Ek Mutthi Aasman 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ek Mutthi Aasman and Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke updates are mixed today due to Maha Sangam episode on Zee TV.

Scene 1
Kamla and Vitthal are making list of what to buy. Kamla sks Vitthal to change the shirt so he will look handsome.
kalpi calls them and says Sammy sir’s parents wanna buy a sari of your choice. Kalpi says okay reach with them to the market. She tells kamla that pakhi is gonna come as well.
There is banaras mayank asks gunjan how she made this plan ? Gunjan says what can I do. The girl who had to go for inter college debate is ill so i am he replacement. mayank says how will you go alone? She says there are a lot of girls with me. he allows her. Gunjan leaves. Seema later says to Mayank how could she leave without telling anyone. She should have

informed me. Mayank says situation didn’t allow her.
Kamlaa reaches the sari shop and asks for different saris. Kamla says they are so expensive. Kamla says all we have is for you.
Raghab brinsg cold drinks for everyone. he holds Kalppi’s hand while giving her. Kalpi is trying different saris. Pakhi asks raghav you did this all for Kamla maa ? He says yes there is nothing greater than her happiness. Pakhi kisses him on cheek. Raghav and Kalpi both are dazed.
Gunjan is on her way in the car. She calls Ritu and says she needs some help. She tells her everything. Gujan says okay she gets it and she will act as she said.

Scene 2
kalpi asks why Pakhi kissed him ? He says I don’t kno what happened to her. Kalpi says maybe its common in your society but I can’t imagine anyone else kissing you. Raghav says then you kiss me. kalpi says how can I kiss you here. He says I need a wife who can kiss me anywhere.
He takes in her a trial room.
Raghav says I am taking your jealousy away. Kiss me here, you were jealous when Pakhi kisseed me. kalpi says no I can’t. Ai will kill me. Kalpi says I have to try the sari. He says I will make you wear the sari. He wraps it around her.
Kamla comes in the same sari shop. Raghav comes closer to kalpi and is about to kiss. Suddenly Kamla comes and knocks the, She says open the door and take these Sari. kalpi is so scraed. Raghav hides behind the door and kalpi opens the door a little. Kalpi takes the saris. Kalpi says look I told you. Please leave it will craete a problem. He says please one kiss. Kalpi says no leave please. He leaves. Kalpi smiles.

Scene 3
Manda invites a sardar in his house and a bride is with him. Its Vicky and pihu is with him. He holds her hand. Manda says this is the alcove and I am giving on such low rates becasue you are newly wed. He gives the advance. Manda says you can live here now. manda goes out and Vicky takes off his fake mustache and beard. Pihu is trying to go out. Vicky says you are not allowed to go out. She says I am not your prisoner. He says yeah i won’t stop you this envelop will. The envelop contains the photos of them together. He shows all the photos to her and says I will show all these photos to your husband and your dad if you don’t listen to me. I know you won’t let it happen. Its gonna ruin your family name. He gets a calla from ritu.
Ritu says I am taking audiitions for a very interesting character. He asks when can I come ? She says whenever. Just tell us where you are so we can get how long you are gonna take. he says i am in andheri.
Vicky says to pihu that look youy are so lucjky for me. I got an offer. Pihu says to hell with it. He binds her hands with a rope and sticks a tape on her mouth. He says sorry I have to do this.
Ritu calls Gunjan and tells her that she has invited him for auditons and he is in mumbai.

Scene 4
Raghav says if shopping is done then I can drop you to the chowl. Kamla says no we have to go somewhere But Kalpi and Pakhi will go with you. They leave. Kamla says we have to buy the ring for sammy. Vithal says we have only 4 thousand left. Vitthal says how about selling the ring your bough for me. They go to enjoy the pani puri.

