Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aryan tells Saachi that they have to separate for their dear ones, else their dear ones will be in pain always because of them. Saachi says yes and says they have to clear both family’s differences with their sajedhari. Their emotional bonding continues. People pass with god’s idol and chanting god’s name. Saachi tells Aryan that god is with them and they both will reunite their families. They shakes hands and say partners for life and walk towards home

At Seshia bhavan, whole family is in living room. Diwakar asks where are Saachi and Aryan. Neelima comment who knows. Saachi enters acting as fighting with Aryan and Aryan comes behind her yelling. Diwakar asks what is happening. Aryan says everything is finished now. Saachi comes down holding

her suitcase and says she will not stay with him. Aryan shows her door. Diwakar asks what is all this. Saachi says she cannot stay with Aryan, she always tried to protect this family and took their side, but Aryan never respected her father and took his side. Daadi asks what happened suddenly, they were so compatible. Saachi says nothing happened suddenly, there is nothing good between them, she is tired of hiding their incompatability and apologizes Diwakar for any mistakes she did knowingly or unknowingly. Diwakar requests not to go. Saachi says she has to and walks towards door. Mansoor says he will drop her home. Saachi thanks him and says she will go herself and walks out home. She cries vigorously getting out of main door.

Saachi then gets into taxi and travels towards her parent’s house. Aryan feels really sad, calls her and asks if she is fine. She says if he is not fine, how can she be. They both discuss that they will do their best to reunite their family and get back together forever.

Diwakar tells Sarita how can Saachi leave home like this. Sarita brainwashes him that Saach is unpredictable as she told earlier and tries to justify how Saachi confronted her father yesterday and today she fought Aryan and left home. Diwakar says there is something wrong, there is some misunderstanding. Sarita tries to convince him. He walks away.

Aryan looks at Saachi’s pic and her items in room and cries touching them. Ek rishta sajhedari ka…song plays in the background. Viren enters. Aryan starts acting and throws Saachi’s items on floor and says he does not need anything of Saachi for whatever she did and tries to burn it. Diwakar holds his hand.

Precap: Sarita and Diwakar go to Viren’s house. Chandra insults them. Sarita gives divorce papers to Aryan and asks him to sign them after reading.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. JenniferAndrews

    Shit,kam se kam divorce to mat karo.
    Sarita pe bombshell girao.naki usse girwao

    1. Vishakha

      Thanks to this show..it made me realize ki how much great our parents are in real life.. Especially moms..mom is one such person jo aapki eyes dekh k bata skti hai whether you are fine or not..jo apne se pehle hamare pain k baare me sochti hai.. The same thing is applicable to dads as well.. And I thank god zillion times ki mere parents is show k parents ki tarah nai hain.. ?? I’m too sad to say anything aggressive about this lady.. So I just want to thank god for my real life..

      1. Yes sarita ne to hadd hi kardi yarr lekin i didn’t found any fault with baba sa. He is still in a shock state and unable to feel what is happening. Unhe ab bhi ooora vishwas hai ki saanchi bilkuk sahi hai but i doubt yeh vishwas jald hi khatam ho jayega kyonki kal chandra unki insult kar degi and according to me saanchi will also confront them to prove ki vo log sach mei ek doosre se alag ho rhe hai. Bas ek hi problem hai mujhe diwakar se ki vo koi action kyun nahi le rahe hai though he is crystal clear from heart

      2. Vishakha

        Its of no use to be crystal clear at heart if he can’t take a stand for what is right..his son has to suffer because he is keeping quiet..

      3. Vishakha

        That’s where they go wrong every time..agar galat soch rakhne walon k paas bolne ki taqat hai to phr sahi soch walon k paas kyun nai hai?? Being good at heart doesn’t mean one is weak and can’t take stand for what is right..jab sara drama hua tha tab I only said ki he was shocked at that time..lekin aap hamesha to us shock me nai reh skte na..as Goldie said earlier ki jo insan ek fan lene k liye meeting kr skta hai wo Itna sab Kuch hone k baad apne family members ko confront nai kr skta??

