass dimag bhi hona chahiye ager koi khud ke liye khelna chata hai to wo uski marzi honi chahiye then all of sudden each of them are behind bani phr rat ko task ruka to to mannu b*t*hing kar raha hai kanveer ki which is not at all shocking because mannu esa hi hai ye koi pehli bar nahi hai i dont like manveer also but phr bhi igloo task mein manveer said ke tu ghus ja tu captain ban gaya to meri tarf se tujhe birthday ka tohfa mannu kisi ka bhi nahi na then cut to w9 keh rha hai ke manveer khud bolta chal bhai tu uter ja i just saw this manveer ne kaha tha tu uter main bad mein ata hu ager tujhe bhi itni hi shiddat se chahiye thi to tu to bhai bil nahi sakta bani peraur khud mannu bathroom area mein bola mujh per kam lagaye honge pese use pata hoga main nahi kar sakunga ye janta hoga khud ki per dusro per nahi chodega b*t*hing karna ..aur lopa ka bilkul sahi eg laye aap waqaee jab usne 10 gwae om ne tab lopa boli matt bolo koi or hota to bhi yehi karta shayd and niribha agrees ke han main sochti kyunki mera koi frend nahi is jagah rehne ke liye main esa kar sakty thi to aaj uska bhi koi frend nahi to agle hafte safe hone ke liye ye justified hai bat khatum

      1. agreed..but problem yahan khadi hui ki bani did the frst …islie unke plan pe pani fir gya..and footage to chahiye na…wo bani ke bare me glt bol ke kr dia.they knw bani is a serious competition..and islie hi uska charactrr negativr dkkhane ki koshish me lge hue h manu lopa and manveer bhi..lopa ne jab dkha ki mai rohan se bat nhi kr rhi and bani uske close aa rhi h use footage mil rhi h..tbhi pas aa gyi…ki mje sry bolo..rohan clean hearted h ..wo cahhta to bol skta tba ki i m sry from my heart but he said ki jb man se hga tb sry bol dunga..banj and rohan dono dil se khel rhe h..

    2. Absolutely correct. Task karne se pehele jab discussion ho rahi thi nitibha, bani and lopa ki, toh lopa only said task is what is important for you increasing the prize money or captaincy. So, its everyone’s individual call. Bani did what she felt, going with her intuition and opted for captaincy. Unlike Housemates I think she did her task completely, which was to make the decision. Manveer kuch jyada hi bolta hai, Baithne ki bat ho toh yaad karle Bani and Jagga stayed in the dome for almost 24 hours. truth yeh hai ki, Bani is desperate to win the captaincy and agar woh captaincy task jeet jati hai, toh woh safe ho jayegi for a week. And Rohan already nominated hai. in that case rest of housemates kisko target karenge nominations ke liye. tab unki friendship and team bonding ka kya hoga. Iss liye manveer and b*t*hing aunties ko bura laga.
      Yesterday only I had written in the comment that lopa would ensure ki Bani isolate ho jaye. LOpa bahat mind games khel ti hai. And pata nahi kiss liye Bani se etna insecure hai. Ya ea uski strategy thi, use toh koi utna nahi janta tha, by targeting Bani now people know who is Lopa. Bahat intelligent hai bolna padega.

  4. and kahin na kahin lopa ne bhi jb rohan ko taunt mara ki tumne mje islie phle nikala h ki mai kahin captain na ban jau …dikhata h ki she alsonwanted to be a captain..bani ne reality me kr dia to sb use suna rhe h

  5. Lol just because Bani has muscles, that doesn’t make her strong. She is one of the weakest contestants on the show as far as self control and patience is concerned. She hasn’t won a single task and she quits very easily. Not at all a good team player. All she wants is her food. Her loneliness is all drama… she talks to herself, sits in a corner, look up and watch the stars and thinks that will get her votes and sympathy. So dumb!!! I used to like her when the season started but slowly I realized she just overacts and has nothing of real substance.

    1. Bani is going to win!!!!!

    2. If she is dumb and ur sure that she will not get vote, why are you stating the obvious then. Nobody talk much about Nitibha as no one expects her to win. The housemates inside the house and the social media is minutely analysing and commenting on Bani and her decisions. That speaks in itself where she stands.

