Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Seeta imagines Ricky sitting in front of her in mantap. Deewangi, aawargi…song..plays in the background. She then imagines him walking around family members and shies. Bhavani thinks her Seeta is only seeing Ricky everywhere. She over phone orders her goons to kidnap Vicky and inform her, she will tell what to do next. Ricky feels drowsy after wearing pagdi. Panditji asks to bring bride. Sahir says he will bring Ramakanth. Sona says she will accompany him and bring Ramakanth down dancing as barati. They both walk into Ricky’s room and sees him missing. They see bedsheet tied down balcony railing and realize he eloped. They inform family that Ricky is not in his room and escape.

Jaggi fumes that he will not spare Ricky. Kokila asks him to calm down. Seeta asks what happened. Kokila says Ricky is not in his room. Seeta says he must be hiding somewhere and wants to show his herogiri. Bhavani’s goons call her and inform that they did not kidnap Ricky as he was not present in his room. Urmila walks with Sona to Ricky’s room and finds Ricky’s pagdi. She shows it to family. Vidya says she brought this pagdi and Bhavani had given it for her damad Ricky. Gopi fumes that Bhavani tricked again.

Bhavani enters. Jaggi fumes how dare she is to come here. Gopi shouts she is the one who kidnapped Ricky and starts… Seeta says Ramakanth came. Ricky enters in casual attire. Jaggi scolds him. Kokila stops him. Gopi asks where was he. He pushes her and laughs that he came to meet them last time. He laughs that he came won the 30-day challenge and took back his property from Gopi. If they thought he would marry an illiterate woman, they are wrong. His choice is different. He calls girls and the come and stand closer to him. He says these are his choice.

Seeta starts laughing seeing that. Bhavani thinks she got a big shock and became mad. Seeta drops water in havan. Urmila says what happened to her. Seeta then walk to Ricky and laughs on him.

Precap: Seeta laughs at Ricky that when his mother is ready to sacrifice her life for her son’s happiness, given property is a small thing for her. Bhavani says she will get Ramesh married. Seeta says she does not need anyone.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Isaaq

    I hope Gaura wins???

    You go girl! I’m rooting for you. I’m on your side. You punish that Kokila for snatching your brother and son from you. That woman has ruined your life and snatched all of your happiness. Destroy that kagdi.

    Go Gaura!??? You’re the best!!❤️

  2. Seeta should stand up for her right, and kick that bhavani and ramesh from the house, and teach that ramakanth a lesson.

  3. I hope that Ricky and Jaggi get into a real real fight. And I hope that Ricky wins.

  4. YASSS SEETA you show Ricky and Bhavani that you are a strong independent woman!!

  5. Good to see that Seeta is not at all like earlier Gopi. Arrogant Ricky needs to know what an Indian woman is like. It will be interesting to know how she will make dumb Ricky to realize her worthiness

  6. Riana

    Sita’s words were heart touching in precap….Lol that stuppid bhawani thought sita bcame mad…???…I want cvs to show sita as a confident girl???

  7. In this series women talk high voice &behave like man, who is doing the role mother in law of Gopi

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