  2. Vishakha

    And guys..those who have not seen..I’ve sent some links in the previous page..insta pics of archi..they look adorable..

  3. Can anyone tell kya babasa ko heart attack saanchi ke pihar walo ki vajah se aaya tha??

    1. Vishakha

      That’s what the sethias feel because he got a heart attack after his clash with viren..

    1. I think this will change priankas attitude 2wards sonu may b he will save her.

      1. Vishakha

        Save to kya karega..Lekin haan I feel he won’t leave her alone in that situation so may be her heart will melt.. But is Ghar k creatures Ka koi bharosa nai hai.. Ab jab sanchi is not there to put blames to may be they’ll start with sonu.. ???

      2. JenniferAndrews

        I think sabse pehle prianka aur sonu ki hi bonding hogi as any woman who has had a miscarriage will sympathies with a child who has lost his mother.aur ab to saanchi bhi nahi hai

      3. Vishakha

        Hopefully aisa hi ho dear..I would love to see that bonding..

      4. Hmm tru

  4. Kya comment karu cant thnk anythg after watchg yday episode ?????

  5. Vishu u said rite galat soch rakhane walon ke pass bohot takat hain apni dinge bajane ke liye aur sahi soch rakhne wale bol hi nahi sakte actually i.e harsh reality of today.see all social media s filled with people commenting abt others where noone s asking abt their opinion but whn people r asked 4 opinion thy step back.

    1. Vishakha

      Hmm true… Aajkal dusron par hasne aur blame karne wale to bht hain but unke liye stand lene wale na k barabar..

  6. Sarita agar last episode mein sanchi ke pairon par girke mafi mangegi toh woh aur bhi unacceptable hoga writer ji sarita ka redemption plz real dikhao not filmy.

    1. Vishakha

      Actually she has gone too far..ab wo kuch bhi kar le maafi maangne k liye that won’t be acceptable.. ??

      1. Vishakha

        Muh me ram bagal me churi..ever heard of this?? she is the best example of this phrase..

  7. Anyone who s n insta here plz post tellyupdate link n shivya ya kvs account n ask them to pass these comments to their scriptwriters .

  8. Vishu ydays pics are adorable shivya s so cute n that blue.?? n kv ohh ?? meri nitat kharab ho rahi hain ???

    1. Niyat typo

      1. Vishakha

        Hai na..she is looking so pretty in blue.. ?? and he.. ?? you know I’ll tell frankly..when it comes to watching shows..Main looks pe utna dhyan nai deti..if I’m someone’s fan to its purely based on the acting part.. The same thing is applicable here also..I’m his fan because of his acting..Lekin now look vise also he is becoming irresistible for me.. ???

      2. Tru yah but acting plus looks in one frame makes shows more watchable.yaar yrkkh itne din se kyun chal raha hain waha bhi family drama hi dikhate the but hina khan the way she has carried herself throughout show till she was there made it more watchable.

      3. Vishakha

        Yup..and plus they had one sequence at a time..and as far as I remember usme saas ka aisa drama nai dikhaya tha..though I don’t know properly because main pehle dekha krti thi but not now..

      4. Vishakha

        Ye show bhi waise acha hai yaar..bas for me sarita Ka drama bht jyada ho rha hai..a mother telling ki her son’s married life won’t last long and then now she herself giving divorce papers is too much..

  9. Vishakha

    Mujhe logic samajh me nai aa rha..family ki MU clear karni hai..family khud divorce karwa ri hai..to phr ye drama karke fayda kya hoga..Actually when I saw the precap yesterday for a second mujhe hasi aa gyi thi aryan k expression dekh k..maasa ne to use uske hi jaal me phasa diya.. ???

    1. Maasa ne googly daal di yaar aise wale expressions the aryan ke. Archi did not see this coming so sanchi will refuse to sign saying she wants to know her rites b4 divorce to buy some time to stage up something to bring families closer

    2. May b when babasa sarita n aryan visit mittals to see viren after accident bua insults them aur may b uske baad sarita madam ye step leti hain..