Scene 5
gunjan reaches Ritu’s studio. She askw what to do now ? Gunjan says I have to hide and as long as he gets done with the auditions I will follow him. Actualy he has taken my sister here with him. I have no other concern with this actor.
Vicky comes, Ritu’s PA gives him the script.
Mayank calls Gunjan and maa is being doubtful that you are not in Dehli. Gunjan gets scared. She says i am in dehli where else would I go. he says I was joking. Vicky listens to her voice and says I heard this voice before. He goes there to check who is it. Ritu tries to distract him but he sees Gunjan. he sttarts running from there. Gunjan follows him. he is fleeing to save himself. He sits in an auto and asks to move. Gunjan comes there and looks everwhere but she can’t find him. Gunjan says I will find you out.
Vicky says i knew it that someone must be cominf and I am ready for it, He takes out his turban and disguises as the sardar.

Scene 6
Kamla and Vitthal arrive at the mandir to do the pooja. Kamla asks Pandit ji that they wanna do pooja for her daughter;s engagament. She gives him the basket and places the ring in it. Gunjan comes there to pray as well and her baskets get placed besides Kalpi’s basket. kamla is praying for kalpi while Gujan for Pihu. Pandit ji gives Kamla’s basket mistakenly to Gunjan and she leaves with it. he gives other basket to Kamla. Kamla finds out that the ring is not in the basket.She tells it to Vitthal. they are so worried. Vitthal asks her to look carefully. Pandit ji says i guess i gave it to the other woman. She was wearing a pink top. kamla and Vitthal run to look for her. They look everywhere around but can’t find Gunjan. kamla says where would have she gone. Vitthal says there is no chance. Go home. Kamla says we have to aarnage the ring. We can’t buy another one. They sit there in disappointment. Gunjan sees the ring in her basket and goes back to temple. kamla and Vitthal are on stairs. She shows it to pandit ji. he says they were so worried for it. its theri daughter’s engagment tomorrow. Gunjan says to kamla i am sorry but this ring mistakenly came into my basket. Kamla is so happy. She says you know its my daughter’s engagment tomorrow. We bought it for her. Kamla says we live here will you come in engagment ? Gunjan says i came from banaras just today. I will try to come. kamla says to visit mumbai ? She says no I came to find someone. kamla says you can come with us and live with us for teh days you are here. Gunjan says how can I ? She syas just like my daughter live there. Vitthal says yeah come ther will be no probelm. Gunjan says it will be easier to find vicky if she lives with them. She agrees and goes with them.

Scene 7
pakiya has decorated whole chowl with lights. kamla and Vitthal along with Gunjan come there. Pakiya asks who is she ? Kamla says its gunjan. She will live with us till kalpi’s wedding. Pihu is looking out.

Scene 8
There in banaras shayl is so worried if Gunjan will be able to find Vicky or not.
kamla is giving invitations in the chowl. A lady asks who is the guy ? Kamla says Sammy. She says Oh i thought its raghav. he used to come here. Kamla says no you should always maintain equality.
Kamla thinks in heart Raghav will be my son in law as well when he weds Pakhi.
Vitthal asks what is she thinking ?
Dayal asks shayl why is she so worried ? You even forgot to get me the milk. She says let me get the milk. He says no i know you are worried for pihu. Her husband is such a nice guy she will win hearts of her in laws. Look how he took her to shimla so everyone can be clear of doubts. he asks aren’t you happy ? She says no I am so happy. he says then lets go and sleep. He goes to bed. Shayl is so worried for Gunjan and Pihu.

Scene 9
Pihu is trying to shout with from a window. Kamla listens to her a little. Vicky closes the window and says I asked you not to look out. Kamla starts knocking at the door. she asks who is in ? Pihu starts making noises and she throws all the stuff. Vicky slaps her and be quiet. Kamla gathere some men. pakiya comes there and kamla tells her that someone was screaming. Gujan doubts is it vicky hidden there ?manda comes there and says whats wrong ? Its my room. Leave and enjoy the wedding. Pakiya aska manda to stay away from her. Manda says i have given my room on rent to a sardar and his wife. kamla says i came to give invitation.
Gunjan says this can’t be vicky.
Pihu is crying. Vicky says this is how i love. i pardoned your mistake but next time will ruin your life if you do such thing. i have an audition tomorrow. i will get this role. Pihu is in tears.
There Gunjan says i am in mumbai but I don’t know how t find pihu didi.

