Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rana ji and Gayatri share some intimate moments together. Rana ji kisses Gayatri’s forehead. Rana ji asks why tears in Gayatri’s eyes, Gayatri says these are the tears of happiness. Someone announces that moon has been sighted, Gayatri runs towards the roof. Rana ji follows her. All the couples pray, Gayatri comes to pick up her thaal. Rana ji stops her, he says that before she watches her moon he wants to give her something, that isn’t a gift but a right. She isn’t just the Rani of Amirkot but his wife too, from today there will be no one between her and her right, not even he himself. He takes the sindoor and puts it in Gayatri’s head. Raaj Mata watches this happily. Gayatri smiles happily. Raaj Mata lovingly see the couple. Rana ji wipes Gayatri’s tear. Gayatri turns and

prays through the sieve. She thinks that she only wants to be his bride till she dies, every year she keeps the fast and he breaks it like this. She looks at the laughing Rana ji through the sieve and complete the ritual. He holds the water pot and was about to drink from it, Gayatri gets upset. Both Raaj mata and Rana ji smiles, he was about to make Gayatri drink from the pot when Bari Rani Maa calls him from the door. They all turn to face her. Kokilla and Kunwar ji are happy to see her. Gayatri and Rana ji awaits a lady arriving from the dark, they are shocked to see Sulakshna coming towards them. Rana ji drops the water pot, thinking about Sulakshna, her death. Gayatri drops the thaal of Pooja. Sulakshna comes inside crossing Bari Raani Maa. Rana ji goes towards her in shock, looks at her from top to bottom disbelievingly and calls Sulakshna. He says she isn’t Sulakshna, she had… Kunwar ji calls that this is Sulakshna, his wife. Rana ji says this can’t be Sulakshna, she has died. Raaj Mata seconds Rana ji, she says that this girl can’t be Sulakshna. Rana ji himself had seen her fell into the depth, Bari Raani maa says he saw her fell down, not dying and asks Rana ji if he had seen her deadbody and had he found her body. How he can believe that she is dead, if he has to believe he must believe his love. Raaj Mata asks if Sulakshna was alive where she was, and why she returned today when Rana ji gave Gayatri all the rights. Bari Raani maa says that Sulakshna has lost her memory. Raaj Mata says that the truth is being hidden beautifully behind the curtain of silence. Bari Raani maa asks if Raaj Mata suspects her to bring anyone, any stranger to the palace. Raaj Mata says she can’t suspect her, but this is for sure not Sulakshna. Bari Raani maa says she is also a mother, if she thinks she will joke with her Indravadhan. She asks Rana ji if he suspects her too. Bari Raani maa says that a few days from now a lady came to her and told her that she saw Sulakshna, she went by herself to that place and found Sulakshna.
Rana ji says this can’t be Sulakshna, there can be two people of same face in the world. Bari Rani maa says there can be, she would also not have believed had she not seen this mark on her arm. She turns her arm to show Rana ji the mark. Rana ji looks at the silent Sulakshna. Bari Rani Maa says this is none other than Sulakshna, his wife. Kunwar ji and Kokilla exchange victorious looks. Sulakshna feels headache and faints on Rana ji’s chest. Bari Rani maa tells Rana ji to take Sulakshna inside, she is weak right now. Gayatri watches Rana ji taking Sulakshna inside on his arms. Gayatri loses hold of herself, Raaj Mata tells herself to take control on herself. Bari Raani maa says no one can win fate, Rana ji was always Sulakshna’s and never hers. She says she knows Rana ji well, Sulakshna is his first love and now they will get one again. She looks at Kokilla and she brings water to Gayatri. Bari Rani maa asks Gayatri to break her fast, Gayatri set the pot aside saying she won’t break her fast, until Rana ji doesn’t get it opened for her. She goes inside.
Bari Raani maa and Raaj Mata are in confrontation. Raaj Mata asks how she can do this to her grand father. Bari Raani maa says that had she cared about Rana ji, she wouldn’t have ruined three lives. She brought Gayatri and only she will be responsible for what Gayatri will suffer. And when Gayatri will fall, will Seth Govind fulfil his promise. Bari raani maa goes inside, Raaj Mata says she has worked hard to bring Rana ji and Gayatri together. It is really important to know how Sulakshna got alive again.

