Sumit Sambhal Lega 30th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sumit Sambhal Lega 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit massaging Maya’s legs and complimenting her. Rajneesh comes and asks them to continue. He says he has to take 2 persons IQ test for police examination, he will get promoted and become inspector. He says now you both can help me. Sumit makes excuse and asks Maya to help him in checking IT papers. Rajneesh says fine, I taught Sumit to drive cycle, and today he is not helping me. Maya asks Sumit to help Rajneesh. Sumit says no. Maya stops Rajneesh and says we will give test. Rajneesh thanks him. He says it will be 10min test and asks them to sit quietly.

He says I m not your brother, think I m any robot. Ha asks Maya to come for test. Sumit tries to hear and sits back on sofa. Maya comes and says it was very fun. Sumit asks the questions. Maya says you were smart. Rajneesh calls him. Maya says I don’t cheat. Rajneesh asks Maya to be quiet. Sumit dances.

Sumit gives the answers to Rajneesh. Sumit is tensed. Rajneesh asks him to make plane by joining blocks. Sumit says even Aaliya can do this. Rajneesh says just 10 seconds and Sumit panics. Rajneesh counts down and Sumit could not complete. He asks for more 10 seconds. Rajneesh asks him to go out, he has to calculate result. Sumit acts smart infront of Maya and asks did she solve questions, he has done that answer thrice. Dolly comes and asks for Rajneesh.

Jasbir comes and says don’t give tests Dolly, we have to find your brain and asks for food. He says those who don’t have mind makes rotis. Dolly says you don’t want to give test as you are foolish. He asks her to think of the women whose husbands leave them. Maya says wow. Jasbir says I say such great things many times in a day. Rajneesh comes and says IQ test is over, I gave result. Sumit asks the result. Rajneesh says it does not matter, I can’t break rules. Maya says leave the rules, tell the result. Rajneesh says Sumit got 100. Sumit hugs his parents. Rajneesh says Maya 117. Maya gets happy. Rajneesh says level changes after marks, Maya is far above, don’t know how she married Sumit.

Sumit says Maya is more smart than me. Maya says its small test, leave it. Jasbir taunts Sumit. Dolly pacifies Sumit. At night, Maya wakes up and gets shocked seeing Sumit sitting and thinking. Sumit asks why did she marry him. She says you were after me for 3 years like mad, anyone would have got pity. He gets sad. She says I m joking and praises him. He sings sad song. She massages his leg. He relaxes and says he is feeling better now. She asks him to rest, she will manage everything.

Maya and Sumit meet friends at Jitos. His friend calls him unlucky and asks him not to think about test. Sumit says maybe you are right. Maya goes to order food. Sumit’s friend’s wife talks to Maya and asks what hapepend to Sumit. Maya says he is not able to accept truth, that I m more smarter, he was slow always but I liked his innocence, I can’t see him sad. Sumit asks Monty to give test, Maya is feeling guilty and going everything for me… she is not letting me feel bad.

Maya comes and makes him have chicken. Sumit acts depressed and smiles. They come home. Maya gives icecream to Sumit and says it got over. He eats it weirdly. She asks about IT work. He asks why does she want to give imp work to him, his mental state… She says nothing will happen. He says people will laugh on my kids, you pay tax. She asks what… He asks is she scolding him. She asks is he not ashamed to cheat wife, he is taking advantage and takes icecream.

She asks him not to do drama to be sad, she is dying by his bad acting. Rajneesh comes and asks who is dying. He says results were swapped, Sumit is smarter than Maya. Sumit gets glad, and Maya gets sad. She puts ice cream over his shirt and gets angry. Maya goes to sleep. Sumit holds her and she says no before he touches her. He asks is she annoyed with his smartness. She says you told it to Dolly, we will decide now. They start questioning each other. He gets stuck when she asks him their wedding anniversary. She throws pillow and goes to sleep. He says fine, sofa tonight and leaves from the room.

Its morning, Maya comes in living room. Sumit greets her good morning, and tells what all he remembers about their marriage. She smiles. He says 14th july 2006. She says wrong… He asks 17th? She says leave it. I felt we can understand each other, we are different, I m smart, you just tell me who is more intelligent, we won’t fight. Rajneesh comes and asks are they fighting over the test, it was fake. Sumit and Maya asks what.….

Rajneesh says I was not testing mind, but nature. He asks them and Sumit answers. Rajneesh notes it and laughs. Maya asks how can they break their family, it means Sumit is not smart than me.. Rajneesh says Sumit used to cry in childhood by peeing in bed. Maya laughs. Sumit says he can fail many times to see her happy, as those who are not intelligent…. Dolly says they make rotis, and calls Jasbir… Jasbir comes wearing apron and says respected Dolly, I failed in test, why did you bring me here. Dolly says she is ahead by Jasbir by 50marks. Rajneesh says I did a small mistake, I will tell downstairs, come. Sumit signs you are gone… Rajneesh laughs and says this time I will become inspector. Sumit and Maya wish him all the best. Sumit hugs Maya and they smile.

Dolly reminds Maya of Karwachauth. Maya says Sumit is keeping fast for her. Dolly asks Jasbir to make fast for her. Sumit goes to Jitos to eat food. Jasbir faints and the house shakes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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