      1. Lol Dorothi.. I am not one of those people to blindly become a fan of anyone. As I mentioned I “used to like her” but seems like she is not even interested in anything the show has to offer. It’s my personal opinion (similar to MANY others) that Bani is NOT entertaining. Tell me ONE task she did justice to? She doesn’t talk to anyone, she doesn’t take a stand (but only for herself), she only cares about her food. She gives this tough girl attitude but in reality she has nothing to offer to the show. I really don’t care who wins the show and who doesn’t, what I care about is how entertaining each contestant is for the 3 months they are in this house, because that’s what makes the show.

  6. I am not a fan of anyone but cannot resist to stop myself from posting. They themselves reduced the money for immunity by bidding highest amount. Now all are pretending they r gaining money for others. I donot understand their mentality.

    1. That mentality is called hypocrisy and fottage khana!!

  7. Sid which contestant you’re supporting ?

    1. I think the only sensible and fair player left in the game is Lopa. According to me she has contributed the most to the house – in a positive way. She is honest, impartial, takes stand and doesn’t hate even if she looses or when others win.

      I used to like Manu and Manveer as well but they are being really manipulative lately. Even their friendship is starting to look fake with all the back biting they do behind each others back.

  8. I feel sorry for manveer n rohan. They both deserve better friends than Manu n lopa. Both Rohan n Mona has done mistake by betting 6lakhs on bani.

    I felt it’s okay to choose captaincy over money. We have seen ppl bidding for immunity mmedal very easily, if it is right then y not now.

  9. No matter wah ever ppl say always listen to yr heart ❤️ nd don’t matter if u left the task it was on yr own will to leave we r all with u so don’t worry bani u r my fav nd u will defo win this season nd become the winner on big boss 10 lov u yr the best

    1. She might quit in the middle of the finale if the dinner is served.

  10. guys..wen everybody bidded for immunity medalion..then no one complained on nitibha for wasting 24 lakhs….and now only 6 lakhs is gone eveeybody is targeting bani????anyway…for captaincy wen everybody is fighting…y question only bani?? and its yor wish whether u want to earn 50 lakhs or become captain…and bani can also earn money later in life…so y are we fighting for their prize money???

    1. [email protected] ths stage of game anyone can go for immunity..n for bani there s a valid reason everyweek shez getting nominated by HMs as itz 13th week now out f these bani gt nominatd in 10-11 weeks which z highest in ths season..

    2. When was the last time Bani completed a task even when the money wasn’t at stake. The only reason a contestant wants to become a captain is to avoid the upcoming nominations. So going by your logic she wanted immunity. But then she gave it up easily against Priyanka when the immunity was at stake in the wild card entry task. Now keep your sympathies in your pocket whenever she cries to leave the house, because she is the one fighting to become the captain.

      1. LOL for your comment “she gave it up easily against priyanka” . please keep your stats right. she was the last one who gave up on that task. Also priyanka can do anything to just be on the show.. think now she didn’t spare salman khan in the episode. do you think bani can overpower her?

        dude u need to understand logically and please don’t make fun of other’s English. you must be a lopa fan. hypocrite

      2. she may not hav won any individual task till now..but she lwayz performed well in luxury budget task..example gold mining task rohan annonunced tat bani z d best performer as she collected 10 tubes f gold n cycle riding task bani n jason were best performers n love letter task, bani n Gaurav show last week luxury budget she perfomed well…do u need more xample..?

      3. Lol Shazna – you are contradicting with everything you are saying.

        1 – if YOU think Bani is going to win. And if Bani thinks she is strong and is a potential winner then she shouldn’t be afraid of nominations. And should have cared about what this prize money would mean to the winner. Maybe money doesn’t mean much to her but for other people it might help them build their future. This task showed how selfish and insecure Bani is.

        2 – “She always performs well in luxury budget task” Really!. Oh yes! Because that will give her more food. And the tasks you listed above, let me break it down further:

        Gold mining task – it completely depended on who Rohan let collect gold in the field. So people he allowed longer collected more. So Bani didn’t do anything extraordinary there.

        Cycle task – she actually DID NOT perform well in that task at all. She kept on complaining and got off the cycle when the housemates wanted to cook. Rahul also had a big argument with her on this and everyone was upset because Bani was acting all selfish.

        Love letter task – again a task which was one of the most boring tasks in BB history and on top of that Bani and Gaurav didn’t give a damn about anyone else and were lost in their own little bubble. Whereas other contestants were having arguments with Priyanka and Swami because they were being unfair. The task showed how selfish both Bani and Gaurav were and showed their disregard to whats going around the house and disregard towards other contestants. SHAME!