PRECAP: Rana ji says to Sulakshna that they both know she isn’t Sulakshna, else his heartbeat must have recognized her. There is an introduction of a young man’s character.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. nooo..this is sad!

  2. Fast work sona…thank you. Who is this new sulakshana…..must be some look alike. Also why is this swarnalekha track not being shown or ended? Its been dragged for quite sometime. Badi raani is in cahoots with kunwar ji n kokilla…

  3. Poor Rani gayathri

  4. Hi every1 m new here. Luved ranaji n gayatri’s scenes. Cn any1 suggest a name 4 the duo. I m unable 2 get it. Thought a lot bt could not get any.

    1. U r from swaragini know Aparna.. Welcome..

    2. Raga. Or ranatri…. Gayana… I don knw. M jus trying different combination

    3. Though I like ranatri…

    4. welcome aparna ji…. I too thought but could not get…

      Can find it

      Rana ji, Raja indhravadhan
      Gayathri, Rani Gayathri Devi..

      Now to get a name from the above mentioned..
      Hope we find something superb..

      but actually, i didnt want to name them bcoz they are unique..Ranaji and Rani Gayathri..
      However as u said,will try to get a gud paired name.

      Enjoy ETRETR

      1. Thnx every1 4 ur support. I m frm swaragini bt did not shift yaar. I luv both d serials. Btw ranatri is nice.

  5. wow rajmata us really really so much supportive to gaytri and in past she did so much for gaytri … I hope she will find out abt that so called “sulakshna”….!!! best serial forever

  6. omg…my eyes also got teary….srry gayathri..but we support you always…I wish thts not rani sulakshana….plz rajmatha find the truth soon and save ur rana ji’s love with gayathri…m waiting for next episode….

  7. wow rajmata is really really very supportive to gaytri and in past she did so much for gaytri … I hope she will find out abt that so called “sulakshna”….!!! best serial forever

  8. Love to know, who’s the new guy?

  9. And rana ji s also smart enough… He doesn’t believe I hope. Badi nani s the one whom ppl r trusting. She s not good. I think she s the veiled woman too….

  10. Now I am damm sure that, the veiled lady must be Bari rani maa nd she, kunwar ji nd kokilla are making this plan……Fake sulakshna…

  11. raga !!!!!!!!

    1. I knw .. I was jus trying different combination…

  12. @Prena I saw ur msg. Thanks. Yeah t must be badi rani. She might be faking to hate her son and love rana more so tat no one gets doubt on her intentions… Else y wu she bring fake sulalshana. They don’t want him have a heir. So by memory loss track t s easy. He can’t romance wth sulalshana cause memory loss. Nd till sulalshana s truth comes out he can’t romance gayatri too… Nice plan. Master stroke

  13. But still m loving it. Oh god m so happy I chose to.watch this.. I don’t even miss swaragini. Good riddance… I love rana ji nd gayatri. Drashti s amazing as always

    1. Oh I din knw his name s indravadhan… Dhanya… Dhanyatri.. Indhratri… K either my combinations suck o m not getting them right

  14. dont like how he totally forgot gayatri doh..

  15. Ranaji is very sensible as we had seen through out the show and when he is wrong he does make up and apologise for his shortcomings he is a strong character and is very smart in his way of thinking

  16. O nooooooo…. Writers should not have brought this sulakshna back poor gayatri i just dont understand this badi Rani Maa’s character what does she want really

  17. Hi ridz.. how r u…
    Yeah maybe that badi rani is faking, but somewhere i feel she is doing this bcoz of her hate on raj mata and gayathri…will wait and see..

    About today’s episode it was awesome..
    Ranaji finally adorned sindhoor on Rani Gayathri’s maang…
    It was too emotional to watch..Remembered marriage sequence when he doesnt fill maang,and gayathri devasted..
    Now very happy…

    Precap was lovely: Ranaji’s words ,OMG..such a loving words…If u were surakshana then my heart beat wud have felt it…OMG such love for his wife…

    Rani Gayathri , never mind,once all confusions get cleared then u will be showered by Ranaji’s unconditional love…

    Amazing Serial…
    Waiting for next episode.. This new entry who might it be, how will he be related to Amirkot and Raj Mata , what to say , she is excellent lady.sure she will find about this duplicate surakshana….