      1. Vishakha

        Haan wo to hai..and the best part is of sonu..I think Aryan will purposefully make him draw on the divorce papers.. Kahin aisa na ho bechare sonu ko bhi daant pad jaye ??

  10. Today s the day ersk fate s gog to b decided by 11pm.

    1. Vishakha

      It was already decided when the news of show going off air was made public..Har jagah Ye news dene k baad Sony won’t backup..

      1. Vishakha

        I mean back out ? sorry for the grammatical errors..

      2. Vishakha

        Waise tell me something..agar hd channels me trp count nai hota hai to phr hd rakha hi kyun hai?? ???

    2. Is there any promo aired 4 830 slot ??

    3. I havent seen one ?

      1. Vishakha

        There is one more show moh moh k dhaage whose promo is being aired but no time slot given

    4. Vishakha

      You were right..mansoor chacha is involved with archi in their plan ??

      1. Are in that liv chat they both said lil hope if trps go up n thy req to watch n normal tv .n thy r uploading quest n their acct everyday 4 viewers.thy both tryg their best lets c .aur twitter everyone s sayg abt 2days results

        I hav lil hope as sarita ka charac abhi bhi neeche gira rahe hain ??

      2. Vishakha

        Trp to increased..its 0.6 or 0.7 I guess not sure exactly..but I have nil hopes on Sony

    1. Vishakha

      Are wah..apna sonu to hero nikla yaar ????? I’m not expecting her to accept sonu after this but at least I expect her heart to melt a little for the kid..after all jo hua usme uski koi fault nai thi ??

      1. If not her atleast gharwalon ka toh heart melt ho jayega(hopefully?) .use itne jaldi sonu ko accept karne s accepting too much too soon. Atleast she wont hate him now.as he s not @ fault

      2. Vishakha

        Yeah exactly..

  11. Vishakha

    ERSK: Sanchi tensed as Sarita decides to get Aryan remarried Upcoming Story
    Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka: Aryan and Sanchi (Shivya Pathania) worried as Sarita chooses another girl to get Aryan (Kinshuk Vaidya) remarried

    The upcoming episode of Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka will show that Aryan and Sanchi are pretending to be away from each other.

    Sanchi and Aryan has made this plan to unite their families as one, Aryan and Sanchi has parted their ways.

    Aryan and Sanchi has just created fake fight to make family come together for their sake.

    While their this fight takes new turn where Aryan’s mother Sarita decides to get Aryan remarried.

    Aryan and Sanchi’s new trouble
    Sarita asks Aryan to divorce Sanchi as she has chosen another girl for him, Sanchi gets worried knowing this.

    Aryan and Sanchi both are tensed finding this and meets each other to pamper.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  12. Vishakha

    ERSK: Aryan-Saachi melodrama uniting Sethia-Mittal family forever Upcoming Episode
    Aryan (Kisnhuk Vaidya) and Saachi’s (Shivya Pathania) melodrama uniting Sethia and Mittal family forever in Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Saachi and Aryan in the daily soap.

    It so happened that Aryan and Saachi think of a briliant plan so as to unite the Mittal and Sethia family.

    Now, Aryan and Saachi do drama of getting separated by sending divorce papers to each other’s house.

    This step make both the family members very tensed and get united and start to find a way solving the problem.

    Viren and Sarita start talking to each other with respect
    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Viren and Sarita in the ongoing serial.

    Viren and Sarita who were not even ready to look at eah other’s face have also come togather to make Saachi and Aryan understand the meaning of relationship.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Saachi and Aryan’s efforts get successful?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.

    1. Vishakha

      What do you guys think which of the above article sounds true??for me the first one is hilarious I don’t know why..and the second one is hard to believe..

    1. Watch this ths makes 1st article tru

      1. Vishakha

        Yeah I saw that now.. ??

      2. Vishakha

        I want to see his expressions when our lady bombshell will tell him that she is searching a girl ????