    3. Prettypreeti

      Aaki di u r right but if bani have not gone hmne phir bhi usse vote kr save kr hi dena tha….

  11. I’m hating Manu Manveer ‘s father gave him good advice but still he’s believing in Manu n doing big mistake

  12. hrithik ka Fan

    Hello guys…belated hny. …was busy so couldn’t comment…….

    okk so coming to episode. …… we clearly saw what’s the difference between bani and other hms. …….guys think it as a neutral fan….bani is real others are hypocrites. ……

    …leaders of hypocrisy

    …1…lopa ….during that 2 week medelion task everyone’s bid was high except mona and nitibha won but no one said anything because they all wanted immunity. ….After that when baba choose immunity for 10 lacs …lopa was the first person who told that baba did right as anyone would have wanted immunity. ….After nd nitibha agreed. …

    …2…manu. …In yesterday’s task he said …jo pehle jayega wo bhi hero or jo end me jayega wo bhi hero…and he also wanted to go first but wanted that manveer told him to go so that he can become captain contender as well be in good books of everyone blo*dy liar…

    …3…nitibha….she is a big hypocrite. ….she was telling bani that we should think about money …really. ….she deducted 25 lacs ad so bani clearly told her that if she would have deducted that much money she cannot argue. ..that’s it…

    ….And now coming to bani …her problem is she is not cunning follows her heart. …when task announced she clearly told nitibha and lopa that she would choose immunity and to some extant lopa also agreed but when bani actually didi that lopa was like insaf ki devi and all …blo*dy hypocrite b*t*hing rohan not to be friends with bani ……lopa and manu both are biggest fake and drama material of bb10….

    ….guys think as a neutral fan about yesterday’s episode. …

    1. Totally agree..n bani clearly tld b4 the task tat she ll choose ommunity over prize money..

    2. Agree vth u lopa is t bigest liar……

      She’s tryn to make DA HM’s against bani…….
      Vj bani rokzzzzz!!!!!!..

    3. I completely agree with you ?

    4. Prettypreeti

      Agree with u bhai….bani ki mrji jo mrji kre no one can ques her…agree.

  13. I think bani z ryt on her [email protected] this stage f game immunity z ipmortant..but onc again in WKW al HMs n salman will criticise banis decision..

    lopa n manu z so insecure f bani..every time bani ye vo blah blah..wt lopa tld rohan abt bani shows her jealousy level..bani used to talk rohan before GCs eviction lso..n manu what kind f person he is..don understand..fulltime backbiting..i think hez d first person in bb history who backbitd most n dint even spared his frnds mona n manveer should show his real face infront f HMs instead f this bb n salman lwayz praising him..

    1. RIP English

      1. dear avi i dono hindi fluently…so i prefer english to comment here…n one more thing if u hav prblm wid ma english then don read simple..

    2. not just praising him, projecting him as man of the week!! OMG

    3. Ya exactly….agree vth u….

      Manu backbts evrytm……uses Mona,manveer fo convenience ….just wants to win by hook or by crook……

      Baniz t only genuine person …n ya rohan too….

      Gurbani roxzzzz!!… .

  14. hrithik ka Fan

    actually we can’t blame salman also …He is shown only highlights. .and as we all know how these highlights are misleading. he goes according to script. …….and lopa is damn insecure of bani …lopa always critisize bani for everything but bani doesn’t. ..that’s the difference. ..bani is real and lopa is fake…..and other than gaurav bani always felt comfortable talking to rohan and manveer. ….lopa is a pointless woman ….attention..seeker

    1. why is your name krithik ka Fa, Change it to Bani ka chamcha

      1. hrithik ka Fan

        Hi prettypreeti. r u. ..and miss or Mr suman kumar whoever u are. …I will change my name to what u suggests but first u change ur name to lopa ka chamcha. …..dude fight openly don’t act coward. ..loser. ..

    2. Prettypreeti

      Hey suman kumar why r u saying this.bhai loves bani so he will support him…….why r u having prob???

  15. Hello everybody.todays episode was a mixture of things. I think bani was right to some limit but she gave it up in 2 or 3 hours so thats why the hms were upset.she should have been there for some more time maybe she would have been delivered instead of lopa.Why only niti is being blamed for the prize money she won the medallion by chance. The rest of the hms had also bid a lot of amount in the medallion task so everyone one should give 100percent save the prize money. Manu is so irritating his true colours are coming out. I liked lopa but she is so insecure of bani what she told rohan was unexpected.