    1. M fine yeah I knw tat episode where she went to his room asking him to fill her maang but ended up in rajmata s room… Tat s y yesterday s episode made sense… Nicee… I hope he s smart enough to differentiate all through nd not get carried away.

      1. Probably u r right .. Lesser the enemies better for us… :p

  18. I wish ranaji break gayatri’s fast soon…. He must support even gayatri.. She is also his wife….

  19. Just when Gayatri and Ranaji started getting close to each other…

    It must have been heartbreaking for Ranaji to finally commit to Gayatri only to find that his true love is alive. I hope he doesn’t punish himself

  20. i must say this shows has many funs sulakshana is fake it plan made by her and rani bari maa thx all funs am from kenya

  21. You see.. I was right.. Just as I predicted yesterday… It will be a memory loss track. Loll

  22. They are dragging Swarna’s scene too much. Please dont drag.

  23. Some how i feel the reason why ranaji’s heartbeat doesn’t recognize suklashana own is becuz now his heartbeats for gayatri and at the of this track he will realize that he loves gayatri!… Everything happens for a reason yes gayatri gun keep strong because this storm will pass.

  24. I no she can’t be sulakshna because she died on the cliff but his wicked uncle n kokila set dat up

  25. yea 1 or 2 people r even thinking about swarna the rest couldnt ever givah ffffkkk. comes to show how inconsiderate everyone hear is. that princess should be dead by now if she suffered like that. and 50 cent style only way to know if its sulaksna hehehe – leme touch on you ill let you touch on me? put my tongue on you you put your tongue on me? lemme riiide on you and you can riide on we can do it all a night we can hava ball of a night

  26. Entertainment Tadka is the first one which said about the
    coming back of Rani Sulakshana (Jayna Tida) on the day
    of Karwachauth.
    As we already reported you people Gayatri (Drashti Dhami
    Khemka) will be shattered to see Rani Sulakshana is back
    and her Ranaji (Siddharth Karnick) left her in the middle of
    Vrat and carried away with his first wife.
    Whereas Gayatri will be descending from the stair case
    where she can only hear the piano music but she unable to
    see Ranaji because of the darkness, but at the same time
    she gets flashback scenes where she spent time with
    Ranaji and Ranaji love for Rani Sulakshana too. Other-side
    Ranaji can clearly see Gayatri and stops the music and
    come near her with water and make her to drink but there
    is no happiness between them expect confusion, shock
    and broken pieces of heart.
    Well we have to see now how Ranaji will handle the
    situation? What about the room Ranaji going to share with
    Gayatri? Does Gayatri once again needed to change the

    Reporter: By zee tv ek tha raja ek thi rani

    1. Thanks for the information kajal I was dying to know what is going to happen further…..

      1. WC hari I also excited for upcoming episode

  27. Hy guys….I think Sulakshana must have been alive for long time and she must have tried to come back but because Bari Rani Maa didnt want Indra to have an heir she must have kept her away—-This proves how she was shocked when she found out about the wedding of Indra and Gayatri….Bari Rani Maa opt to come up with a scheme of becoming the veiled lady while she bring sulakshana back to the palace…Poor Indra will be in confusion between the love he feels for Rani Gayatri and empathy he has of Sulakshana memory loss

  28. Idiotic entry of sulakshana. It might be a ghost. I think she is planning against rana ji.

  29. why is swarna being tortured??what is her fault for her husband being a gay??????????? hope raaj mata finds the truth of sulakshana soon & get our raja-rani close soon………..

    1. Ya you are right raaj mata can only do something…..

  30. Raj Maata the hope

  31. Hey how about the name “Rajraani” to show both raja and rani? Does anyone agree?

  32. Blood is thicker than water. Bari rani ma is the reason behind kunwar ji and kunwar ji is behind kokilla and so on. It makes sense.

  33. There was this new entry also know. Some guy I think. Don’t know who he is now…

  34. I just love this show ?

  35. Ppl see ep 67
    The veiled woman who ran was looking quite healthy
    And the the shocking face and the talks of kunwar ji was proving that the veiled woman was none other than sulakshana
    Bari rani ma might have joined hands with kunwar ji and told lie that someone told abt seeing sulakshana.

  36. farida uttan

    iF RANA JI gives up on Gayatri so easily I will stop believing in man being able to keep a promise made to their wive. Just when we have started enjoying a true love story that OLD HAG has to spoil it.

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