PRECAP- Kalpi is getting ready for the engagement. Suddenly some wood is burnt on the door. Her dupatta is on fire too. She doesn’t know what to do.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. girijashiva

    one 3 scenes .most from sapne sunhane.not much of RAGHNA.boring episode. they are giving much importance other serial not EMA

    • naina202

      Don’t worry this is an onweek mahamanga ! So I thnki tommorow they will focus on Ek mutthi Aasman

  2. Eena

    By 2dy epi i dnt thnk ragna’s mrg gnt to hppen.by d last day of dis week ragna wl be separatd.

  3. ashranna

    why does kalpi always lose….this is so senseless…why waste time with the wedding and engagement when the writers and producers could have save themselves some money and just separate them before all of this..this is so sad…..but i guess the story has been filmed already so nothing can be changed…..and is just another Qubool hai Asad and Zoya went to the alter 3 times and ended up dead…so is this how its going to be…

    • ek

      Hai chocopie i am very sad after watchin 2day epi ye pakhi kya karti hai ta raghna ke beech mai writer kya dekhana chate hai i dono

    • ek

      Hai chocopie mon trini girja an all raghna fans i am very sad after watchin 2day epi ye pakhi kya karti hai ta raghna ke beech mai writer kya dekhana chate hai i dono no such sceansyo of pakhi is reqd

  4. yoga efron

    I hope nothing like that will happen ……just wish the wedding goes on well….and kalpi and the raghav will continue to heir romance…

  5. AP

    Hey guys.. just back from office… read updates and saw the first part of video… now even i have a feeling Rakhi is going to happen.. (subtle messages- raghav saying” i want a wife who kiss me anywhere” )well Pakki kissed him in public.. which was well .. the way paaki is !!!! Added to that the CV of EMA PD loves Paaki too much in real.. plus this is indian telly soap.. lead hero and herione have a positive single marrige.. hota hi nahi hai.. the lead couple of indian soaps marry 2 or 3 times!!! gosh which is sick to say the least… Really hope EMA does not go that way… anyways no issues.. if rakhi happens i will just say tata by bye to EMA … that’s it…

  6. girijashiva

    i am disgusted.only 3 scenes that too kamala n vittal . who want to see them romancing.so boring.

  7. sneh

    Why Chipkoo Pakhi is glued to them, Disgusting &her kiss was not asked for & sickening no class, she is her own world ,she does not even see how R & K look at each other
    This girl is really looooose, she has no vajood no self respect very hollow attitude
    Her presence during shopping was not needed as it was Kalpana’s shoping, Pakhi had nothing to do into it, These writer are writing & wasting time,they should try to clear the miunderstanding A.S.A.P
    This episode did not pass my expectation,Kamla is still thinking that her daughter Kalpana does not deserve Raghav, its showing more of SSLK problems then solving there own confustion, PAKHI is a big problem Pl.get rid of her

  8. TriniD!v@

    Such a boring episode
    Who wants to see Kamla and Vittal
    Kamla don’t even kno who her own daughter loves
    Kamla ears better starts growin like the REAL DUMBO
    And there is a tall thin can of CONTACT CEMENT name Pakhi who is sticking on Raghav GLUE.
    Run dog (Pakhi )…. No one wants you….
    Hi to all … Mon.. Girijaishiva ..Anshu.. Choco… Ap… Ashranna.. Sneh….

  9. Mon

    Paaji have nothing to do with kalpis merriage shopping but why we forget paji is only dumbo kamlas daughter so she is kabab me haadi

  10. neen

    Whts going on…disgusting????pakhi kisses raghav why???pls don’ do this.if it will happen…

  11. neen

    Whts going on…disgusting????pakhi kisses raghav why???pls don’ do this.if it will happen…

  12. Mon

    Hi ap anshu Girija ji Tatiana dd Sneh chocopie
    Don’t understand why paaji kiss raghav what was the reson
    So chippppp disgusting yaaaki

  13. Nat

    I’m worried now that marriage won’t happen BC no where in the spoilers did we hear about the fire. Those ideas were those own people’s. If Ragna doesn’t get married after this week long epi then Etka needs to get a new job!!