  16. Bani and only Bani should win….. Manu is such an insecured loser… Lopa is just doing drama this week…unnecessary catching up fights to grab TRP….Rohan is okay….Manu instigates everyone….he was the first one to talk abt nitibha, rohan and bani having chat at night…and he told this in front of Swami…as he knows…swami will pass his comment….later in store room….manu started the topic…putting all blame on Swami and triggering nitibha against swami…
    he is a big loser….he shud just be thrown out or shown his real face by Salman to all housemates….
    enuff of attention given to manu..time to expose this filthy mouth person…he is worst than swami…

  17. Hello everybody… Bani is right upto some limit only.she gave it up in 2 or 3 hours and thats why the hms were upset.according to me she should have stood there for some more time maybe she would have been delivered instead of lopa.why is everybody blaming niti fir the loss of prize money she won the medallion by chance.the other hms incuding bani had also raised a strong bid in the medallion task and the range was almost same for everybody exept mona so everyone should give100 percent in the prize money task.Manu is so irritating actually his true colours are coming out.I like lopa but she is insecure of bani.what she said to rohan was unexpected from her

  18. her koi apnay best friend k baray main possesssive hota hai , ager aaj lopa ne aesi baat kerli to kya Hua bani bhi rohan Ko lift nahin kerwati thi jab se gaurav gya to sochnay lagi kinda murga phansao , ager genuine thi to yeh itni achhi friendship pehle kyun nahin Hui jab gaurav gher main tha, aur bani ka asal chehra nahin dekha kya jab priyanka Ko kehrahi thi k main hoti to apnay bachon Ko milnay nahin deti aur bhi Sara din burai kerti hai lopa ki , bani is too much insecure of lopa , poll dance jab lopa ne Kia to usmay bhi insecurity , bani mona Ko kehrahi thi k tum kerti poll dance , tumne kyun nahin Kia , mona ne kaha k lopa ki figure mujhse zyada achhi hai , to bani kehti hai I don’t think so.
    Ab bani akeli hogyi to saharay bana rahi hai

    1. Obviously agar kisa ka friend ghar se gaya hai to eoh kise se baat karegi hai na ab agar woh insaan rohan hai to isme kya possesion ki baat hai. Aap lopa ke fan ho to aap ko uske galtia dikh ni ri agar aap ko phir bhi lagta hai that ur right to i am nobody to question ur opnion mei apni opnion bata rahi thi. I am sorry agar aap ke feelings ko hurt hua to.

  19. Hi frndsss,, i m new here, from kerala. My fav is Baaniii.,. and i hate m3 and swami. Others r ok..

    1. Hii

      BANI is my fav too…vote to her

  20. Mannu – He was d chameleon….. Filthy person, i dnt want to see his face, even I tolerate om & jagga bcz dey r shwng their real attitudes infrnt of everyone in tat house (I hate u mannu)…… Manveer & Mona – both of them …… biggest fools in dis house….. always mannu’s puppets…… Nithiba – Plz dnt talk tat mannu bcz he was just acting….. try to play well……… Rohan – u r d best & doing very well… u deserved to stay in bb house & also u hv d winning capacity (love u rohan)……….. Lopa – this nt gd dr & this nt ur character too dr so dnt do dis & dnt talk to tat chameleon…. I knw tat u dnt lyk bani bt dis is nt d ryt way 2 show ur anger, bitterness etc., u deserved to stay tat house till finale (lyk u)…… Bani – u r d real & nyc person…. in yesterdays epic whatever u did is ryt (my point of view).. u r d best & real factor & also u deserved to stay in bb house & winning capacity… playing very well (love u soo much bani)

  21. Guys am nt a fan of anyoneanyone in dis bb house…….

  22. johnnn seriosly agree wid yor comment..manu is really a chameleon..changing his avatar every week..and even i love bani s tatoos and her muscles..btw lopa ne rohan se kaha tht he doesnt want lopa to be a contender for captaincy without even knowing the facts..little did she know tht she is the highest bidder and tht was the reason rohan put her out first…simply reacting even before knowing the stuff…i am not banis chamcha or lopa s enemy..i am just stating the facts..dont get me wrong

  23. Yaa aakashi

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