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Lord Vishnu says similarly to go ahead you will have to break away from every bondage. You will have break away from every relation. You will have to leave everything behind to move ahead in a fast pace! Are you ready to do the same? Are you to ready to free yourself from every relation or bondage? Lord Vishnu drops the chains. Shani asks him to step back a little. Lord Vishnu does as told. Shani keeps the suitcase down and ties the ends with chain. He throws the other end on the other side. you have to be free if you have to go fast but going far without bondages isn’t right. Bondages inspire us to progress. Some boundations stop us which is why they are called boundations while some boundations stop us from falling apart which is why they are called relations. Lord Vishnu is impressed by his logic

and appreciates him calling him by his name. Shani realises he dint tell him his name. Lord Vishnu says you did. Maybe you don’t remember. Shani says I remember not telling you my name but I remember what mother had said. Those who give name don’t forget name. There are no ordinary men in Kailash who take such tests. It is Narayan. I have recognized you and have understood your words too. He greets Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu comes in his original avatar. Lord Vishnu praises his knowledge on karma and knowledge. What did you understand? Shani says I understood what you wanted to. You have asked me to stop but I do want to go ahead. Is it not the duty of a son to protect his mother? Though I will still stop if you want that to happen. Lord Vishnu rpleies that people are responsible for choosing their own paths. I can only give you options. You have to choose yourself. You are free to go ahead if you want to but some outcomes are associated with whatever choices you make and on your karma. Shani agrees to pay any price. Lord Vishnu calls his bond with his mother an example for the world. Kailash will be always thankful to you for such a journey. Go ahead. I cannot ask you to stop.

Narad Muni gets happy with Narayan’s decision. What if we don’t want Shani to reach Mahadev when Narayan himself has allowed him to go? Shani will complete his journey without any hindrance.

Shani resumes his journey by walking across the other side of the mountain on those chains.

Narad Muni remarks that Mahadve and Shani are destined to meet. Devraj can only wait for it to happen now. Narad Muni disappears. Indra Dev looks upset. What if Narayan let Shani go ahead? He only ordered me to stop Shani. I will do it! Shani has instigated revenge in my heart by deciding to meet Mahadev. He will have to meet Maha Vikral Agni today. He summons Agni Dev. Show your most dangerous avatar to Shani today. That avatar which can destroy anyone! I order you not to let Shani go away from your clutches. He will have to die to get away from you!

Shani takes out the small stone and thinks of his mother. The mother, who has always shown me the path to victory, I can never accept defeat for her life’s battle. You have promised never to leave my hand ever. I wont let it happen ever!

Sanghya tries getting out of the magical wall but fails. What has happened to father? He has caught me here like some kid. I will have to get out of here. She hears footsteps and thinks it is her father but it turns out to be Surya Dev. Surya Dev looks in that direction only. Beads of sweat fall down her forehead. Surya Dev has seen me! She recalls her father’s words and is relieved. Surya Dev is standing very near to her. She greets him with folded hands. I am seeing him after such a long time. Dev Vishwakarma asks Surya Dev what he is doing here. Surya Dev says Sanghya is the reason. Sanghya is shocked. Hope my truth wont come out before Surya Dev! Surya Dev says I cannot see Sanghya like this. Did you find any solution to stop Sanghya’s end? Dev Vishwakarma nods. Maybe I have found a solution to your wife’s problem. Come, we will have to go to Surya Loka to meet Sanghya. Sanghya is stunned. Surya Dev leaves happily with Dev Vishwakarma. Sanghya tries breaking that magical wall but fails again.

Shani is all cold but suddenly feels warmth. How did this much heat is here in Kailash all of a sudden? He sees another hurdle which is full of Agni.

Indra Dev mentally tells Shani to go ahead. You wont be able to move ahead without falling prey to Agni Dev. You will either return or die today!

Shani looks at the last pebble in his hand. There is no time left now. I can either step back to save my life today or I will sacrifice my life for mother. He takes a turn and begins walking. Indra Dev laughs thinking he has won. Shani is finally scared of me. Karamfaldata Shani has been proved an ordinary kid today! Shani turns. Mother goes through such a hard time to give birth to her kid. I will die if that is what I have to do to save her life. He begins to run when Kakol tells him to stop. Shani stops. Kakol offers to help Shani in crossing this river of fire. Shani declines. Fire is too high. You will get burnt. I will have to cross it myself as this is my path and my destination.

Indra Dev is in disbelief. This is impossible! Shani runs again so as to jump across that river of fire. He begins to fall deep in the fire. Kakol flies up to save his friend shocking Shani. Run away from here. Kakol asks him to step on his back and jump to the other side. Shani refuses to use him this way. I cannot let you risk your life like this. Kakol again requests him to jump across for his mother. My life is dedicated to you. I wont leave till you go. Don’t think. Jump for mother’s sake.

Indra Dev tells Agni Dev to increase his heat. Agni Dev complies. Shani is concerned for Kakol who tells him to save his mother. I got one chance to order you in life. Don’t snatch it from me. Please jump. Save mother. Shani finally stands on Kakol’s back and jumps to the other side when kakol flies a bit higher. Shani shouts immediately for Kakol. Take my hand. You can come up. Kakol begins to fall down in the fire even though he tries to fly up. His wings catch fire. Shani is in tears to see him thus.

Precap: Sanghya tells Chhaya I am the beginning of your end Chhaya. Mahadev welcomes Shani in Kailash. You want your mother’s life, who you love most. You also want Kakol’s life as well. I can only grant you one life.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. eagerly waiting for tomorrow epi.precap is exciting..

  2. Wow ..Superb.. Amazing…Loved today’s episode…Well, eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode…I think Shani will ask Kakol’s life…Let’s see..
    Thank you Pooja Di for your update…

    1. Pooja

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