Ek Taraf Pyaar Ek Taraf Nafrat Ban Gayi Ae Rishta -Episode 3

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Actually i have gone to hostel and now I am on homesick leave. Now since there is some time i felt like typing the next episode of ek taraf pyaar ek taraf nafrat ban gayi ae rishta

So coming with the third episode of ek taraf pyaar ek taraf nafrat ban gayi ae rishta

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Episode 2
Shivaay pov

Today luck was behind me. I just can’t  say how many lovely things  happened today. I want to jump like anything . and now that annika’s mom had requested me to accommodate annika for tonight, i am very excited. I donno what sort of butterflies are running in my stomach. Firstly i must tell this great news to my lady love. I know she would be irritated. But i have to get adjusted to her antics or else it would be tough in the future. I walked to my mom’s room where I could see the three prospective bahus of the house chitchatting excluding my mom. My mom got very well attracted to my annika. But I feel bade maa is least interested regarding our relationship.she didn’t even turn up to meet annika. I wonder what’s wrong with her. Bade papa has changed. Then why is she depressed.I will find it out soon. Then I walked towards my beautiful lady ignoring her nervousness when she caught my presence. I really love the effect I have on her. My closeness bothers her literally to the peaks of extremity. Then she stood up

Annika: shivaay can we leave. It is too late.

Shivaay: not so soon annika. 

Annika put a surprising face as the family members are around and she was wondering how can he be so open in front of his mom.

Pinky: what happeneds shivaay. U know na shivaay annika didn’t yet become the bahu and u r asking her to stay in the house

Sowmya: bhaiya please control. I feel u r going to arrange suhagraat today itself

Sowmya and gauri giggled. Shivaay was having the fake anger trying to hide the blush because of their dialogs. Annika was growing nervous.

Pinky:shut up both of u. U r making my daughter nervous

Both of them put their usual puppy face and giggled again and then seeing annika’s extreme nervousness trying to be hidden they stopped their giggling and became serious

Gauri: what happened bhaiya

Shivaay: four of u were so much engrossed in talking that u didn’t even bother about the heavy downpour outside.

Pinky:oh my Mata, I won’t send annika out in this weather.Shivaay she will stay her tonight with us, she will share the room in which gauri and Sowmya are together. I will inform her mother.

Shivaay: no need of it mom, annika’s mom called and requested to give her accommodation for tonight in our mansion. And I told her that annika is my responsibility. 

Annika: but…

Shivaay:I don’t want to hear anything annika, ur safety is most important to me presently. So I don’t want to hear any objection

Annika nodded her head slowly and moved towards her would be sister’s room. Gauri and Sowmya are suspicious about annika’s behavior. 

Gauri and Sowmya went to their respective husbands and are spending quality time with them. For the first time one.can see omkara Singh oberoi being so romantic and rudra being so open to a non size zero. Shivaay took this as a great opportunity to meet his lady love. He went to the room and stepped inside. Annika was startled at his sudden presence. The first thing he did was closing the door and the locking it so that there wouldn’t be any disturbance for his romance.

Annika pov

What had he done.why did he lock the door. And moreover he is coming closer to me, very close. I donno why his mere presence effects me so much. He is so close now. He sat beside me. I know he is staring at me continuously and I can anticipate that he is going to do something. 

Shivaay pov

I just can’t express how much I am not able to control seeing her. Anyways what’s wrong in romancing my  fiancee. I went closer to her and sat on the bed very close to her. I cupped her smooth face with my hands.

Annika was feeling nervous . Shivers and shocks were running down her spine. He went closer to her and tucked her disturbing strands of her smooth hair back and went near her ear and whisphered

Annika: shivaay!!!

Shivaay: shh annika, let me speak

Annika was silent

Shivaay: annika I want to say u the truth

Annika: what

Shivaay: u r looking damn hot in this dress, I am just not able to control myself

Annika gaped at him. She was dumbstruck at his confession. Memories were flashing in her mind. Tears ran down her cheek which were not unnoticed by the sso.

He couldn’t see his Annika in such a vulnerable state. He immediately took off his hands from her cheeks.

Annika composed herself and turned to other side

Shivaay: what happened Annika did that hurt. I am really sorry

Annika: it’s nothing shiva shivaay, I am fine. U need not worry.

Shivaay : can u say that looking into my eyes

Annika:yes,I can

As a part of challenge, she turned and looked into his eyes, she was shocked, she couldn’t speak a word, tears were rolling down her eyes continuously . She just fell on him crying loud. She couldn’t stop herself from doing that.

Shivaay : what happened Annika tell me please don’t cry

Annika: u don’t know my past shivaay. Leave me, it is good for both of us. Everyone whom I loved left me , I don’t want to love any one else. I don’t want to have feelings on anybody else shivaay. I don’t believe in love shivaay. Please leave me shivaay. Pls

She was crying loud and that was making shivaay worry more. He hugged her and was soothing her as a part of consolation . He was continuously uttering the words, that’s OK annika. But she was still crying, but not loud this time. He just donno what to do. He wants her to stop crying as he can’t see tears on her beautiful lady’s face.

He pulled her close at once and placed his lips on hers. She was literally shocked. She couldn’t digest the fact that she was being smooched by someone. After her dreadful past, she didn’t allow anyone to come close. But now since she is really very weak, she lost herself to him. He didn’t expect that though he was happy that he got the domination. Though his kiss was just a part of consolation without an intention of lust, he was enjoying it. Then after tasting her Strawberry lips, he parted. He didn’t wish to make that kiss deep as he wanted her cooperation for that. She just bent her head down trying to hide her expressions of blush and shock.

Shivaay got up and turned towards the door facing his back to her.

Shivaay : that’s OK annika, don’t stress yourself that much. We will talk about that issue tomorrow. Now sleep I will ask gauri and Sowmya to take care of u, and I will send some medicines, use them if required.

He just went out of her room . She was just crying at her fate. She can’t handle another heart break. Just then she heard some footsteps, immediately she composed herself and wiped her tears. Gauri and Sowmya stormed into the room.

Gauri: annika di are u alright? Bhaiya said that u were not felling well. Did u catch cold or what , ur nose is pink.

Sowmya: also her cheeks, did you cry Annika di

Annika: no why would I cry.

She said in her cracked tone.

Sowmya : her voice became hoarse, I think she caught cold.
(Not to make the topic more completed and to give her some rest)

Gauri: bhaiya gave you some stress relief tablets as well as some cold and headache tablets. Take them and have rest.

Sowmya: we are here with you all the night, if any problem just wake us up, don’t hesitate.

Annika nodded her head and gauri and Sowmya slept as they are really tired. She looked at them lovingly, their care, tears love and their pampering is unparalleled and she felt shivaay so lucky to have such an incredible family. She then had the tablets for stress relief and lied down on one corner side on the bed as Sowmya is 8n the middle and gauri is on the other side.

She then remembered her kiss. How she lost herself to him. How she couldn’t control herself. How she got affected by his kiss. She was in a dilemma. A question raised in her mind
” am I in love? ”

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