  14. anshu

    Yo AP i like this
    Yes its pd not ekta
    & let me tell u 1 diff b/w nowadays daily soaps & earlier daily soaps
    Pehle bhi shaadi 2-3 baar hoti thi aur ab bhi
    But the diff is pehle alag alag se hoti thi lekin ab ek hi se hoti hai!!!!!

  15. anshu

    I liked how kalpi was jealous when paakhinkissed raghav & then raghav cutely takes kalpi with him

  16. sneh

    I am sooooo disappointed, from last 3 days & even longer we are writing on this site, Facebook web site svarious other sites, we crystal clear on issue of RAGHAV & KALPANA’s Marriage askingproducer to clear the misunderstanding which is gone really gone too far making fool of us.our view does not count for anything ?? I thought audience are responsible to keep any show alive & in buisness
    What we see today is GOOD for nothing Ritch little poor girl PAKHI who has nothing in life is glue to them like parasite in shopping, Giving ugly kiss ,which came from no where her illusion schizophernic attitude is a curse on happy KALPANA’s day
    So senseless ? it looks i am wasting my time,,…..Hoping Raghav,Sammy or Invitation card
    will clear the misunderstandin & TRUE PRINCE CHARMING WILL STAND UP FOR HIS LOVE KALPANA, instead what we see a disgusting kiss…….upsetting

  17. angie

    Hi my friends,

    How did you like today’s episode – totally SSLK thats why even on the set top box its shows only SSLK theres no mention of EMA

    Did you guys notice, Kamala tells Kalpi — tu meri ek hi beti hai, Paithani to banti hai (you are my only daughter, I have to buy a Paithani saree ) for you??? Huh? Only daughter???????????

    • sneh

      YES few romantic seen in changing were really good.
      Kalpana’s shyness & delicate smile, a lot she says with her eyes..
      Very strong deep love , Enjoyed it.
      Otherwise it was boring

  18. ek

    Hai angie kalpana ne galti se boldiya hoga kalpi ko beti otherwise uski ek hi beti to vo long faced paji hi hai

  19. angie

    And Raghav Singhania the business tycoon among other things knows how to drape a saree – ;P

    Loved the whole sequence it was so cute 🙂

    • anshu

      Yeah iwas also thinking the same
      Gud scene
      Luved it 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. angie

    I think we have to get used to these twists and turns and hope for the best. .

    These one off good scenes is the only thing to expect, I am resigned for the worst. I have got so obsessed with Ragna, that I want to see only them. But this is a daily soap and the others need a role as well. So……..

  21. anshu

    Sorry forgot to say hiìiiiii to all
    Choco, mon , aswathy, angie, girija & all ragna frnds

  22. shirasthi

    So annoying why should paakhi kiss raghav how could she have been mislead when he ddnt didn’t do anything for her to assume so

  23. ek

    Rag ne kabhi pakhi nahi kha that he lv her phir bhi vo apni side se age badti jaa rahi hai i hope she soon com to kno that raghav loves only kalpi

  24. anshu

    Girls i m nt getting 1 thing y evry1 is talking of economic equality & if it is then how raizaadas & jadhavs are equal…..

