Main Naa Bhoolungi 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhu asks Samaira to remember before challenging her that she will always win. Aarya announces about a game where 2 people having same chit should dance together. Mahu thinks Aarya’s idea is bad. She goes and picks a chit for herself. Aarya distributes chits to the rest of guests. Samaira goes into flashback asking Aditya to dance with her in the party. Madhu takes chit from Aditya, tears it and gives him a new chit saying he will dance with her. Mohanto calls Madhu and she to goes to talk to him. Aditya signals Samaira and says he cannot dance with her as Madhu gave him new chit. Samaira says she is smarter than Madhu and asks him to wait and watch.

Waiter drops juice on Madhu and Madhu goes to her bathroom to change. Samaira comes there and exchanges Madhus chit and thinks she will dance with Aditya. Aarya announces the chit numbers. Aditya and Samaira say they have the same number. Madhu says Samaira that she has different number and asks to check herself. Samaira shows her the number and asks Aditya to dance withhim. Madhu sees them going on the dance floor angrily.

Samaira and Aditya dance passionately on song Chahe kuch na kehna….. song with Madhu looking at them angrily. Aarya praises Samaira and Aditya for dancing so well. She asks Madhu about her opinion. Madhu goes from ther eangrily and starts drinking. Samaira says Aditya he dances well. Aditya says she made her dance well. Samaira says he enjoyed with her, now he will be scolded by wife, he can do that for their love’s sake. Aditya tries to console Madhu who goes into her room and starts throwing things.

Madhu scolds Aditya for dancing with Samaira. Aditya says he was happy that he will dance with her, but how did Samaira get her number. Madhu says Samaira did a big mistake by dancing with her husband in front of her. Aditya asks her to forget as it was just a game. Madhu says she cannot forget her insult, it was just a game for him, but for Samaira, it was more than game. She says she will not forget it and has taken it personally, she will see that the whole world will laugh at Saamira.

Avinash gets Sudha’s call who asks her if anybody identified him. Avinash says nobody identified him. Manav starts crying. Sudha asks Avinash to go and check Manav and let her talk to him. Avinash agrees and goes Manav’s room. Sudha says if could have seen Manav. Vineet asks Avinash to switch on video call. Avinash shows Manav to Sudha and family. Sunaina comes there to check Manav and sees Avinash there. Avinash says he came to console Manav. Sunaina thanks Aviansh. He asks her not to thank him as Manav is like his grandson.

Aditya comes to Samaira’s room and sees her sleeping. He touches Samaira who wakes up worriedly after being touched. Aditya says it is him and asks her sorry. Samaira asks if his wife threw him out. Aditya says she did not throw him out and says he should be rewarded for dancing with her. He asks her to kiss, but Samaira says he does not deserve reward and says whenever he stands against his wife, he will get his reward. Samaira asks to go and sleep. Aditya says Madhu has taken it personally and will harm her. Samaira says Madhu cannot harm her as he is with her.

Precap: Madhu asks designer if her work is done. Designer gives Samaira’s dress clip and says without this, Samaira’s dress will fall. Madhu gets happy and gives her money.

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