Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 18

At paris
Morning dawned in.. meghna opened her eyes and didn’t find kunal by her side.. she wondered where he went.. she came down, and saw his husband in the kitchen standing in between in a complete mess with his cheeks covered with flour.. meghna laughed watching the scene and thanked god for this blissful morning..
Meghna,”kunal.. whats all this.. u r in a complete mess..” she said faking anger..
Kunal,”wo meghna, I thought preparing the breakfast by..”
Meghna,”breakfast.. oh my god.. can u see the state.. I guess it wont be clear till lunch also.. so bye bye lunch for today.. ek kaam karne gaye toh mera kaam aur bada diya tumne..”
Kunal gulped seeing his angry wife,”meghna.. sorry.. but I ll clean the mess..”
Meghna laughed seeing his fearful face..

Meghna got closer to him and hugged him.. and touched their nose..
Meghna,”u look cute like this, pls remain like this always.. cute baccha..” and she pulled his cheeks..
Kunal,”not done yaar.. u made me scared..”
Meghna,”wait okk..”
Meghna went and bought her phone.. and clicked kunal’s pic..
Kunal,”kya yaar meghna.. delete them.. pls..” and he ran behind her.. meghna while running only sent the pic to khyati and then stopped.. kunal collided with her and both landed on the sofa with kunal above meghna.. both were lost in each other.. kunal leaned forward towards meghna’s lips.. meghna closed her eyes.. but to her shock hothing happened, but kunal took meghna’s phone and deleted the photo..
Kunal,”yes, I deleted it..”

Meghna opened her eyes in shock and smirked back.. at that moment khyati called kunal..
Kunal,”hii khyati.. how r u?”
Khyati,”bhai, u were looking too cute with flour on your cheeks..”
Kunal,”what? How do u know?”
Khyati,”bhabi sent me your pic..”

Kunal glared meghna..
Kunal,”khyati, I ll call u sometym later.. am busy right now..”
Khyati,”okk bye bhai..”
Kunal hanged up..
Kunal,”meghna.. why u do this?”
Meghna,”aww.. babu looks so cute..”and kissed his cheeks..
Kunal,”haye, agar ye roz dogi, toh am ready for being embarred whole life..”
Meghna,”besharam..” and she went to toom followed by kunal..

At delhi

Khyati stayed at the hotel only.. she was in her room watching tv.. and thinking about vishal and smiling..
Nairan and vishal went to the hospital.. vishal examined the reports..
Vishal,”jeeju, don’t worry.. reports are normal.. its just that, this infection was injected to u.. meaning hereby, ur system says that u cant be affected by this allergy, but someone pushed u to it.. maybe drugged u.. but the point is who?”
Karan got angry,”masima.. its all her plan..”
Naina,”karan, calm down.. its tym for u to get well.. not to react upon masima.. we ll get back to masima, once we reach jaipur..”
Karan,”yaa.. vishal.. it ll be okk with meds right?”

Vishal,”medicines will do their work.. but yaa, naina, keep yhe meds safe.. noone in the house must know about these medicines.. also karan.. for the next 5 days, u need to take an injection per day, to get that bacteria removed from ur body.. then only the medicines will work.. so it would be better if u get admitted here.. coz that meds will lead u to dozziness n all.. and nurses will be there to take care of u.. so..”
Karan,”I m ready..”

Naina,”haa bhaiyu.. I ll be with karan 24*7”
Vishal,”no need naina.. u can stay at night here and in the visiting hours, rest time I ll be here only.. afterall here he is my patient.. I ll take care of him.. and jeeju don’t worry at all.. u ll be fyn within this month.. its promise of vishal”
Karan,”I have full faith on u..”
Naina,”love u bhaiyu.. thank u..”
Vishal,”pagal hai tu cheeku.. u call me bhaiyu and saying thank u..”
Naina smiled..
Khyati called vishal.. vishal saw the phone.. and excused himself..
Vishal,”yes khyati..”

Khyati,”vishal, check ur whatsapp.. I sent u a vdo.. show it to bhabi and bhai..”
Khyati,”yess duffer.. bye..”
Vishal checked the vdo and showed it to nairan.. all were shocked..

Sorry for chotu update.. I ll update on Sunday.. longer one.. enjoy reading..


  1. Naina

    Aww!😍Loved the Meghnal scenes! I seriously wonder what the video is all about! Loved the fact that you included Vishal and Khyati’s relation in your fan fiction.😘😊😍

  2. Pratha


    |Registered Member

    No problem as it was amazing being a short update though…
    keep writing n giving long updates from next time…

  3. SHREE


    • Titli



      Okk dear.. i would have written, but my mom, she was scolding me for using the ipad too much since i have xam on sunday..😂😂

  4. Threemaimai


    |Registered Member

    ooooooo…. mystery….. i am really curious about the video…. you really know how to make curiosity through your ff. it’s ok i can wait until tomorrow… 🙂

  5. Tamihna0808


    |Registered Member

    I’m the biggest Meghnal fan and😍😍 I LOVED LIKE REALLY ❤LOVED❤ THE SCENE BETWEEN THEM! Sorry for the caps but you’re such a great writer that I had to! Omg what’s the video? Is it Sandhya scheming away?! Cannot wait for the next part! 👌😊

  6. @[email protected]

    Nice update. And all the best for your exam

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