  25. Viewers are in for a very rude awakening. I’m trying to get into the writer’s head and I see many skeletons in the cupboards RE: Mr Raghav. Look very carefully at epi 77 where Rag first returns from his hibernation, desolation, studies, whatever the hell he calls it. His very first encounter was with Pet puppy saving her when she fell over the cliff. See how much time was spend on that epi showing how he hugged her so closely to him , how he splashed water on her face to awaken her, how they both looked with so so much lust in each others eyes, he loves her but the barrier is her name, recap several of his other encounters with her and see the mins. which are spent highlighting them. He did invite her out to dinner and was dance as if with Kalpi so much so that he started see kalpi. At the night of the costume party, he thought he was dancing with pet puppy, was he dancing any differently to when he dances with kalpi?, remember when their hands touched when they were coming off the pool at Rag’s home. Did he look as if he were sorry. pls people, he was electrified, although Kalpi was just a few steps ahead. Remember how he was washing her bruised ankle, the guy was high, remember Pet Puppy was the one who stole him away so so so easily from kalpi at her home and was the first person to put the colour on his face, even at the most recent party when he danced with her, he would not have stopped if Kalpi didn’t get hold of his shoulders, and to crown it all, why would one allow a person who doesn’t matter to try on his fiance’s ring, the man is more than meets the eye, and why did he allow her to get that close to kiss him!!!!!!!!… think about it, these scenes must have some sort of significance which will come back to mess things off…………………………….And guys, don’t forget the the girlfriend, his so called work associate, their first greeting in his office was far far far from innocent, it was very sensual and…………………………she was seen loafing in his bedroom couple times……………………..the baseless surprises are in stored for us.

    • AP

      You have lost me here Michaelle… Raghav had clear plan while he did all that you have mentioned… he was acting to destroy kapoors- borrowing words from someone in IF till his heart won over his brain and fell for Kalpi badly!!! now he can see only kalpi and is very dazed to even notice Pakki and what she does -does not even register for him…

  26. ash

    Hi all…please don’t give up on ragna …let’s wait and see what will happen and if rakhi ever happens we will quit this show….also to trini …u must know when a trinidadian comments…lol…

  27. anshu

    Michelle dont think too much
    This is indian daily soap jahan writers bhi apna itna dimaag nhi chalate
    Unhein toh next week ki story bhi nhi pta hoti
    Dont think that i thoughtbur comment was rude & plz sorry if u think i m rude
    But actually this is indian daily soaps where eriters leave their brain at the back seat of the car…
    Also agar aaj paakhi woh kiss nhi krti toh how cud we hav that possesive kalpi & that ragna romance…..
    🙂 🙂

      • girijashiva

        before writing episode they will come all RAGHNA forumms -here ,facebook, other viewers feed back- search for ideas -which they already exhausted – i hope we dont give them any negative ideas.they may take out their brain from FREEZERS and even stole our negavtive feed back. one thing must be here ONLY FOR RAGHAN SHOULD GET MARRIED. we dont want to assume things what they shown yesterday episode.when Kamala gave lecture to KALPANA abt dancing with RAGHAV – where she was when PAJJI kissed infront of everyone?writers wanted to irritate us.fire scene is neccessary ?or it is abt sapne suhane.s favour ?

  28. Not at all upset my ur comments AP, the writer thinks so irrationally that i ventured to think what might be some of his next possible twists. After all, he has been shocking viewers to the extend where u ask, “is his mind warped?”

  29. Nat

    I just love the tender way Raghav is putting on that sari for kalpi. They are perfect for each other. Wish my husband would do that!! Lol
    No, seriously if the writers don’t get them married, they are playing with their viewers and so many people will stop watching!!!!

  30. Mon

    Anilah don’t know what to do with u
    How many times we all tell u ,it I don’t like kalpi no worry ,nobody care what is your opinion about this show
    And don’t worry about kalpi ,she have ragh
    Who loves her and care about he
    Just get lots from here and don’t came back
    U chip mouth ,kamla and paaji is enough here nobody have time to think about u stupid women

  31. ash

    I think anilah is dillusional As paji and kamla….they also seeing things that not there….I don’t understand y she kiss raghav, he never said anything to encourage her…I hope kalpi fights for him and their love…goodnight all raghna fans…

  32. Mon

    That’s i don’t understand y paaji kiss raghv , good night ash will go to bed in 2hrs
    Hello all raghna frnds indian good morning

  33. angie

    Good Morning Mon, Anshu, Chocopie, Girija,- AP, Tatiana – all my Ragna friends ,

    So now Raghav and Kalpi are going to get engaged – I have started thinking what next. Obviously Paakhi is going to join hands with Neetu and try to stop their marriage. They may take the jealousy track (what they used to separate Gauri from her family) – lets wait and watch.