    1. Are too gud bindni apne sasre pe pathar fhek kar ape beend ko bula rahi hain.????

      1. Vishakha

        Aur beend k sath sath bechare sasur Ji ko bhi patthar ki maar padi free me ???????

      2. Lekin sahi time pe mansoor chacha ne bacha liya varna to plan chopat ho jata agar babasa saanchi ko dekh lete to and han dono baap bete saajhedari se patthar kha rahe hai jabki pathhar to neelima and sarita ko padne chahiye?

      3. Muskaan sahi ???

      4. Vishakha

        Hahahahaha???? that was epic muskan too gud ???

      5. Are phir bhi bolegi jaroor mittals ke ghar se aaya hain pathar uske antennas bohot aaccha signal pakadte hain jo signal transmit nahi hote wo bhi pakad lete hain ?

      6. Vishakha

        ????? haan..bolegi heart attack dilwa k chain nai mila..and bahu jab Ghar me thi to bete ko daant k room se nikalti thi ab jab ghar chod diya hai tab bhi shanti se rehne nai de ri hai patthar maar maar k Ghar se nikalwa ri hai mere bacche ko ???

  13. Vishakha

    Lagta hai spoilers share karne me bhi sajhedari karni padegi..you share YouTube video links I’ll share insta links..

  14. Vishu hd n hd plus channels cannot b read bcoz the current trp neasuring system s not upgraded to the frequencies @ which hd n hd plys channels r aired n thus cannot capture that data.actually this trp meas system s misleading but that the way it is ?

    1. And hd n hd plus s only wayched in urban areas i think.n rural areas stiill use old cable system so data s acurately captured so all the shows r promoted in rural areas more than metros .this s diplomacy ?

      1. No wonder saathiya sasurall simar ka abhi tak chal rahe hain.?

      2. Vishakha

        Haan..Jahan pardadi banne k baad bhi they have eyeliner blush lip gloss wala makeup ???

      3. Vishakha

        Kitne saalon se sunti aa ri hun yaar ki 1st January se digital set top box lagwana anivarya hai.. ?? every year same thing dekhne ko milta hai Lekin inka ye anivarya kaam kbhi pura hota nai dikhta ???

  15. Trp data out ho gaya kya ?? Aaj raat ko aayega around 10pm i think.?

    1. I usually read friday morning.

      1. Vishakha

        I’m not sure dear..India forum me they were discussing that’s how I got to know..where do you read it?? and can someone tell ki kya kal bhi hanuman Ka maha episode hai??

      2. Not sure abt this yah phir maha epi dikhakar hanuman khatam karenge aur uska time slot moh moh …ko denge.

      3. Vishakha

        Lets see..hope for the best ??

  16. Are shivya ne tweet kiya tha ke thy wil run this question ans session everyday n insta n 1st 3 answers will get ersk goodies.i m not n insta toh pata nahi but looks like thy r taking efforts ? .

    1. Vishakha

      Ya they did ask questions last night and the night before as well..they said they’ll announce winners which I think they haven’t till now.. I wish sbke efforts k fayda ho and Sony agrees for extension

      1. Not sure dear

      2. Vishakha

        Hmm..I know..aisa soch k bhi we are just pacifying ourselves.. ?? waise I have insta link updates..Will post in the next page..

  17. Vishakha

    Ye bhi khub hai na..lagta hai sarita mauke Ka fayda utha ri hai..jhagda hua nai ki divorce karwane chali hai..and divorce hua nai ki dusri shadi k liye ladki bhi dhund li… ????

  18. Vishakha

    Oh..we have many spoilers here nowadays.. Good.. ?? I wish they made some promos as well..?

  19. youtube me jitna dikhate he agar utna hi dikhayenge archi scenes toh ab cutest moments dekhne milenge hume bohot sara. but in logo ka toh hobby he atche scenes ko cut karna. lets see. hope for the best

    1. Vishakha

      Wahi to prb hai dear..Lets see..kitna dikhate hain..

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