    Right now lets hope we get to see lots and lots of Ragna romance

  34. gd morning guyz hi mon angie…..i thnk ragna get engaged as per spoiler bt after then neetu must create problems…..let us c wht happens……will she succeed or true luv wins……..

  35. ek

    hai gudmorning chocopie mon angie and all my raghna frns i am really worried what going to happen today may the true luv wins

  36. Nat

    They will get engaged I am sure but then the gauri’s plot will come in next week and until that all gets uncovered, I don’t see how marriage will happen. By the way, who will save kalpi from the fire??

  37. hi ek….hey mon may b u r ryt bt think raghav will cm there….. Bcoz indian daily soaps mei ye common hai ya kaisi b situation ho ryt tym pe hero heroien ko bachane aata hai……tht iz y i thnk raghav must cm…..

    • ek

      yah u r right we all want to see that than may be raghav confess his luv in front of all yaaaaaaaaaa may this happen i lv to see kamla and pakhi having lots of tears in their eyes bcs dono ne bhut satya hai kalpi ko

  38. Nat

    I hope he confessed his love in front of vithal first. Then they can all gang up on Kamla together!

  39. Angie

    Who all saw the repeat telecast?? This is so ridiculous – this is rated the best serial on Z in India Forums and they actually cut the 1 hour program into half an hour!! Like a synopsis….

    What is Zee’s problem?

  40. Raghav comez & save her(kalpi) & is too worried fr kalpi duo hugs tightly & confess infornt of every1 paji is also there & watching hw much raghav luvz kalpi she is jeilous angry… She burstout & screams ….runout frm there kalma follows her……………GUYZ IT IS ONLY MY IMAGINATION………..

  41. anshu

    Hey i just saw precap again & i felt kisi ne jaan muchh ke aag lagayi
    Watch it carefully sum1 pushed the diya with feet…..

  42. anshu

    Hey chocopie u knw changing room scene dekh kar woh maneet scene yaad aaya jab maan possessive ho gya tha when geet was hiving her measurement details to tailor & then maan was taking geet measurement wahan bhi kiss hone waala tha aur light aa gyi!!!?!

  43. anshu dear i saw last 2 epis of MB……remembers me rishabala again no no i hv start it again…… RK is lukng something differnt now …..

  44. dd

    Hello all raghavalpana fans, mon, ek,chocopai and all
    i really hate when pakhi kiss raghav, i kmo there were some time happened for paaji to think about that raghav like her but that was intention of raghav to take revence from apoors and usinh aakhi fr that bt when he said infrot of kalpi to pretend its paakhi thathe loves kalpi and paakhi said she loves him and crazy about him and he refused hr proposal after that nothing happen like thatthen why she is thinking that raghav can love her and wantmarry her didnt tell her but talk tokamla for her hand how stupid paji thinking and heart she always want to think to keep her happy . i sae that video in which paakhi upset with kamla. i think raghav come with sammy and save klpi and infron ofeveryone he shows his concern for her and kiss her the kmala get to know that he loves kalpi and gunjan make kamla toaccept heir love s she always thin abot paakhi first. hats why paaji think kamla support her daughter and now se will stop this marragie if u noticed she said ab paaji kiyaa karege hou sakta hai marraige rukwa de.

  45. dd

    i hope now kama get to know that kalpi is hr not paakhi but dont know may beshe will be wid paaji because she loves her than kalpi i hate her both

  46. ek

    hai dd may every confusssion gets cleared bcs in the it is raghna who lv eachother and pakhi is knitting her own thougts without any base she needs to know that she can not snatch every thing from kalpi cum se cum uska pyar to nahi i hope writers should show us possitive things

  47. ek

    par chocopie jab sab uske against ho jayenge tab kamla shayad convinc ho ki raghna is made for each other

  48. ek

    May bee u r r8 If kamla never realize the importance of kalpi than vithal n raghs is there to protect her as they both claimed every time that kalpi is their life

  49. anshu

    Hey guys 2days i want to share my small happiness with all of u.
    I cleared first stage of my 1 entrance exam….
    Now preparing 4 the second stage
    I will try to clear it toooooo…

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